Here are some of the frequently asked questions about how to use the 'Support Case History' feature.

How do I view my open cases?
You can quickly see your cases that are still in an open status by clicking the link under 'Quick View'.
You can also view cases by clicking "See Support Cases', click the + in front of 'Filters' and select the stage you want to see from the drop-down available.

Can I see what cases I have logged in the past?
Yes. Once you log in to the Support Center you can access your case history by clicking 'See Support Cases.' 
Click the + in front of 'Filters' and select 'ALL' under the Stage drop-down menu to see past cases.

Can I search the list for cases?
Case History is not a search tool, but you can use the filters at the top and enter the Case # in the Number/ID field to 'find' items in your list.  You can also sort the list with Quick Sort or by clicking on the columns available to sort by a specific column title.  
You can filter your case list by product or service with the Product/Service drop-down menu.

If you set a filter or enter data in the Number/ID field, remove this before exiting or next time your list will load with just 1 case or blank. The system remembers the last filter sort so best to remove them before log out.

You can also sort on Number (Case number) or Date by clicking the down arrow or up arrow to switch between ascending and descending on the top line of the list.
How can I update a case from the Support portal?
Use one of the methods above to locate your case in the list.  Click 'Edit' in front of the case, and enter your message to support in the message box.  Click 'Submit' to send the update to the team.  

f you no longer need assistance and would like to mark the case 'Closed', you would click 'Submit and Close Case'.

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