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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.9

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Issue # Module Description
17597 Accounting Cannot close batch due to calculation of split-revenue being partially recognized.
18914 Accounting Invoice message that contains carriage return cannot be selected for a report
19699 xWeb https connection problems with load balancer in place for renew membership and back button from add sponsor
20086 CRM Error is thrown upon changing password using Web Login on Ind Profile if you reenter the start date -Your web account has been disabled
20369 Inventory Disable the "Inventory Transaction" button if there is no Cost of Goods Sold to recognize
20767 Events "Registrant Transfer Wizard": When transferring from one Event to a new Event the "transfer fee" is doubled
21578 Baseline Reports/Queries "Customer Statement" report showing the incorrect "Bill To" customer
21904 eWeb eWeb membership renewal does not display all information and use different layout if membership renewal is linked to a chapter membership
22297 Development Toolkit Parameter set to NVARCHAR(2000) over-loaded with string of less than 700 characters (Stored Procedure "sc_merchandise_list")
22302 Events iWeb: "Event Group Registration Wizard" doesn't capture more than 20 registrants (limit) causing Payment error "This change does not obey the required constraints of the data"(constraint "FK_ev_registrant_ac_invoice_detail")
22477 xWeb netFORUM 2013 Service pack for TLS 1.2 issue with table lock while using shopping-cart
22599 Membership "Error: Payment method is required" generated when an "invalid" Credit Card is used when "adding"/"renewing" membership if "auto-pay membership" is checked
22606 Accounting Accounting Period: "Revenue Recognized" report calculating "Cancels"/"Ending Balance" amounts incorrectly
22652 Accounting Unable to Import Projects from Intacct across Multiple Business Units
22831 Exhibits Sponsor purchase for Exhibits does not send "confirmation email" correspondence
22860 eWeb eWeb (mobile): Render menus dynamically from underlying CMS metadata, rather than hard-coded HTML (ensure a web page is viewed on a "mobile" device same as on a "desktop" browser)
22865 Events "Copy Event": Computed GUID column causes errors "The column X cannot be modified because it is either a computed column or is the result of a UNION operator"
22895 CRM The "co_email_optout.emo_optout_flag" remains checked even if the mailing type is unchecked in the "Individual Communications Preference"
22951 CRM "Contact info > Addresses": "Select address to link" defaults to "individuals address" instead of "null"/"read only"
22960 Centralized Order Entry COE: The "Apply Credit" link is not visible when "Bill to" field does not match "Ship to" field and "Ship to" has no credits
22962 Membership "Def_next_period_recognized" set to the period after "def_arp_key_end" if Membership is purchased for the Current Year
22971 eWeb eWeb_Make a Pledge : Make a pledge from eweb creates an invoice and payment without payment information record
22972 CRM "Failed to load viewstate" error when trying to "add" new telephone number in Organization Profile
22980 CRM "Email to List" function is sending emails to email addresses it shouldn't, which is caused by being able to click the "Send Messages Now!" multiple times
23001 Membership National Membership (with associated Chapter membership) does not update (dates flip, etc) when paying a transferred membership. This occurs when a membership is transferred after already having an open invoice created (such as a renewal)
23011 Centralized Order Entry Error "Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier" is thrown when paying a membership invoice that has a complementary product and "RecognizeRevenueDuringFulFillment" system option is "false"
23014 Events "Export to ASCII/ CSV" does not convert column "names" to column "description"
23019 Payment Processing SAGE Payment Processor: When an ACH payment is made and we try to "refund" payment an error appears "Credit could not be granted on the void: UNABLE TO PROCESS"
23063 Fundraising Fundraising>Gift : Adding a gift to "Gift Batch Entry" displays an error message "Valid Fund Price is not available, Please create a price with this fund."
