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Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1.9

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This Service pack contains new features:
Module Description
Fundraising [2017UI] Edit Contact Info form from the organization Constituent profile is missing UI widgets
CRM [2017UI] Advocacy Issue Profile Page Conversion to New UI
Accounting [2017UI] Accounting - Adjustment Profile Page Conversion to New UI
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Allow 2017UI pages to show other 2017UI pages inside modals
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Allow 2017UI to render Add/Edit pages
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Run converter on all trivial childform links for current 2017UI pages
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Need lookup destination facades for 2017UI Add/Edit pages
Fundraising [2017UI] Fundraising - Gift Opportunity Profile Page Conversion to New UI
Fundraising [2017UI] Fundraising - Match Program Profile Page Conversion to New UI
Fundraising [2017UI] Fundraising - Fund Profile Page Conversion to New UI
Fundraising [2017UI] Fundraising - Appeal Profile Page Conversion to New UI
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Implement Help Text on all appropriate WidgetTypes
Framework [2017UI] Invisible Widgets with Required Conditions must not trigger Required Control validator
Framework [2017UI] Dropdown magnifying glass doesn't work on 2017UI forms rendered inside modals
Framework [2017UI] Form title in Add/Edit modals shows wrong navigation plan
CRM [2017UI] CRM_Individual_ContactInfoTab: Labels for the fields in the Instant Messenger modal are using acronyms not the full description
CRM [2017UI] CRM_Individual_ContactInfoTab: The -Sort Name- field in the -Name Alias- modal is displaying empty
CRM [2017UI] Organization>Contact Info>IP Address range childform's add/edit form's "End IP address" field is not visible
Accounting [2017UI] Accounting_Invoice_Detail: The "Cancel Invoice Item " modal is loaded without populating fields from the invoice detail
Accounting [2017UI] Accouting_ReturnCancel: Return/Cancel modal is not displayed at select Return/Cancel option from invoice and invoice detail profile
CRM [2017UI] CRM_Individual_CorrespondenceTab: Missing field -Source- in modal for -Edit All Notes-
Framework [2017UI] Dropdown widgets when read-only or outside an HTML form only need to load the single known value
Framework [2017UI] Pages with same key for Profile and Add/Edit need to differentiate content
Abstract [2017UI] Abstract - Submission Profile Page Conversion to New UI
CRM [2017UI] Assignment: the items in the drop down list are not sorted alphabetic like in classic UI


