Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.1

FA-030258 - Unable to add a new user – Incorrect Syntax. 

FA-030259 - Error Calling External Object Function mipdatabases.

FA-27202 - W2 Calculation Report – Box 12 DD – Subtracts totals instead of Adding.

FA-27295 - HR - ‘Loademployee: Invalid object name ‘tblPREEDirectDep…’ message when trying to load/edit records in HR.

FA-030274 - Vendors and employees with multiple lines of address are passed to Aatrix with multiple lines combined onto one line.


Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.1.1

DF-FA-030278-Palau Annual State Tax Rate Calculation Incorrect

Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.1.0.1 (HR Management)

DF-FA-030277-HR- AZ State ‘Withholding Rates’ drop-down incorrect

DF-FA-030276-HR Users Are Unable to Add New Employees in HR


Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.1.2

DF-FA-030245 - Web User Interface - Combining Statement of Revenue and Expenditures missing rows

DF-FA-030252 - Web User Interface - Combining Statement of Revenues and Expenses Allows Creation of Report with Same Segment in Items by Page and Columns in MIP Modern

DF-FA-030246 - Error ‘MFA status request failed’ when logging into MIP Modern

DF-FA-030268 - MIP closes unexpectedly when posting 


Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.1.0.2 (HR Management)

DF-FA-27295-HR - ‘Loademployee: Invalid object name ‘tblPREEDirectDep…’ message when trying to load/edit records in HR 


Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.1.4

DF-FA-030311 - Web User Interface - Message ‘Sign-in for ‘username’ failed. (400)’ when attempting to login to MIP Modern  

DF-FA-030312 - Web User Interface - Message ‘Sign-in for ‘username’ failed. (401)’ when attempting to login to MIP Modern  

DF-FA-030313 - Web User Interface - Message ‘Sign-in for ‘username’ failed. (401)’ when attempting to login to MIP Modern 


Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.2

DF-FA-030002 - Web User Interface - MIP Modern-missing button to export the Import Error Log/Unable to print errors 

DF-FA-030244 - Web User Interface-Statement of Revenue and Expenditure Report Exports to PDF with GL Title and GL Code Overlapping 

DF-FA-030251 - Unable to save the ACH – An invalid path or filename has been selected 

DF-FA-030255 - Double Underline Section of Combining Balance sheet Striking Through Numbers on MT Classic 

DF-FA-030263 - Error on ‘upgrade’ when restore DB from MT hosting environment locally 

DF-FA-030264 - Web User Interface - Transaction Source Filter in Manage Sessions in Modern does not see all Transaction sources 

DF-FA-030268 - MIP closes unexpectedly when posting 

DF-FA-030269 - Web User Interface - Stuck in XL and Group Codes message ‘loop’ exiting out of a report that returns no criteria 

DF-FA-030272 - Message for ‘Warning Date’ preferences does not display 

DF-FA-030275 - Printed Customer Statements do not match emailed Customer Statements 

DF-FA-030283 - Cannot include more than 1200 invoices in one APS session 

DF-FA-030285 - Summary Asset Display 

DF-FA-030287 - Web User Interface - Making changes to a Combining Statement of R&E report and saving will alter the selections on the content tab 

DF-FA-030288 - Depreciation through MIP Modern Leaves unposted JVD session 

DF-FA-030290 - Customer Statement Showing Detail of Invoices that are zero when ‘Suppress All Zero Balance Invoices’ is checked 

DF-FA-030294 - Begin Fund Balance reporting query inaccuracies 

DF-FA-030295 - Customer Statement Prints First Statement on Custom Format, rest print to default format 

DF-FA-030300 - HR- After upgrade to 2023.1.02, employee edits result in message ‘State Tax Code Requires Marital Status’ 

DF-FA-030301 - EFT for AP Email format condensed when using Office 365 to send emails 

DF-FA-030302 - Web User Interface - Payroll vouchers do not print immediately after checks 

DF-FA-030304 - Web User Interface-Internal Server Error when saving changes to Financial Statement format 

DF-FA-030306 - Web User Interface - Accrual dates ignored when transferring Payroll to Accounting 

DF-FA-030311 - Web User Interface- Message ‘Sign-in for ‘username’ failed. (400)’ when attempting to login to MIP Modern

 DF-FA-030312 - Web User Interface- Message ‘Sign-in for ‘username’ failed. (401)’ when attempting to login to MIP Modern 

DF-FA-030321 - Printing Available Budget Balances generates blank report and MIP unexpectedly closes 

DF-FA-030322 - Web User Interface-MIP Modern-Updating email address in employee profile updates ‘Banking Information Last Updated’ timestamp 

