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NF 2017.1

Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1.1

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Issue Number Module Description
12711 eWeb Cannot Apply Coupon as a Credit
13582 Development Toolkit Honor 'nullable' setting when adding a new column from within netFORUM
16181 Accounting System not allowing credit application to a tax line item
17808 Accounting Deferred Discount 100% applied to invoice doesn't create a deferral record.
18542 E-Marketing Using the CuteEditor to Insert a Hyperlink With Corresponding Title Into a Template Containing a Parsed Value Causes the Curly Braces of That Parsed Value to Be HTML Encoded When the Template is Sent
18715 xWeb Missing column alias in WebLoginService method throwing an exception
18770 Payment Processing When processing a refund with Vantiv the orginial payment batch is what is sent to vantiv instead of the refund batch selected in NF
19119 eWeb Eweb_Events_GroupRegistration: Group Registrants list does not have a scroll bar when there are more than 2 registrants, unable to see all registrants
20177 Baseline Reports/Queries Having Purchasing customer on Statement Report instead of Bill-To is problematic.
20194 CRM Gifts are not merging during merge individual process
20487 Certification CEU generation process causing duplicates after editing CEU credit
20829 Fundraising Signed and Installment Pledges- Personalize Schedule Requires Payment Method
20983 Accounting When Product Type and Product Orders Are Set to NULL Installment Payment Amount Gets Set to 0
20992 Framework When doing a lookup there is not add icon on the list page
21019 Accounting The stored procedure ‘ac_deferral_insert_dues_no_proration_100_percent_payment’ includes other batches besides the batch you are trying to process/close
21056 Membership Cannot add Complementary Products when adding a Chapter Membership on iweb.
21193 eWeb eWeb shopping cart alllows check out with incorrect shipping price
21210 Payment Processing Auto Pay system options not working if you have multiple saved payments
21218 Payment Processing Payment Method dropdown does not populate when manually adding customer payment info from child form if using Single Provider
21379 Inventory artial Order Fulfillment Broke (Issue 1: error "Item has already been added"; Issue 2: incorrect items were fulfilled )
21421 Payment Processing Error When Using AuthorizeNet when voiding Credit Card Payment
21474 Accounting Able to apply a discount to a product without regard to deferral settings.
21475 Fundraising When running the recurring gift task and there is one record with invalid account info the all subsequent records after that fail even though the record is not bad
21477 Accounting When a fully recognized, partially paid, and taxed item is returned, the tax line-item is not fully returned.
21485 Payment Processing Credit card payment to Vantiv generating Object reference error
21502 Inventory Unable to fulfill orders when mailing label contains special characters (sql error "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client")
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts
21530 Subscriptions Cannot add issues for a subscription, when you click on the "+" sign nothing happens ("process the click" action is disabled)
21661 Payment Processing SAGE: System not validating we get a token before preauth transaction
21728 Events "Events>Registrants>List Registrants"/ "List Registrants" icon on "Event Profile" page returns no results
21742 Membership Deferral "Start Date" should be set to membership term start date not invoice date
21745 Fundraising Error adding "signed" Pledge (Fundraising module) or donation (eWeb) (with Multi-currency)-"Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.; Input string was not in a correct format."
21749 Admin Processing schedule task cannot be stopped when clicking "Stop Task" link
21782 Inventory Batch Profile>Miscellaneous tab: the "Transaction Date" is incorrect after the "Inventory Transaction" step ("transaction date" = "1/1/1900")
21785 Accounting Multicurrency: When MultiCurrency is enabled, Taxable Deferred membership purchases are not calculating credits appropriately when voided.
21787 Accounting "Project Codes" not getting inserted into ledger table when batch is closed
21793 Accounting "Create Next Installment" process generates the error "The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint..."
21803 Events Error message when adding session to a paid registration "You have a session that requires event registration, please select an event fee."
21814 Events "Product Specific Confirmation"/"Event Registration Confirmation" emails are not being sent for products/events with templates
21829 Accounting Unable to Pre-Process Batch With Write-off on Multicurrency Site (the process stops at 93%)
21852 Events Credit is created for only one line item when an invoice with more than one deferred product is returned cancelled
21857 Membership Membership auto payment using tokenized payment method fails when mdr_first_process_date is in the past (error “invalid credit card number”)
21862 xWeb xWeb performance issue with "getquery"
21877 xWeb Shipping line item added by xWeb is disappearing from eWeb cart
21889 Exhibits Credit from booth transfer becomes unavailable when a transfer is done for an installment exhibitor booth
21897 Accounting Cannot pre-process batch with MultiCurrency enabled if you "return/cancel" an unpaid discounted invoice. Batch freezes at about 89% and records error in error log
21898 CRM Changing "Head of Household" removes Household Primary Address-New Address not Linked
21901 Fundraising After adding Pledge Payment, adding a donation pulls "Bill to Information" of previous Pledge Payment record
21908 Accounting If you apply a 100% non-deferred discount to a deferred product, no deferral record is created however, when the invoice is cancelled it debits the deferred account
21909 eWeb eWeb: Event Registration using specific "Event Demographics" and "Adding Guest", only shows Guest in Cart
21929 CRM Setting "Primary" email with brackets in "comm. preferences" does not send email (e.g. Primary[])
21930 E-Marketing Re-Scheduling an Existing "Call to Action", sends email to Everyone in database
21931 E-Marketing "Call to Action" floods "fw_error_log" table with unnecessary message logging (error "BP07 - read")
21932 Accounting NSF record for a "Check" payment causes the original "closed" payment batch to be unbalanced and assigns NSF transaction to a batch in default BU
21942 Fundraising Recurring gift ugrade/downgrade- an invoice is created and the installment is generated even if it is not yet due. If it is due, the saved payment method is not charged when installment is processed
21960 Membership Membership Not Cancelled After Returning/Canceling Invoice
21984 Accounting Cancelled invoices are still being erroneously included on the “Available for Recognition Report” and the “Revenue Recognized Report”
21987 Accounting Cannot pre-process/close batch with a payment type of "Return". "Progress" freezes at about 25% and records error in error log
21992 xWeb xWeb GetQuery is expecting to receive order by field in requests
22046 Moves Management Moves Status for a customer’s Moves Opportunity is not being updated when the customer’s assignment is closed
22054 CRM New constraint IX_co_customer_x_address throws "Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint" error when adding new individual because the code is not checking for existing record prior to inserting
22058 eWeb Multicurrency: Checkout error “Item currencies must match invoice currency” when adding donation through the "Shopping Cart Wizard" if first product added is of a different Currency
22059 Accounting Multicurrency: Batch gets stuck/freezes at about 84% in "pre-process" when batch has an adjustment made against an invoice that has had some revenue recognized
22063 Accounting Multicurrency: Batch gets stuck in "pre-process" when batch has invoice and payment that has been voided and returned into same batch
N/A Fundraising “Recurring gift task” is failing in QA 20170101
N/A Deploy Tool before/after upgrade scripts possibly not reading line feed or carriage returns appropriately
N/A xWeb Xweb: WebCentralizedShoppingCartGiftFundrasingSetLineItems methods throw exception Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object
N/A Subscriptions Server Exception when adding issues for a subscription using "Issues" button
N/A Accounting Generate Coupon form isn't opening and it is causing problems with the navigation
N/A Framework Global menu messages icon missing
N/A Centralized Order Entry COE_Fundraising: Purchasing a Gift with membership as premium selection logs the error "incorrect syntax near the keyword FROM"
N/A Framework Chrome Only - Child Forms with Multiple Pages of Records are Not Switching Pages
N/A Accounting Individual Profile: Gift Cards Purchased and Gift Cards Redeemed child form does not display in New UI
N/A Accounting Find Coupons group item links redirects to a Server Error page
N/A Fundraising Error When Attempting to Save a Donation with Merchandise Premium Selection
N/A Accounting Accounting_Generate Installment Payments : Payments for "payment orders" are not generated by "Generate Installment Payments" task
N/A CRM Individual memberships childform only displaying a single record when more data is being returned on Individual Profile
N/A Fundraising CRM_Individual Profile_Edit Name and Address: Verify Save button is enable only when ‘on hold’ and ‘on hold from’ are set (on hold flag checked)
N/A eWeb Security Fix: Global.asax updated to handle Internal error due to modification of url variable of aspxerrorpath (Changeset 47048)
N/A Accounting When order is 'installment' type, behind 'Generate next installment' icon the 'add order installment generation' scheduler task is also enabled
N/A Accounting Deferred GLs are not created for defered products
N/A Admin In Task scheduler "Now" button defaults the "Run task daytime" date to next day.
N/A CRM CRM: The validate address pop-out is not displaying the full amount of data provided by the address validator
N/A Centralized Order Entry COE: nowhere to add information for payment
N/A Accounting Accounting_Payment Batch Litle: The (list payment batches) is not displaying any new Batch Headers after running the installment payment and recurring gift tasks