Service Pack 9

Issue # Module Description Previous Release
18743 Accounting "Batch Reports": Preview for baseline "Batches Not Yet Closed" report displays the incorrect report 2017.1.8.1
18957 Committees Super search should not return deleted committees 2017.1.8.1
19885 eWeb eWeb: Keyword and Tags do not work on eWeb 2017.1.8.1
21483 Inventory Inventory Sub-Category error when adding a new list column 2017.1.8.1
22580 CRM Unable to "Save" email with ALL "Internet top-level domains" (e.g. ".comzz"/".bank"/".legal") / The "Save Changes" button is greyed out 2017.1.8.1
22596 eWeb "eWeb > My Full Profile": displays duplicate "CHAPTER member status" 2017.1.8.2
22726 Fundraising The "highest gift date" if more than one gift for same amount should display the "latest" date 2017.1.8.1
22866 CRM eWeb: Change of Affiliate email address on Edit Affiliate page (eWeb), makes changes to the email address of the logged in individual who is the primary contact for the chapter (in iWeb) 2017.1.8.2
23037 xWeb xWeb: SQL ReadOnly AlwaysOn Availability Groups - "ExecuteMethod" not working 2017.1.8.1
23047 CRM Custom "Event Specific Demographics" information not saved when using "Group Registration" 2017.1.8.1
23457 Accounting Delete Proforma process does not clear error after processing each record/proforma. This causes ALL Proformas to fail after an error is encountered. 2017.1.8.1
23514 eWeb eWeb: Incorrect error for INVALID Credit Card - "Payment method is required" 2017.1.8.1
23702 Fundraising The "Major Giving>WealthEngine" child form does not "auto-postback" after connecting to WE to pull data 2017.1.8.1
23768 Accounting "Value" of flag (e.g. "deferred" checkbox) is reset when a "lookup" (e.g. "Currency") on same form is used, even if the "flag-value" was previously saved 2017.1.8.2
23804 CRM Address validation: Melissa Data AVS is not sending the "country Code" or "country Name" 2017.1.8.2
23806 Events "Event Copy Wizard" is copying "deleted/hidden/disabled" "price attributes" and "un-deleting" them 2017.1.8.1
23873 Accounting Batch Profile: "Divide by zero" when closing a "deferral" batch with modified "expire date"/ the "deferral" records are not generated 2017.1.8.1
23962 General [2017UI] iWeb: "Print Preview" does not work (loads all elements, includes URL addresses) 2017.1.8.1
23980 Baseline Reports/Queries Error generated when running “Gift Detail Report by Date Range” report with the "Excel" button (Error "An attempt was made to set a report parameter 'dnr_cst_key' that is not defined in this report") 2017.1.8.2
24017 eWeb eWeb: "Organization Information" > "Upload Image" not working/ uploading and replacing "Individual Profile" PHOTO 2017.1.8.1
24018 eWeb eWeb: "Organization Information" - Organization profile image/photo "cropping" instead of "scaling" 2017.1.8.2
24024 eWeb eWeb: "Organization Information > Organization Roster": Clicking on Individuals names to "View Member Profile" / "Edit Individual" button brings you to the Primary Contact record "Home" page 2017.1.8.2
24094 Framework "Availability Groups" causing unexpected reads during simultaneous updates 2017.1.8.1
24124 Accounting "Batch close" process does not check for "soft-deleted" GL account on a "Credit" transaction 2017.1.8.1
24156 Fundraising Membership or "other products" are being calculated in the "YTD Amount"/"Lifetime Amount" if invoiced together 2017.1.8.1
24160 Centralized Order Entry When adding "Donations Complimentary Products" during "Membership Renewal" or "Add Payment" on "PROFORMA renewal membership invoice", line items are not consistently getting added 2017.1.8.1
24188 Fundraising Fundraising: slow performance - "Find Constituent"/ "Find Pledge" 2017.1.8.1
24197 Subscriptions Deferral record not created for deferred subscription invoice where the price set to be prorated and prorated first year.  
24218 Membership "Project Code" not populated to "Membership Dues Product" 2017.1.8.1
24229 Accounting "Intacct Import" from Intacct is populating incorrect info for "Project code" and "Project name" 2017.1.8.1
24245 General Successful Task fails due to unhandled exception  
24251 eWeb eWeb: "Confirmation/ Receipt" page displays shipping title/message "Shipping Group 1/2 Home" 2017.1.8.1
24252 CRM "iWeb > Add Customer Request": Email attachment not "sent via email" 2017.1.8.1
24254 Admin "Outlook Integration": Distorted Pop up window for specific windows/outlook  
24256 Accounting When "pre-processing batch" with "payment" and "original invoice" is in separate "open batch" it gets stuck at "25%" (errors: "Column 'inv_trx_date' does not belong to table Table"/"The Batch is not balanced") 2017.1.8.2
24259 Accounting "Discount Product" GL account ledger entry does not export with "Project Code"/ "DEBIT/CREDIT" transactions missing "Project Code" 2017.1.8.1
24260 Inventory "Discount Product" and "Price" missing fields for "Adding/Editing" "project" code 2017.1.8.1
24261 Accounting Manual "add Credit" form does not have a "Project" code field 2017.1.8.1
24262 Accounting Cannot add a "project code" to a "Refund Credit" 2017.1.8.2
24283 General "CEU Credit Generation" task: Baseline SQL scripts not consistently honoring the "soft deletes" in CEU generation 2017.1.8.2
24316 Accounting "Edit Invoice" form: "Billing Contact" and "Address" do not "refresh" when a NEW "Bill to Customer" is selected 2017.1.8.2
24355 Accounting Mitigate chance of Double Payments by improving handling of exceptions / timeouts / failed responses in Sage Payment Processor. Fix handling of failed PostAuth in Payment.Capture() method to reduce chance of duplicate payments. 2017.1.8.1
24430 COI "Questionnaire Question Setup" form: Unable to select a “Group” for a question in a questionnaire 2017.1.8.2
24431 COI "Questionnaire Question Setup" form: When adding a QUESTION to a questionnaire you receive a syntax error when saving ("Error: Syntax error converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier") 2017.1.8.2

