There are Canned Scripts and Scripts that are Customized

Canned Scripts are already pre-configured and encrypted to run on any database if you have reviewed the related knowledgebase article for any caveats or restrictions first.

Examples of Canned Scripts are our Rebuild Scripts (GLRebuild, APRebuild, etc) and TECleanup.

Custom Scripts are ones for which we have a template. They are unencrypted and will require some modification and information from the customer to complete. They will also require review and encryption by a seasoned analyst with access to our encryption tool.

Examples of Custom Scripts are our ResetAdminPassword script and Zero-Dollar Check script.

Who can encrypt scripts?

Our current script encryption capable analysts are:

Stacie Ray, Thomas Cone, Thomas Tweedel, Jimmy Rogalski.

IMPORTANT: If you need a script to be encrypted, please send your request and unencrypted script to all the analysts listed above, not anyone specifically. Whomever can get to it quickest will respond to all to let everyone know they are taking it.

The analyst encrypting the script is responsible for reviewing the script for accuracy and correctness and will provide you with an encrypted copy of the script or work with you to get it ready for resubmission if changes are needed.

Encryption Tool

As of 2020.2 the tool we use for running scripts has changed. I recommend reviewing the KB article 25296 for Databases in 2020.2 or higher and KB 5076.

Additional Information

Please do not send this information to customers, this article is for internal purposes only.

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