Resolved Issues in 2021.1

FA-26448 - Restoring database with a new GUID results in incorrect table entries 
FA-26480 - Error 'Invalid Column Name' running Quick Check/Transaction Register
FA-22697 - Importing a Group with a modified user ID duplicates the SIDUser
FA-25836 - Able to rename a user Login ID in MIP Cloud 
FA-26438 - 'Application has stopped working' when selecting Close Fiscal Year
FA-26387 - Aatrix calculation fails with Error Processing Data File on Multitenant Hosting
FA-26597 - When attempting to run 1099's, box 15 and 17 are returning negative values in the Aatrix grid
FA-26634 - Adjusting the Time Zone Offset causes the Time and Date in Action > Time Entry to be blank. Additionally, the employee and clock in but is unable to clock out
FA-26710 - App Crash in MIP when closing out of MIP in MT Cloud
FA-24938 - Reversing an invoice on a merged vendor creates and incorrect vendor association
FA-26776 - Unable to use Database Consolidation in the Multi-tenant hosted environment with needed databases
FA-26377 - Attempting to print and AP check using default check format results in error message 'the resource you requested cannot be found'


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