Hotfix 1

Issue # Module Description
20716 Payment Processing When you process transactions through eWeb the batch name is going over as the default WEB batch name instead of the batch name that the actual payment was added
21859 Events Event Session Scheduler drag and drop not accurate
22311 eWeb AddressCorrection: "Group1" address validation fails for International Address
22785 Inventory When purchasing a Bundle in "iWeb" or "eWeb" that contains a Subscription, the system is "requiring" entry of "BPA" information("qualified date is Required")
22888 eWeb Multicurrency > eWeb: Shipping Charge not added to additional shippable product and calculation is incorrect
22947 Inventory "Order Fulfillment" Process can duplicate fulfillments for Orders when running in parallel sessions
22947 Inventory Order Fulfillment Process can duplicate fulfillments for Orders when running in parallel sessions
23265 Accreditation Baseline "CEU Credit Generation" task "timing out" (Timeout location: method EstimatedRecordCount in Batch.cs)
23778 E-Marketing "Edit Prospect List Detail" form: “Transfer This Record to Permanent Database” does not complete the transfer
23961 CRM "CEU Credit Generation" task: when generating CEU credits, the system shows its been generated but when you check its not there (Event with FEEs and FREE Event)
23961 CRM CEU Credit Generation task: when generating CEU credits, the system shows its been generated but when you check its not there (Event with FEEs and FREE Event)
24020 CRM [2017UI] Caching issue: Uploading an "image" to an "Organization Profile" clears the "Individual Profile image/photo" from the organization’s Primary Contact
24062 eWeb eWeb: Mixed/ Unsecure Content Error on HTTPS - Unable to see "Map"
24140 eWeb [Alignment] eWeb: "My Full Contact Info"/ "My Contact Information" page fields are not aligned properly
24172 Baseline Reports/Queries Report Accounting|Invoice| Customer Statement ("ac_invoice_detail_customerstatement") does not complete
24432 COI COI > Request Profile: The “Refresh List” button adds the ALL the individuals to the "Call to Action"
24433 COI "COI > Request Profile": When you click the “Edit” button TWICE, it adds ALL the individuals to the "Request"/ "Call to Action"

Hotfix 2

Issue # Module Description
19710 Membership Cannot apply credit when renewing membership with discount and installment payments

Hotfix 3

Issue # Module Description
19710 Accounting Cannot apply credit when renewing membership with discount and installment payments
21455 Events "Copy Event" form in "Create Event" wizard throwing connection error "The transaction is either not associated with the current connection or has been completed."
22073 COI System option "COISurveyTypeCode" is set to "COI" but no "Marketing>Survey Type" of "COI" exist
22320 eWeb "Media Code" of Web is not automatically applied to invoices created on eWeb
22603 Events "Event statistics" not calculating properly after changing from “free event” to non-“free event”
22766 Accounting Deferred discounts with mid-month start date not recognizing correctly
22832 CRM "Quick Report" Server error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  when "table join" includes a "variable" value (e.g. "{CurrentUserName}" )
23356 Accounting Unable to "Add Miscellaneous Transactions" to a customer who has a "linked" address or "does not have an address" (Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation)
23374 E-Marketing Communicate - "Mailing type" control is empty when there are "mailing types" setup and the "start date" is empty
23427 Inventory Discount not applied because "DiscountUsed" ("number of uses") doesn't take into account "Cancelled/Returned" invoices
23556 CRM [2017UI] "Hide Sidebar": Hiding the "group item" link menu in iWeb does not remain "hidden" during navigation
23618 eWeb [2017UI] Individual's organization hyperlink goes to "empty"/ "deleted" profile in iWeb if it was added in eWeb (without validation)
23802 CRM  [2017UI] "Force User to Change Password" box is not functioning properly
24116 Accounting Subscriptions that are "taxed" and "deferred", then "cancelled" after "revenue has been partially recognized" are not returning the proper amount of "tax"
24196 Documentation Cannot "schedule reports" that are setup with "Output format" of "Excel"/"Word" (Error "The value 'Excel' is not valid for setting 'Render Format'.")
24204 Accounting Batch Close process logs an error regarding "ExecuteReader" transaction properties
24291 Admin Column set at "decimal2" allow "letters" and "special characters" input prior "saving" the record/ input mask doesn't work
24317 Accounting  Invoice created but "missing payments" in NF and "Payment Processor"
24349 Baseline Reports/Queries  "Export to ASCII Delimited/CSV": "New line"/ "carriage return" in column causes export to generate "blank rows"/"blank record" (view in excel)
24389 Accounting Accounting Period: "Deferral Revenue Available for Recognition" report showing up "Beginning Balance" for invoice that was "cancelled" in "previous period"
24423 Accounting "Add Payment" wizard: when you convert a "proforma" invoice to an "installment payments" invoice, it shows "payment amount" for the first TWO payments even though only the FIRST payment is due
24425 Membership Member Transfer invoice amounts still calculating incorrectly
24449 Exhibits "Exhibit Profile": Unable to "add sponsor" to "Exhibit" (Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation)
24536 Fundraising "Constituent Profile": "Lifetime amount"/ "YTD amount"/ "Count" / "First gift amount"/ "Highest gift amount" including "written off" gifts
24570 CRM "Individual Profile > Sales": "Individual - sales assignments" child form missing "delete" flag
24632 Admin SMTP SendMail Reports an exception when retrying SendMail

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