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Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1.15

    This Service pack contains new features:   
Module Description
Membership [2017UI] [BUG] "Query Selection Text" is missing when you run the renew list from "Action item"
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] "Recent records" shows wrong name for records added to recent records
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] COE -After adding new source code from COE page -form redirects to Individual's Profile and not to COE page
Accounting [2017UI] [BUG] Duplicate "Projects" child form on BU profile page.
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] Extensions should not run when a page is in ShowHistoryOnly mode
Framework [2017UI] [BUG] Need auto-chain triggered by default SQL
Accounting [2017UI] [BUG] Organization COE form [media] clicking on the add icon [+] closes COE form after adding new media code - Related to Test Case 20188
Development Toolkit [2017UI] [BUG] Toolkit > Forms > FormProfile > When opening “MVC Design History “ in new tab and going back to previous tab, Click next, it doesn’t open the next page in list
Admin [2017UI] [BUG] Wrong breadcrumb on the Clear Cache Page.
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Abstract > Reviewer > Add Reviewer (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Accreditation > More... > Surveyors Area > Add Surveyor (Add/Edit)
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Credit Card Gateway Setup
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Honorarium Type
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Name Prefix
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Shipping Carrier
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Admin > Cache Setup > Add Cache (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Admin > Error Messages > Add Message (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Admin > More... > Task Scheduler > Run Moves History Transfer Task (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Admin > System Options > Add System Option (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Advertising > Agencies > Add Agency (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Awards > More... > Entries > Add Award Entry (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Awards > More... > Stages > AdAward Staged (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] CMS > Posting Group > Add Posting Group (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Dev > Deferred Revenue > Add Deferred Revenue (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Dev > Voting History > Add Voting History (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Events > More... > Event X Registrant Type > Add Event X Registrant Type (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Grants > Grants Distribution > Add Distribution (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Inventory > Product Subcategory > Add Product Subcategory (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Membership > Chapters > Add Chapter Position (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Sales > Commission Schedule > Add Schedule (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Time > Expense > Add Expense (Add/Edit)
General [2017UI] [Conversion] Toolkit > Super Search > Add Search Table (Add/Edit)
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Queried list pages should show Column description instead of DB column name.
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] The Cancel Button on Add/Edit pages should behave like the Browser's "Back" Button
Abstract [2017UI] [NFR] Title on a Subform should not show "Edit" keyword (built automatically)
Abstract [2017UI] Abstract: sessions related to a particular event are not getting display in the dropdown field
Committees [2017UI] Committee Participation profile page doesn't display address
Development Toolkit [2017UI] Correctly handle 2017UI pages that have no ClassicUI underneath
Advertising [2017UI] Customer records get deleted as you delete Agency record
Framework [2017UI] Find page search "date greater than X" fails when building the List page
Framework [2017UI] Inconsistent Design: List page action button opens the page in the new tab
Accounting [2017UI] Inventory > Fulfillment Orders > Order Profile -> unable to change Source Code
CRM [2017UI] List Pages : When we refresh or make duplicate of Find operation list page, page gets converted to Classic UI with records count 25.
Membership [2017UI] Membership_Chapters_ChapterProfile: After clicking on Add Invoice button COE page should be open in existing window
Accounting [Accounting Data] Create Summary Table and View for Calculated Fields in vw_ac_invoice_detail_summary
Accounting [Accounting Data] Update Summary Table Information In Real Time
Framework [AppInsights] Javascript error when navigating iweb and no instrumentationKey setup
eWeb [eWeb] Group Event Registration page does not load properly when we toggle between "Registrant name".
CEU Ceu credit generation task - Task shouldn't create zero value credits
CRM Combine/Merge dups for Organization is not merging records
CRM CRM _ Find Individual with Record Number field does not give proper results
Events Events > Registrants > List Registrants ---Select/UnselectAll Checkbox is not working on Edit - Registrant Cancellation Wizard Popup
Membership Membership package with "Anniversary Dues" member type : shows the label "** if left unchecked then proration is in the second year" on Add Association dues package page
CRM Query Builder Tool - Subquery Name and Column not saved correctly
CRM Query Builder Tool [Regression] Sub Query Detail not saved
Admin Re-implement LdapAuthentication as a Common Authentication Provider Abstraction
Time and Billing Time_Project_ListProject_ProjectProfile_WorkTypes: Unable to delete work type record
Time and Billing Time_TimeEntryProfile_TimeBilling_Unable to delete listed Projects under Time(This Billing Period)
Subscriptions [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Job Role
Sales [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Opportunity Type
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Rate Card Category
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Room Type
Time and Billing [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit My Expense
Fundraising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Fundraising Gift Type
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Number Of Placements

