Support Center FAQ
How do I register if I have never been set up with access to the Support Center?
There is a link on the login page for Support Chat. Click 'Chat Now' and select Community/KB/Support Portal from the radial buttons menu to register for access.

Can I reset my password if I can't log in to the Support Center?
Yes.  There is a 'Forgot your password?' link on the login page for self-service password resets.  Disclaimer: The Support Center login is powered by NetSuite. The password email you will receive from this method will be branded from NetSuite, not Abila or Community Brands.  During business hours you can also click the ' 'Chat Now" button on the Support Center landing page and select Community/KB/Support Portal from the radial buttons menu to request a password reset.
Can I change my email address on file or my current password?
Note: These links are not visible until after you log in to the Support Center with your current credentials.

Click the 'Change Email'  link under  'Settings'  to request an email change link to be sent to you, and follow the prompts in the message sent or you can follow these instructions to request an email change with Abila.
Click the 'Change Password' link on the left under 'Settings' to change your current or temporary password.  

Where can I access the MIP Cloud Modern UI?
Where can I access Abilaonline for the Multi-tenant Cloud?
These links are available from the Support Center landing page on the right under "Other Resources'
Where can I access the Dedicated Single -Tenant Cloud environment? 
Log a support case if you need access to a Dedicated Cloud tenant.
Can I just send an email to open a new case? has been retired and will no longer accept support requests.  Please log new support requests from the Support Center. This captures important information that will help us support you better.
How do I log a support case?
Once you log in to the Support Center, click 'Contact Support' to launch the case form.

Make sure to select your product from the drop-down.  This form is used for all Abila products, so it won't default for you.  Detailed instructions for logging cases can be found in KB Article # 13036.

Make sure when you have completed filling in the case form, click 'Submit'. 

"Submit and Close Case" is now only available when you are editing a case already logged. Using this button will submit your update and will let the team know you no longer need assistance. It will close the case and no further assistance will be provided as we will not see the case in the active queue.

PLEASE NOTE: If you update a case from your list in the portal and still need assistance from Support, make sure you use 'Submit' not 'Submit and Close Case'. This button will close the case completely not just the current screen.

How can I add an attachment to a case? I don't see an 'attach' link or button.
Submit your case. Once submitted the case will be on your screen.  Scroll down to the "Amazon S3 Files' section.
Click 'New File(s)' button. A pop-up window will appear. 
Click "Add files', locate what you are attaching, then click 'upload'.  This will attach your file to the case.  Detailed instructions can be found in our KB Article 12976
We will be updating these instructions once Flash is removed from current browsers.
How do I add CC emails to a case I am logging?
This is done by adding the CC email address or addresses to the Email(s) field on the case form separated from the default address by a comma. Separate each additional address from each other by a comma.

Can I see how many cases my organization has open?
You can quickly see cases that are still in an open status by clicking the link under 'Quick View' on the home page.
You can also view cases by clicking "See Support Cases', click the + in front of 'Filters' and select the stage you want to see from the drop-down available.  You can add a specific case number in the Number field as a lookup feature.

Can I see what cases I have logged?
Yes. Once you log in to the Support Center you can access your case history by clicking 'See Support Cases.' 
Click the + in front of 'Filters' and select the stage you want to see from the drop-down available. 

Can I search the list for cases?
You can use the 'Find' filters at the top, or the Quick Sort on the right to filter your list. 
We have deployed a filter for Case Number and a drop-down for Product in the filter area at the top so you may lookup specific items in your list. Remember to remove the case number from the field before exiting the portal, or it will remember this sort next time and you won't see your total case list next time.

You can also use your browser's native Find feature to locate a specific case by clicking on the screen after navigating to the list and making sure the stage is set to All. Select Control>F on your keyboard, and then type in the Case number in the 'Find' box.  Select 'Enter' on your keyboard or click 'Search' if it is available on the screen.  This will highlight the case from the list.

You can also sort on Number (Case number) or Date by clicking the down arrow or up arrow to switch between ascending and descending on the top line of the list.
Can I update my cases from the Support Center?
Yes. Log in to the Support Center and click 'See Support Cases'.  Locate the case you need to update from your list, and then click 'Edit'.  To review the case details, click 'View'.  
If you need to log a new case while you are on this screen you can click the 'New Case' button.

Can I see my issues list?
Yes. "Issues" refers to product defects. You can see a list of issues associated with cases you have logged by clicking the Issue Number to open and view it.
Where do I see what case is attached to an issue?
Click 'See Support Issues' and click on the issue # you would like to view. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.  Your associated case or cases will be attached under the 'Cases' section.

Will I be able to see the status of 'issues'?
Yes.  Click 'See Support Issues' and click on the issue # you would like to view. The status and any work-around that has been released for the applicable issue will be listed in the 'Issue' section
Will I be able to view and search for all issues for my product?
This feature is only available for our netFORUM Enterprise product.  
If you have questions about using the Support Center or the resources on our website,  Contact Abila.

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