23070 Fundraising Fundraising>Gift : All left group items /"Navigation menu" expand to "page width" when editing a gift in "Gift Batch Entry"
23073 General Replace the current way we are handling the capture request to use SEVD
23086 xWeb xWeb: "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartOpenInvoiceGet" or "WEBCentralizedShoppingCartMembershipOpenInvoiceGet" discount not populating in "inv_discount"
23089 Accounting Write-off "Account Split" issue during batch "pre-processing" - "Error: The Batch is not balanced"
23096 Accounting Update NFEP Vertex Integration to be on the latest version [code provided by CS]
23107 Accounting "Add Payment": Unchecking "Auto Default" when "Adding Payment" causes Overpayment Credit in addition to payment
23122 Fundraising Fundraising>Gift: when using "Gift Batch Entry", netFORUM seems to "go to" the "Abstract" module after clicking “Continue” to add the Gift to the Batch
23128 Accounting "Fundraising > Add Gift": adding "recurring" gift with "First Invoice On" date in the future does not create "stored payment" info to process future payment
23137 Fundraising Gift Details Task performance to be improved by two new indexes. No behavioral change
23153 Payment Processing Payment_Process: Wrong fields are displayed at "Add Payment Wizard" form for "Check" payment method.
23166 Membership Adding "Installment Payment" Order with "First Payment date" in the future does not create "stored payment" info to process future payment for memberships
23167 Accounting "Collective Dues > Select Invoices to Pay" form: "distribute credit" applying incorrect "credit amount" / does not distribute FULL "credit amount"
23178 CRM Individual Profile: not able to remove / delete designation
23198 Payment Processing GatewayErrorLogger not working properly in a multi-threaded process
23211 CRM Address Correction issues with "Country" field (Occurs with CDYNE and AccuMail) (SO AddressCorrection = AccumailWebServices)
23215 eWeb eWeb: "Tax" rate for specific State (e.g. "DC") does not reflect change after "shipping address" changed on eWeb
23222 CRM AccuMail address validation: validate Address for adding "Suite #" puts the "Suite" in the "City" field (SO AddressCorrection = AccumailWebServices)
23225 Advertising "Add Insertion Order" error from "custom" extension causes form to clear fields/controls
23231 CRM AccuMail address validation: when "linking" an Individual to an Organization issue (SO AddressCorrection = AccumailWebServices)
23232 eWeb eWeb: "Complimentary gifts" page does not display the "donation Purpose"/"donation Amount" when "Purpose"/"Amount" are setup on the "Fund Profile"
23235 Centralized Order Entry "iWeb > COE" form: changing "Ship To Address" after selecting a taxed publication does not update the "Tax"
23274 Centralized Order Entry "Credits applied" are cleared out when you select "terms" invoice and you are paying 100% of the cost with "Credits"
23300 Fundraising "Fundraising > Constituent Profile": Customer "Source Code" cannot be removed from Organization record
23319 COI The page errors out if you try to display a wizard that is pointing to a user control.
23330 Accounting Changing "Project" merchandise PRICE makes Batch unclosable (Batch gets stuck in "close batch" process at 80%, error with constraint "FK_ac_ledger_ac_project1")
23338 Accounting Intacct Integration: "Department" and "Class" dimensions incorrect in "ledger" record when a product is "purchased" and is "NOT paid" and then "returned/canceled" for a product that uses "price override account" for dimensions
23349 CRM CRM: "Audience Counts" appearing as "0" (zero) when list table "joins" contain aliases ("From Table Alias")
23352 Accounting "Add Payment" wizard: when you convert a "proforma" invoice to an "installment billing" invoice, it shows "payment amount" for the first TWO payments even though only the FIRST payment is due
23369 Inventory "Discount" is excluded from the "invoiced order" when multiple products (shippable and non-shippable) are purchased in one Cart with the "RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment" set to “true” and Discount "number of uses" = 1
23396 Fundraising "Highest gift" source (Fund, "dnr_rfm_highest_source") calculations are incorrect and not accurate (the SP "np_rfm_summary_for_history" is overwriting this value)
23408 Membership [NFR] "Transfer Membership" wizard should allow you to "transfer both" CHAPTER and NATIONAL memberships to a NEW MEMBER TYPE
23413 Accounting Performance issue on trm_num_issues_remain_cp
23415 Subscriptions Subscriber Profile: the "renew" button appears on the page when Subscription is "tied (or linked)" to the Membership/ "Membership Renewal"does not include "linked" Subscription
