The ability to extract data as of a certain historical date is not inherent to fundraising databases as a rule.  However, reports on Pledge Balances, Pledge Statuses or Memberships as of a prior date can be obtained by creating and archiving a series of database backups.

Depending on your business needs, creating monthly, quarterly and year-end database backups using the FR50 backup utility will facilitate reporting needs effective as of the system date of the backup.  It is entirely up to your organization to decide and establish the backup frequency that best suits your needs.

Utilizing your archived backups, you would follow the suggested steps below to prepare a report for an auditor with pledge balances due as of the last business date for the previous fiscal year:

1.   Make a backup of today's database and archive it someplace secure
2.   Advise your staff to discontinue work in the database while you prepare your reports
3.   Restore the backup from fiscal year-end and run the requested reports.
4.   Restore to the current business day’s database and advise your staff that they may resume data entry.
Some recommended reports you might consider running to obtain information about pledges and memberships are:

  • Pledge Status Report

  • Membership List

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