Question: I am printing a Statement of Revenues and Expenses with the Include Equity checked on the Options tab. When I print that I get the following message:

If you include equity on the options tab the Financial Statement format needs to be adjusted to support it.
NOTE: These instructions also apply to a similar message in the Statement of Activities. See bottom for Details.
If you look at the second part of the warning it says
“Create a Fund Balances /Net Assets Section on the financial statement format.”
To fix this you will need to open the financial Statement format and add some sections to it. If we look at the sample database format it will look something like this

If we look at the setup of each of these:
Beginning Fund Balance

The beginning fund balance is set up as a Fund Balance Type Account
It has the Net Asset type accounts assigned to it on the assign accounts tab

The Changes in Fund Balance Section

This should be set up as a Changes in Fund Balance Section

This section also has the same Net Asset Equity Accounts assigned to it on the assign accounts tab.
The Ending Fund Balance Section

This should be set up as a Total Section with a Fund Balance Type.

On the Create Totals Tab it should have all sections assigned to it.

If the format is set up this way the message will go away and you will get a report with your equity on it.
Notes on the Statement of Activities:
The statement of activities can also run into a similar message as the statement of Revenues and expenses.
The solution is the same (Create new sections). The only differences the type of sections available.
On the Statement of Activities you use a “Begin Net Asset” section instead of a “Fund Balance Section” and a “Changes in Net Asset” instead of “Changes in Fund Balance”.

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