netFORUM Site (authenticates to avhost account)

Username: student99_train where 99 is your own personal number

Password: ******


  • Find Individuals where last name = first letter of your own last name
  • Export some individuals into Excel
  • In Excel, remove all columns except primary key, first and last name
  • Delete all rows except 3 random ones -- 
  • Add a top row
  • Enter  column headers
    • ind_cst_key
    • ind_first_name
    • ind_last_name


  • Add new column:
    • ind_dob
  • Change some first and last names
  • Enter the DOB for some individuals (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • In Excel, highlight the cells
  • Copy
  • In netFORUM, click the "Import From Excel" link
  • Paste
  • Save
More Exercises

Add more row, and do not enter a ind_cst_key. This will create new individuals

Try with other tables

Event or Session registrants - attendance flag

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