This article has information on connecting to and disconnecting from the REST API in your On-Premise environment.

Troubleshooting Tool

The examples and testing in this article were done with an application called Postman. This application can be useful for making and troubleshooting API calls. If you are having API issues it is recommended that you install and use it to help troubleshoot the problems.

 You can download postman from their Website.

Both PC and MAC versions are available.

Setup/Checking User Rights

One of the main requirements when using the REST Api to connect to a MIP database is a valid MIP User ID with the proper rights within the MIP application.

The rights that are given MIP user (Mip credentials) will determine what MIP database(s) the user has access to and the data within them than can be accessed.

Granting or checking rights is a two step process:

1 – Confirm or Grant the User has access to the database(s).

Go to Security>Maintain User. Select the user and confirm that the database(s) desired are under select items

NOTE: Just grating a user access to a database does not give them permissions to do anything or access to any data within the database. That requires further configuration.

2- Grant Access to Functionality.

To do this go to Security>Set Up Organization Menus.

Choose User and then the UserID and then grant them rights to the items desired. You can also go here to check the existing rights they have.

The rights that they have will control what calls will work.

Logging In

NOTE: In this example localhost is the machine name and it is on the same box that MIP is installed on.

After setting up the User and Security you can use Postman to get an access token for testing.

Getting the Token

In Postman start a POST statement.

Click on Params.

  1. In the top put the gateway URL http://localhost:9001/api/security/login   (Localhost can be the name of your servers hostname)

  1. Click on the Body Tab
  2. Make sure the RAW option is checked.
  3. Make sure the Last Tab has JSON selected.
  4. In the text area of the Body put the login info as follows:






  1. Click SEND up top.
  2. The access token will be displayed in the bottom.
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