Cache Setting system options (Enterprise 2013 and up)

    CachingProvider: This determine where cache is kept. Its either in memory or disk or both. Memory is quicker but will use of the memory of the server and can fill up quickly causing less than optimal performance. Disk is a bit slower but there isn't any limitation with amount of memory.

Recommended setting is ‘Both Memory and Disk'

CachingProviderEvictionTime: This is a number of minutes when the cache is cleared from memory. When using memory only this needs to be set lower to keep memory freed up. But the constant recycle of cache causes performance to degrade.

Recommended setting is 240 - 480 minutes (4 - 8 hours).

​EnableCachingOfMetaData: This options turns on the caching of metadata. If this is off every page in iweb would need to pull the details of the form from the database.

Recommended Setting is ‘True’


Dashboard reports:

Accounting and Membership dashboard reports have been known to lock up the system. Best to have them shut off to avoid this problem.

AccountBatchCloseProcess System Option (Enterprise 2014 and up)

  This system option was created in 2014 to improve performance of the batch close process. When processing multiple batches it allows them to run in individual transactions as opposed to all in one transaction. This allows for improved over all performance as process will not lock as many records in the database allowing netforum to process normally while batches are closing.

Recommended Setting: Atomic



SQL Do's and Don'ts

Running SQL Server Management Studio or other software from the SQL server will hinder performance. SQL server are configured to allow all memory to SQL. When you remote to the server it takes those resources from SQL.

Recommendations: Running SSMS from your local machine and connecting to the SQL via Abila VPN.


Using the ‘Nolock’ keyword in SQL commands. If you are writing SQL to query the database it’s best to use nolock in your commands. Not using a nolock could lock widely used tables like fw_error_log when looking for an error.


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