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When doing a payroll for Direct Deposit Employees, voucher formats are not available on the dropdown and the system is wanting to print a check.


The print run is generating a pre-note or an employee is not set up for Direct Deposit. It will print checks first, after all checks have printed it will print vouchers.
A pre-note is where the system prints a check instead of a voucher and in the Direct Deposit ACH file it creates a $0 entry for testing.
This checks then vouchers printing happens when one or more employees have on one more of the following conditions.

  1. Employee is not set up for Direct Deposit (usually new employees).

  2. Employee has had a change to their direct deposit setup (change in account type/routing number etc.) and pre-note was not disabled.

  3. Less than 2 banking days have passed since the ACH file was created (not since the check was cut) with a pre-note and the employee who received the pre-note is also on this check run.

  4. Changes were made to the EFT module setup at the organization level and not all employees are flagged to disable pre-note.

  5. Override direct deposit was selected when choosing processing groups to print. If this is the case do not check this box.


Determine which of the above causes is the issue and correct it.
The easiest way to do this is to go to Reports>Payroll>Lists>Employee Information
Create a new report with the following Content:

On the filter tab filter to Active Employees.
If you are printing for just one processing group, you may wish to filter for that processing group code as well.
Print to screen. This will give a list of all active employees, their status for direct deposit and pre-notes.

Look for employees who are not setup for direct deposit and who do not have disable pre-note.
Among that group of employees look to see if the pre-note is sent and when the voucher will be available.
Once you have found a likely employee you can do the following to prevent them from creating a prenote:
1 – Go to Maintain>Payroll>Employee Information and the Direct Deposit Tab.
2 – You will notice that Disable Direct Deposit Is grayed out. Make a change to the direct deposit information (add something to an account number). Doing this will allow you to Click the Disable Pre-note. Then change the account number back. Then click save.

If you rerun the report, you will see that pre-notes have been disabled.

Repeat this process for any employees with that issue.
When you print you should get a Print Load Vouchers Window and be selecting a voucher format.

Additional Information

Question: Why does the system Pre-note?
Answer: Prenotes are set up to allow you to verify banking information entered is correct before money is transferred. If you have invalid banking information in the system, the bank will typically reject the ENTIRE ACH File meaning none of your employees will get paid until the issue is resolved with the bank.
In MIP there is not a good way to go back and correct the ACH information for a voucher that has already printed. Even if you fix it after printing it will not update the payroll that has already been printed. As a result, you usually must work with the bank to get the payroll file processed. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you use prenotes.
Question: I have a lot of Employees who have this issue, is there a way to make this change faster than one at a time?
Answer: No. Once the employee is saved without disabling prenote the only way to stop them from pre-noting is to either make the change or issue a check and have them go through the pre-note process.
Question: In the Electronic Funds Transfer Module Setup there is a place to Disable Prenotes for Direct Deposit. That is checked but the employees are still getting prenotes, how come?
Answer: The box in the module setup is a data entry default. If it is checked then any new employees you enter into the system will default to disable prenote unless changed. It will not go back and update existing employees so their disable selections will remain the same.

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