• This is not intended for installation on a phone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

  • Create a default folder in Finder > Home before proceeding with these instructions.  If you do not find Home in Finder, see the Additional Information section at the bottom of this article detailing how to add Home to Finder

  • See KB Artilcle 24646: Removing Microsoft Remote Desktop v10.3 and Higher if  you need to remove RDP 10.3

  • See KB Article 24651: Setting iOS to allow GoToAssist Connection to enable keyboard, mouse, and screensharing

1. Open the App Store on your Mac from the Dock

Or open the following URL:
2. Once the App Store opens, search for Remote Desktop 10

3. Download the Free Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 App search result screen

4. Once Microsoft Remote Desktop is installed, it can be accessed via the Launchpad in the Dock.

5. In Launchpad, select Microsoft Remote Desktop to launch the App.


6. In the Microsoft Remote Desktop window, select Workspaces
7. Select Add Workspace

8. In the Add Workspace field enter:

Note:  If fails or errors out, try and proceed with the rest of the setup


9. Select Add User Account

10. Enter your
11. Select Add

12. Select Add

13. Your Connected Services will now display

14. Now click the Gear Icon drop-down menu and select preferences.


15. In General Tab, select a default folder for redirection of RDP files or managed resources.

           a.  Select Choose Folder

16. Browse to Home and select the desired folder. 

       Note: If you don’t see Home, please see Additional Information section in this article. 

17. Click Choose .

18.  Once the folder is chosen, the folder path will display like this:  /users/username/foldername


19. Close Preferences window by clicking the X in the upper left corner. 

20. Click software Icon to launch the database.


Additional Information:

If Home is not displayed in Finder sidebar, go to Finder > Preferences to add.

1. Open Finder from Dock

2. From MAC main menu, select Finder > Preferences

3. Select Sidebar
4. Select Home (Home = House Icon)

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