23430 Accounting Deferral records created with incorrect start date and period.
23441 Subscriptions "Subscription Renewal": "invoice terms" are not populating within the invoice/ the renewal invoices are not taking the invoice "batch date" as the "invoice date"
23442 Accounting Sage : if the user incorrectly enters the CVV in an eWeb transaction, netForum will process the PreAuth, but then reject it and rollback the transaction in netForum, but the void of PreAuth will fail, causes duplicate transaction in Sage
23485 Membership "Membership Renewal" task: allows selecting "proforma" and "terms" simultaneously/ does not carry over the "invoice terms" selected
23491 E-Marketing "Call To Action": "Set Parameters" is not working when using a "data source" that has "Ask At Run-Time" parameters
23529 CRM "Combine/Merge Dups": Change Date ("cxa_change_date", "adr_change_date") not updated upon merging Individuals / Organizations
23535 CRM GDPR validation not recognizing "terminated" membership date (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has at least one active individual membership. Must terminate before continuing)
23557 Exhibits "Exhibitor Transfer Wizard": Installment Transfer "payment method" error is displayed
23560 eWeb [NFR] eWeb: Tags and/or attribute in code for "Forgot password" and "change password" pages
23565 CRM "Collective Dues > Select Invoices to Pay" form: "Distributed payment liability..." error upon payment of CD invoice after distributing credits
23567 xWeb Stored Procedure: "ws_exchange_token_new" is missing NOLOCK (table "ws_security")
23573 Accounting Cannot close batch with ITEM having SPLIT-REVENUE accounts, never paid, and returned ("Error: The GL Account is missing")
23593 Fundraising "Query Fundraising Constituents": Can't query correct WealthEngine table (WealthEngine8 integration, "np_wealthengine_data" table)
23617 Fundraising Default "Donor category" not added for Constituents created when a GIFT is inserted from COE (CRM) in iWeb/ eWeb/ or via xWeb
23631 Membership "Transfer Membership" Wizard: when transferring CHAPTER memberships the "Chapter" field does not reflect the NEW "Chapter"
23635 Membership "Transfer Membership" Wizard: cannot set/change the "credit amount" to $0.00 (zero)
23659 Fundraising "Upgrade/Downgrade Pledge": When a user attempts to upgrade or downgrade "recurring gift" order (pledge), an error message displays: "Error: Pledge type is invalid. Must be set to: Signed, Verbal or Installment."
23660 Fundraising "Upgrade/Downgrade Pledge": the "NEXT Installment" should not be processed, when a user attempts to upgrade/downgrade a "verbal" pledge (order type = installment)
23661 Fundraising "Upgrade/Downgrade Pledge": The “first payment date” cannot be changed to be a date any LESS that ONE month from the "current" date [verbal pledge (order type = installment)]
23670 Membership "Subscription Renewal"/ "Membership Renewal": "invoice terms" are not populating within the invoice (SO SubscriptionRenewalMethod = "GroupBySoldToCustomer")

Hotfix 1

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
18406 Baseline Reports/Queries Remove debugging lines from error log Add the Config,DebugMode condition to display the error log messages when the debugMode value is true Changes only code
22147 Membership When a calendar-based membership that is not set up to "prorate" is transferred , netFORUM is automatically prorating the "Credit Amount" and the "Balance Due" Update co_individual_gdpr_validation query in order to validate the end date for a chapter relationship
22257 Grants Grant "distribution amount" not the same as "awarded amount" for additional applicants fund distribution Performance: add and use ixo_rlt_key instead of ixo_rlt_code in joins to rlt_code NOTE: for use, must populate privileges on the new ixo_rlt_key column
22625 xWeb xWeb: GetQuery logs "Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ' and isnull(lsc_order,0)..." error Sum the total ivd amount without include ivd_type as discount
23025 eWeb eWeb: "Shipping method" price being removed from Cart when re-selecting the "Shipping method" The credit amount should no longer reset when the user manually changes it.
23060 Admin Multicurrency: The "Exchange Rate Updater" task: completes with COMPWITHERROR and the system doesn’t insert any "ac_exchange_rate_record"/ calls a WebService that no longer works Added a conditional in order to review the chapter memberships and valid if autopay is checked.
23338 Accounting Intacct Integration: "Department" and "Class" dimensions incorrect in "ledger" record when a product uses "price override account" for dimensions Override dimensions of GL account when the pyd_type is return in payment transactions, avoid to override liability account in a refund transaction. Rollback changes of 117143
23358 Accounting "Collective Dues":  "PaymentsReturnsGenerationTask" not inserting into "ac_return_x_customer" table Change the validation in order to insert a record in ac_return_x_customer to be based on return amount
23366 Baseline Reports/Queries "Revenue Available for Recognition" report: "Write off" payment stays ON and doesn't get removed Multiple problems across both reports ended up being accumulated and causing the problem reported. Multiple fixes on across rpt_ac_deferral_revenue_recognized and av_ac_deferral_def_writeoff_amount_cp fixed the problems.
