When I run a report to Excel I get an Out of Memory error.
There can be multiple causes for this problem. Most of them are environmental factors beyond the scope of MIP support.
Narrow Down the problem – Machine or report related?
-Try running the same report on another machine. If it still fails, take a look at the report. It is possible the report has gotten corrupted.
-Recreate the report WITHOUT copying the report. If the report runs, then you know if it was a corrupted report. If the report doesn’t run, try using a filter for just one fund. If it runs, try expanding the number of funds you are filtering for. If it fails with a large number of funds, there is probably a resource issue on the machine. Try rebooting and clearing temp files (see 2 below).
If the report runs on some machines but not others then it is not a problem with MIP, it is an environmental issue with those machines. Troubleshooting this is outside the scope of MIP support but there are some common things to check
1 – Check available resources on the affected machines. Do they have enough free space and hard drive space?
2 – Reboot the machine and clear out the Temp files after restart. To do this click Start and in the search type in “%TEMP%”. This will bring up the contents of the temp directory. Select everything in here and delete everything it will let you. Try the report gain.
3 – Check to make sure you have updates for your Office/Excel. In most cases this can be done by checking for windows updates.
4 – Make sure you are on Office 2010 or later. There were limitations in Office 2003 on how many columns a report could contain.
5- Uninstall/Reinstall Excel. Make sure you are installing the 32bit version as the 64 bit does not work with MIP.
5- If none of those work you should consult with your IT resource to get the issue resolved. There are a lot of possible causes and steps to look at. See Micrcosoft KB
If your IT has been through all the issues in that KB and the problem still persists there is probably an issue with the operating system they need to address. This is not a MIP issue and MIP support cannot assist you further on this issue.

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