Resolved Issues in 2021.1

FA-26448 - Restoring database with a new GUID results in incorrect table entries 
FA-26480 - Error 'Invalid Column Name' running Quick Check/Transaction Register
FA-22697 - Importing a Group with a modified user ID duplicates the SIDUser
FA-25836 - Able to rename a user Login ID in MIP Cloud 
FA-26438 - 'Application has stopped working' when selecting Close Fiscal Year
FA-26387 - Aatrix calculation fails with Error Processing Data File on Multitenant Hosting
FA-26597 - When attempting to run 1099's, box 15 and 17 are returning negative values in the Aatrix grid
FA-26634 - Adjusting the Time Zone Offset causes the Time and Date in Action > Time Entry to be blank. Additionally, the employee and clock in but is unable to clock out
FA-26710 - App Crash in MIP when closing out of MIP in MT Cloud
FA-24938 - Reversing an invoice on a merged vendor creates and incorrect vendor association
FA-26776 - Unable to use Database Consolidation in the Multi-tenant hosted environment with needed databases
FA-26377 - Attempting to print and AP check using default check format results in error message 'the resource you requested cannot be found'

Resolved Issues in 2021.2

FA-26295 - Reports do not generate with an invalid page layout size
FA-26852 - MIP Modern - unable to filter on Dashboard
FA-26845 - Fixed Assets - Help Links are not linking correctly
FA-26764 - Balance Sheet totals are incorret if Include Unposted Transactions in checked
FA-26952 - Normal Trial Balance not retaining selections
FA-24527 - The Aatrix AUF file is including information outside the date/year specified in the Aatrix process
FA-24146 - Cleared checks not showing a cleared date in the Bank Rec Report
FA-26506 - Grant Administration Tabs missing in the Modern interface but present in the Classic interface
FA-26846 - EWS Time Entry not displaying time or date after adjusting Time Zone Offset
FA-26878 - Error while creating SP's for the PR module
FA-26859 - Report Drilldown available and errors on non-Drilldown reports
FA-26853 - MIP Modern - Using special character in a session ID causes the session to not open
FA-24580 - HR cannot read employee data with Database Encryption Enabled in MIP
FA-27027 - MIP Cloud - Unable to delete APS sessions in Manage Sessions
FA-26985 - Suspense Item Amount showing in Summary List that are not in Reconciliation ID
FA-26004 - Error 'Invalid Request' displays in the MIP Modern UI when attempting to save a budget with imported values
FA-26844 - Modern UI not displaying import error messages
FA-21574 - Unable to edit allocation codes when Account Code Combinations is enabled. Error messager returned: Verify Account Code Combinations
FA-26854 - Fixed Asset dropping Category and not calculating
FA-26657 - Unable to change statuss from BS(batch to suspend) to BP(batch to post) for AR voids
FA-26925 - MIP Modern - Account Balances returns no results
FA-26757 - Incorrect drop-down list displas for a Shared List Field Name in setup of User Defined Field
FA-26974 - Export to Excel dialog box draws improperly
FA-26580 - Error enabling Database Encryption
FA-27007 - Error adding Bank Rec Module
FA-25458 - Modern User Interface - when attempting to add a new value for A/N type segment in the Chart of Accounts you cannot enter alpha characters


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