Service Pack 15

Issue # Module Description
19122 CRM Fundraising_Constituent: "Add" Organization/Constituent- the address information is not being saved if a "billing" address is not provided
20452 Framework Quick report for search participants is blank
20702 Admin Default batch is not selected on collective payment form nor batch write off process aspx
21741 CRM Membership Renewal process-cannot see memberships that completed/processed (in child forms: Error Details/History)
21976 CRM Delete proforma process fails When membership has old unpaid proforma invoices and there are invoices created on top due to FK constraint (FK_mb_member_dues_history_ac_invoice_mdh_inv_key)
22578 eWeb "Communication > Add Group to a Mailing List”: when creating a "new" Mailing List, the page displays “Loading new item…”
22737 Accounting eWeb: When a customer changes their "name" on eWeb and immediately makes a purchase, the name change doesn’t appear everywhere on the purchase
23127 Accounting [2017UI] "Organization - Edit Contact info": incorrect section titles for "Tax Information" and "Popup Message"
23144 Centralized Order Entry [2017UI] Chaining functionality does not parse variables/columns
23400 Centralized Order Entry [2017UI] "Edit name & address" form: the "State/territory"/ "Country" fields are disabled/ grayed out
23910 General Membership package with "Anniversary Dues" member type should not allow to be "prorated"
24186 Sales ACH payment "void" is not being done when an error is encountered and the NF transaction is rolled back
24271 Admin [2017UI] Child form "override link" not working in the New UI
24296 Accounting "Report Output" window does not have "PRINT" icon (Edge/Chrome/Firefox only)
24397 Accounting "Event Revenue Summary Report" is counting the "cancellation fee" twice when there is a GUEST registration
24627 Admin CRM Profile > Correspondence tab > Communications child form: Customer "Activity" record created when using "email domain" that's NOT listed in "EmailModeTestDomains" system option ("EmailMode" = "Test")
24813 xWeb [Performance] eWeb: Adding discount is very slow when the Individual has "multiple" address/ memberships/ committees/ mailing lists
24832 Admin Renewed "terms invoice" is using "voided" terms invoice as the "trm_ivd_key_previous" (versus latest "active" invoice)
25041 CRM Revenue for "deferrals" is not recognized if the associated "price" is "no longer deferred"
25055 Admin COE: Duplicate confirmation emails send when purchasing something in iWeb
25189 Fundraising When paying an "Installment" billing record the "type" stays as "proforma" and not updated
25231 Fundraising Query Builder: "DECLARE" don't work in Query Builder (Error "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'DECLARE' ") [SO: EnableRankingForPagination = TRUE]
25251 Events [2017UI] "Event Profile > Fees > Prices" child form: "Prices" child form does not show "Price Attributes"
25253 Framework [2017UI] "Event Profile > Tracks/Sessions > Tracks" child form: Unable to "add"/"view" Sessions
25269 CRM eMarketing template: Template on "List Type" = "Invoice" does not parse fields "inv_add_user"
25274 Centralized Order Entry [2017UI] "Membership Profile > Financial > Invoices" child form: "GoTo" invoice button refreshes page / does not navigate to the "Invoice Profile"
25325 Accounting "Edit Name & Address" form: allows removing "Relationship Type" from existing "relationship" / "IXO" record
25385 Accounting Applying a "Payment" / "Credit" to a dues invoice is not applying the "project code" correctly when the "project code" is linked to the "invoice detail line item" (ivd_pjt_key)
25386 Centralized Order Entry [2017UI] Child forms with Visibility SQL can cause grandchild forms to become unexpectedly hidden
25387 Accounting Batch Profile: Batch fails to "close" if a "100% discount" is applied towards "prorated" membership sold for "next year" (Error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'def_num_periods')
25388 Inventory [2017UI] "Registrant Profile" form link URL can cause the incorrect "invoice code" to be used for "Adding a Session"
25413 Events "File Import": Unable to import any file (Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object")
25416 Awards [2017UI] "Regex: does not work when configured as an "input mask" on the column's "md_column" record