23439 Membership Proration not calculating correctly when "Dues Period" not matching "Fiscal Period" (SO: CalculateProrationBasedOnDuesPeriod = "false") Using the transaction date to calculate the effective year and add a extra valiation to use the transaction year if effective years is less than the transaction year
23522 xWeb xWeb: Price control is selecting incorrect shipping prices in the method GetShippingSql Add a conditional in the xweb case in order to get a value for inv_total_wieght Using the shelveset that Yoel provided.
23699 CRM GDPR Failing on outstanding "credit", but credit has been "refunded" and "batches have been closed" (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has outstanding Credit.) Update the "Customer has outstanding Credit" GDPR validation for open credits Only script change
23700 CRM GDPR fails on outstanding order, but order has been shipped (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has outstanding Credit. / Customer has fulfillments that have not been shipped.) Delete the Validation that looks at oe_fulfillment (#23) and instead rely on the #7 validation which ensures there are no open Orders. #7 is all we need.
23731 CRM GDPR fails on "End dated" Chapter relationship (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has non-househould relationship to another customer or organization) Update co_individual_gdpr_validation query in order to validate the end date for a chapter relationship
23739 CRM [Performance] Using foreign key constraints on "co_relationship_type.rlt_code" when "rlt_key" is faster Performance: add and use ixo_rlt_key instead of ixo_rlt_code in joins to rlt_code NOTE: for use, must populate privileges on the new ixo_rlt_key column
23754 Accounting Batch Profile: Invoice discounted 100% shows in batch with "batch total" 0.00 (zero) instead of "original invoice amount" Sum the total ivd amount without include ivd_type as discount
23755 Fundraising "Gift > Add Gift" form: unable to set a "tax deductible amount" that is different from a "gift amount" Updated condition in order to avoid updating tax deductible amount when manually set
23780 Membership "Transfer Membership" wizard is creating an invoice with a "balance" when "transfering" National Membership (with associated Chapter membership) and editing "credit amount" and "new price" amount to 0.00 (zero) The credit amount should no longer reset when the user manually changes it.
23808 Fundraising "Edit Fundraising Pledge" form: a pledge’s "solicitor" does not appear/ blank the porblem was that pledge did not load the Solicitor Object to show the text in cs3__cst_sort_name_dn in order to solve the problem I set the szParentForeignKeyColumn with the correct value.
23815 Membership "Membership Renewal Task": "Membership dates" not updated/"payment" not created when the "CHAPTER Membership" is set to be "auto paid" and associated with the "National Membership" which is $0.00 (zero) Added a conditional in order to review the chapter memberships and valid if autopay is checked.

Hotfix 2

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
20716 Payment Processing when you process transactions through eWeb the batch name is going over as the default WEB batch name instead of the batch name that the actual payment was added Verified that the bat_code is set correctly.
21011 Inventory Valued inventory report does not take into account negative adjustments Fixed rpt_oe_valued_inventory SP to consider the newly adjusted quantity.
21660 Payment Processing No error is thrown when a credit card expire date is not formatted in YYYY/MM, due to faulty code that fails to format properly Added a constraint validation to the database for expiration date.
21680 Subscriptions Error "Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type varchar." encountered when running the subscription fulfillment process Updated the datatype for 'sfl_cst_recno' column as ac_recno in the 'su_fulfillment_insert' store procedure.
22152 Inventory "Canceled" Orders are picked up by "Fulfill Processed Orders" (STEP # 2) process Verified that canceled orders are correctly NOT picked up for the fulfill process.
22461 eWeb eWeb: Event fees cannot have both "member"/"non-member" type and "customer attribute 1" as price attributes Added cst_attribute_1 and cst_attribute_2 to the insert of attributes for new member types in the cart.
22833 xWeb netFORUM does not properly handle "pending" "Auth Only" 411411 transaction in Sage Added setting ResponseRepollingDurationMilliseconds, added support for it and included response code 411411 in the repolling validation.
22940 Membership "Membership > Overview > Change Status": "validation error" on "fw error log" once a membership is detected to "change the status" ("An input value... of "36" characters exceeds the max length of "30" characters..on the field "mbs code") Changed the control name of the listbox so it won't try to load a GUID into a text field that is too small.