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Module Description
16181 Accounting Restored the ability to apply credit to tax line items.
17808 Accounting Resolve a case in which a deferred 100 percent discount applied to invoice doesn't create a deferral record.
18715 xWeb Missing column alias in WebLoginService method throwing an exception
19189 CRM Corrects an issue in which query security for the Query Individual page did not respect the restrictions of security groups.
20177 Reports "Display the Bill-To customer on the Statement Report instead of the Purchasing customer ."
20194 CRM Gifts are not merging during the Merge Individual process.
21056 Membership Cannot add Complementary Products when adding a Chapter Membership on iWeb.
21193 eWeb eWeb shopping cart allows check out with incorrect shipping price.
21218 Payment Processing "Payment Method drop-down list does not populate when manually adding customer payment information from child form if using Single Provider."
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error Batch not balanced for entity with Intacct Integration and multicompany accounts.
21665 Fundraising The Recurring Gift task is modified to handle a failed commit or rollback without canceling the entire process.
21742 Membership Deferral Start Date should be set to membership term start date, not invoice date.
21745 Fundraising "Correct an issue that caused an error adding signed Pledge (in Fundraising) or donation (eWeb) -Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation; input string was not in a correct format. This issue only occurs with Multicurrency enabled."
21749 Admin Corrects behavior that prevented a scheduled task from being stopped by clicking the Stop Task link.
21782 Inventory Batch Profile>Miscellaneous: the Transaction Date is incorrect after the Inventory Transaction step (transaction date = 1/1/1900).
21787 Accounting Project Codes are not inserted into ledger table when a batch is closed.
21803 Events An invalid error message is encountered when adding a session to a paid registration: You have a session that requires event registration, please select an event fee.
21814 Events Product Specific Confirmation and Event Registration Confirmation emails are not sent for products and events with templates
21829 Accounting Unable to preprocess batch with write-off on multicurrency site.
N/A Toolkit A-Score Workflow rules are not called from Insert/Update/Delete for some facade objects
N/A General Corrects a Google API Mixed Content Error on HTTPS.
N/A Fundraising Corrects an issue that caused an incorrect pledge amount to display on the Constituent Profile page
N/A eWeb Security Fix: Global.asax updated to handle Internal error due to modification of url variable of aspxerrorpath
N/A Advertising The invoices from an insertion order are not created properly.
N/A Accounting Payment Batch: The list of payment batches does not display new batch headers after the installment payment and recurring gift tasks are run.

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