25420 Framework [2017UI] Organization Profile: "Edit Name & Address" incorrectly invalidates previously selected "Primary Contact > Sort Name" lookup
25434 Certification "Deferral Revenue Available for Recognition" report includes transactions that have been "voided" with an "ending balance" which is calculated towards the "total"
25435 Baseline Reports/Queries [2017UI] DynamicList links remove filter and display all table rows
25441 Admin [2017UI] "Exporting list" exports the "GoTo Link" column as "URL"
25443 Admin Query Builder Tool: Aliases in "Create SQL" with "subselects" causes SQL to fail
25446 Accounting [2017UI] Membership query DynamicList missing "Action Item" > "Renew this List"
25452 Accounting [2017UI] CMS website page detail "-> Form" link redirects to website
25459 Payment Processing eWeb > "Group Event Registration | Register an Individual" form: "Organization" name is not populated on the "Add - New Individual" form
25465 CRM [2017UI] NetFORUM is not throwing an error/prompt "...Move proforma invoices to new batch" when you "close a batch" with a "proforma invoice" inside it
25483 Framework [2017UI] The user preference, "Auto redirect from lists with only 1 record", is not working and the lists are still "redirecting"
25494 Advertising [2017UI] Event Profile: Edit "Confirmation Template" link item contains incorrect URL (Error "The resource cannot be found.")
25496 Committees Payment Batch Header Profile: There isn’t a way to "release records" that are not processed running the "payment batch" process for the creating of "payment" when the "generate installment payment" is run
25500 CRM Invoice Profile: Unable to "add line item" to "proforma" invoice while keeping as "proforma"
25531 Awards [2017UI] [IE only] "Adding" or "editing" forms hangs on "Saving..." and generates javascript error "Object doesn't support property or method 'includes' "
25547 CRM [2017UI] System Option "DataGridRowLimit" limits "exported records" when exporting an "Individuals/Organization List"
25553 Events Not sending "CUSTIP" to PayPal with "Customer IP"
25559 Events Outlook integration: "Committee Members" with no "end date" cannot be "selected" when sending an email
25569 Awards "Process payment batch" process is putting payments in the SAME batch as the INVOICE / does not put payments in current "iWeb" batch
25576 Inventory Future "first installment date" incorrect for "recurring gifts" added through "Add Gift" form
25582 Time and Billing Deferral records for "prorated"/ "paid in full" memberships set incorrect start date ("ac_deferral.def_start_date")
25590 Fundraising [2017UI] Query list columns show "column name" instead of "friendly name"
25604 Events [2017UI] "Event Registrant Profile": Missing "Registrant Actions > Register Guest" link
25611 CRM Double charges when running "Generate Installment Payments" when system option "BatchPaymentsForProcessingInRecurringProcesses" enabled with Vantiv
25617 Events [2017UI] Individual/Organization Profile: the "cst_key" not showing in the page URL
25640 CRM [2017UI] "Edit Chapter" form: Address Information should be "optional"
25641 Subscriptions [Upgrade Showstopper] User defined SQL ("Create SQL") query builder "adds columns" which causes "DISTINCT" to not return expected data [SO: EnableRankingForPagination = TRUE]
25642 Sales [2017UI] "Exhibit Profile > Location" tab: Missing "Rooms" grandchild form
25644 Advertising [2017UI] "Add Chapter Relationships" form: the "Association code" is shown rather than the "Chapter name"
25647 Events Query Builder: User defined SQL ("Create SQL") fails when "custom SQL" does not include objects "default order by" column (Error "Invalid column name...")
25673 Time and Billing [2017UI] Navigation issue: accessing CRM via URL when "not logged IN" breaks navigation between "Group Items"
25722 Fundraising [2017UI] "Communicate > Add Group to a Mailing List”: when creating a "new" Mailing List, the "Add Mailing List" form hangs on "Saving..." ("ReferenceError: __doPostBack is not defined")
25787 Advertising [2017UI] Organization Profile has incorrect labels for the "Parent Company" / "Primary Contact"

Hotfix 1

Module Description
General ClassicUI List page is not loading more than the first page of records
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