23007 eWeb eWeb: New user registration allows sign up using an e-mail that is already in the system, email search only searches on "primary" email (SO: DuplicateEmail=Deny) The HTML of Web Content Detail for the Registration Page was modified which also contained SQL in it.
23133 CRM  Baseline update statements causing great amount of database blocking Improved queries that clear customer's primary phone/fax when soft-deleted by adding a parameter.
23192 CRM When an exception is made during the "payment processing" and payment information was not created to the invoice the confirmation email is still sent The problem was that when for some reason there was a rollback at the moment of insert the invoice the email was sent to the customer.
23363 Baseline Reports/Queries Views should allow nullable av flag columns Views av_flag columns may now be listed in md_column table as nullable.
23367 Membership Deferral record "start date" ("ac deferral.def start date") does not match "mb membership x ac invoice.mxi term start date" Deferral record "start date" ("ac deferral.def start date") does not match "mb membership x ac invoice.mxi term start date"
23409 xWeb xWeb: the baseline is setting the list column on the object for the table definition that is on the request and after that the system is adding the alias to the list column Added a conditional in order to detail the error message when the parameters are wrong.
23685 Membership "Transfer membership": transferring a membership triggers CHECK constraint because SP "mb membership transfer new dates" that is returning "wrong dates" when getting new dates/ "Failed to Create Membership Renewal" Updated review date once is got from SP in order to avoid insert invalid data.
23733 Subscriptions "Subscription Fulfillment" task: Is not possible to fulfill a Subscription (multiple prices) when subscribe again to same subscription using a "second price" "Subscription Fulfillment" task: Is not possible to fulfill a Subscription (multiple prices) when subscribe again to same subscription using a "second price"
23832 Baseline Reports/Queries "Customer Statement" displays "Balance Due" for the "cancelled" Event Registration and the "Event Cancellation Fee" as a separate section Modified the stored procedure in order to display the correct values for cancellation registration and invoices with discount, shipping, taxes on the report CustomerStatement.
23848 Fundraising Edit Salutations form: Is not possible update the salutation fields in 2017v in classic and 2017UI "Edit Salutations" form: Is not possible update the salutation fields in 2017v in classic and 2017UI
23854 Fundraising "Add Gift"/"Add a Donation" forms: modifying "gift amount" clears/resets "gift amount" on postback when using "Fund Code" autofill from "Source Code" "Add Gift"/"Add a Donation" forms: modifying "gift amount" clears/resets "gift amount" on postback when using "Fund Code" autofill from "Source Code"
23868 Accounting "Generate Next Installment" process updates "Stored Credit Card" "Expiration Date" to incorrect format (YY/MM) when using "Account Updater" "Generate Next Installment" process updates "Stored Credit Card" "Expiration Date" to incorrect format (YY/MM) when using "Account Updater"
23877 eWeb eWeb: "Invoice Listing" and "Invoice Summary/ Details" does not accurately account for ALL transactions attached (duplicate invoices, missing "-1" invoice suffix) Added cancel quantity to all invoices, my recent invoices and line items child forms. Added type to payment child form.
23927 eWeb [Security] eWeb: "security" module not preventing changing another customer's password eWeb: "security" module not preventing changing another customer's password
23939 Accounting An Exception prevents "saving the payment" in NFE and "Payment Processor" but the "invoice is created" Set last error to error object if the RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillmentIgnoreFailedPayments is false in order to avoid creation of invoice when a previous error happen.
23942 eWeb DataUtils.ParseValues() can go into an infinite loop The are several overloads of the framework\data\DataUtils.cs\ParseValues() function susceptible to looping issues, logic updated.
23968 COI "Request Profile ": COI Scheduled message not created after rescheduling a job for a Request Updated the qhh display messaging jobs flag value before create messaging jobs.
23993 CMS eWeb: Security vulnerability with parsing values in eWeb Verified that the other personal information does not display.

