When running a report, the following Warning message is produced:

Yet the report will still run.  Should I be concerned about the above and what does it mean?

Most times when the above message is generated, you have created a query containing multiple groups that is redundant and can be revamped into fewer or one group.

For example, the query below has three groups with the only distinction being the date range in each group:

In this case, there is no reason to have 3 Groups, you can easily re-write the query to be a single group which contains a 3 year date range as all the criteria is the same for all 3 years.  This will negate the Warning.

That is not to say, this message will not be generated when the criteria in each group is 99% the same but there is a single criteria in one of the groups that is different, the addition of the Sequence field from the gift card on the Options tab, will allow the system to generate the correct results.   

If there is a record that has more than one gift entered on the same date with the same exact coding, the sequence field is required in order for SQL to distinguish between the two transactions and return both in the results.  The sequence field is not visible on the gift card, but an internal 'marker' utilized in the gift table to record unique transactions. 


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