DF-FA-030327 - Web User Interface-Void Check screen fails to load any checks in MIP Cloud 

DF-FA-030330 - Unable to open End-User License Agreement 

DF-FA-030332 - Review Modify Calculated Payroll adjustments for Workers Compensation Codes are incorrect 

DF-FA-030335 - Web User Interface - When using MIP Modern to resend Payroll Vouchers - SSN is included in the Preview 

DF-FA-030342 - Budget Transactions Posted in Modern Leave Duplicates in an Unposted State 

DF-FA-030349 - Web User Interface- MIP Modern- Error - ‘Job was not able to be executed’ when running an Unposted General Ledger Transactions report 

DF-FA-030362 - Web User Interface-Bank Feed Status Connected – No Bank Feed Data Showing on Bank Rec 

DF-FA-030366 - Web User Interface-The message ‘Unable to read Message text for message 554020170’ when running reports in MIP Modern 

DF-FA-21002 - Previously emailed payroll vouchers still showing in current email voucher preview 

DF-FA-24576 - Install fails with the error message, Error 27502. Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server servername\instancename.

DF-FA-24644 -  User able to see Document Level Information despite being blocked in Advanced Security 

DF-FA-25296 - When running reports in the Modern User Interface the message ‘Your report is generating’ with 0% complete, but the report never completes.

DF-FA-25715 - Master Group available to import under Maintain Group 

DF-FA-26276 - Saving Transactions in Modern UI displays parsing error referencing Exchange Rate  

DF-FA-26513 - AP Invoices ‘stuck’ with session ID and document number that cannot be posted or deleted 

DF-FA-26553 - Void Session(s) created in the Classic Interface, with reverse Invoice selected, will fail to post in the Modern Interface but will display a message that two sessions were posted. 

DF-FA-26829 - When a large report contains data that spans more than two tables/tabs when the red door export to .XLS is used, the remaining tables/tabs are blank 

DF-FA- 26943 - Web User Interface - Unable to Clear Item in Bank Rec 

DF-FA-27142 - Web User Interface-Error ‘Couldn’t find a match for the mover…’ when copying Combining Statement of Revenues and Expenditures 

DF-FA-27153 - Installation Process Fails With Error 1723 

DF-FA-27158 - Aatrix not Pulling Address and State Info into 1099 MISC 

DF-FA-27229 - Write Checks missing from Audit 

DF-FA-27238 - Unable to import vendors that begin with the letter D 

DF-FA- 27241 - Web User Interface - MIP Modern Gives Error When Selecting Attachment 

DF-FA-27258 - Web User Interface- Internal Server Error after period of inactivity 

DF-FA-27262 - MIP Cloud Audit Trails System Audit/Summary Organization Audit Search Does not run and locks the system 

DF-FA-27274 - ‘1099 Type NEC did not exist’ message when using NEC type vendor within API entry defaults 

DF-FA-27279 - Database Fails Upgrading from 21.1 to 21.2 on Missing Default 

DF-FA-27287 - System Importing AP Manual Checks with Different Coding than AP Invoice they pay 

DF-FA-27289 - MIP Modern ‘locks up’ when a bad check format is used 

DF-FA-27290 - Web User Interface - MIP Modern Bank Rec ‘Unreconciled Difference’ summary screen incorrect 

DF-FA-27294 - Web User Interface - MIP Modern -no warning displayed when re-using document number in Cash Disbursement 

Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.2.1

DF-FA-030400 - MT-Hosting - Order Checks and Forms documentation pointing to Abila website 

DF-FA-030413 - MIP closes unexpectedly when logging in 

DF-FA-030414 - Unable to access Product Guides – ‘The requested content does not exist’ 

DF-FA-030415 - Modern: Attachment names have been renamed to ‘MIP Cloud Attachment’ 

DF-FA-030416 - ‘Error converting data type varchar…’ message when running Check Voucher Register report 

DF-FA-030417 - Connection Timeout Expired message in Drill Down 

DF-FA - Web User Interface- 030420-Unable to see Distribution Codes in MIP Modern 

DF- FA-030423 - Importing ARB in both Modern and Classic returns the errors, "Charges is required" and "Customer ID is required". 

DF-FA-030425 – Importing JV in both Modern and Classic returns the errors, "At least one complete detail line must be entered before continuing". 

DF-FA -030426 - Importing AP Invoices in both Modern and Classic returns the errors, "At least one complete detail line must be entered before continuing" 

Issues Resolved in MIP V2023.2.2

DF-FA-030431 - Rest API-AP invoices – Message --Due Date field is required 

DF-FA-030434 - Incorrect KB link provided during Alerts installation 

DF-FA-030435 - Incorrect Documentation provided for Alerts Install 













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