Hotfix 3

Issue # Module Description
18671 eWeb eWeb: "Print Invoice > Invoices with Format eWeb":  empty "red error box" appears on "Report Parameters" pop-up form
19058 CRM Adding "Sponsor Contact" on the "Add - Event Sponsor" form refreshes screen causing "Sponsor fee" and "total amount" to get cleared
19632 Events When editing registrant info from group registration wizard, changes are not saved
21170 Exhibits Expo integration in NF-2015 uses baseline table but it is missing the facade objects to insert and update the tables
21736 Fundraising Tribute Profiles Slow to Load
21884 CRM The "Required" field validation (e.g. "Address line 1 is required") is missing when inserting/maintaining an "international"/"foreign" address (outside the US) (iWeb only)
22194 Membership Membership on Auto-Pay does not receive Payment Confirmation Email during Mass "Membership Renewal" Task
22291 Accounting 1 (one) cent off issue when returning/cancelling last installment on order (cancelled invoice has "invoice total" = $ 0.01)
22646 Fundraising New unpaid "Recurring Gift"- creates a "Gift" Record even if proforma/unpaid when the "First invoice date" is "today's date"
22728 Baseline Reports/Queries "Exhibit Booth Summary Report" does not show "Status" column when exported to .CSV
22853 E-Marketing "Communication Preferences" form: Email optout question / potential problem [There is no record in EMO table and the mailing list is unchecked in iWeb]
22991 E-Marketing "Invoice" "list type" template does not include "Individual" object "fields"
23071 xWeb WEBCentralizedShoppingCartMembershipGetPackageComponentListFromObject is throwing exception: "Column 'prc_price' does not belong to table Table."
23295 CRM "Combine/Merge Dups" error "Multiple controls with the same ID"
23381 Accounting The "inv_trx_date" is being set with "timestamp" when invoice is paid from eWeb
23421 eWeb eWeb: Error "Discount Code 'DiscountCode' already applied" when trying to apply a "Discount" to "existing" Invoice
23443 Accounting Accounting_Sage : Sage "Void" function tries to add blank account info into the vault.  Causes pointless "empty" vault requests for Credit Card. And voiding a netForum Credit fails with "Object Reference" error for ACH; Causes pointless "empty" vault requests for Credit Card.
23506 eWeb eWeb: "Shopping Cart-Open Invoices" page only shows the membership line item when you click "Next/ Add To Cart";  "additional" components line items from the invoice are not shown
23510 eWeb eWeb: eWeb not loading "all line items" from an Invoice into Shopping Cart
23518 CRM "Combine/Merge Dups": Relationship records "hard-deleted" / Address "removed" from "Individual Profile" - upon merging Organizations that are related to an Individual/Organization
23634 Membership "Transfer Membership" Wizard:  the "transaction date" is not auto populating
23647 Accounting "Cost of Goods Sold" report: re-allocating inventory creates an "adjustment" that is showing on the "Cost of Goods Sold" report
23742 Fundraising eWeb: "Quick Donation" form fails when NOT LOGGED IN using "Vantiv" with Gateway "Level 2" enabled ("Error validating xml data against the schema on line 31 Content of element "customerReference" is incomplete")
23782 Membership "Membership Renewal Task" Profile: "Renewal Invoice Batch" clears out once the "Step 1: Get Records Completed" is completed [visual issue only]
23891 COI COI "Request Profile": the "Refresh List" button "deletes" or doesn't update individuals
23935 Subscriptions Subscription "prorate" pricing only works on "first" price
23953 CRM "FileUpload" extension does not work on any object except "Abstract Submission"
23986 Baseline Reports/Queries Accounting Period: "Deferral Revenue Available for Recognition" report  calculating "Beginning Balance"/"Cancels" amounts incorrectly
24030 General [Security] iWeb: Path Traversal Vulnerability on the login process
24091 Membership  When transferring members from "in-state", to "out-of-state", the "district(chapter) expire date" is being advanced 1 year forward (not matching the state(national) expire date).
24110 Fundraising  Editing a gift clears appeal, package, campaign, purpose fields IF corresponding FUND product fields are NULL
24115 CRM Need to override "GetRltKey" method

Hotfix 4

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
20725 Fundraising Fundraising codes (purpose, campaign, appeal, package) are not auto-populating when a Fund code is selected during the Add Pledge process. Added conditionals in order to update the Fundraising codes (purpose, campaign, appeal, package) and populate when Fund code is selected
22180 CRM "Create SQL": Unable to save query if there are "commented out sections" in a query Query Builder form will now allow comments with either "--" or "/* */" syntax.
22368 Inventory "Add - Purchase Order" shows 2 row lines instead of one Delete the StartOnLoad call because it was causing to load twice the row of the grid
22740 eWeb eWeb: "My Contact Information" page text says "checkmark" when it should say "flag" Text change from checkmark to flag.
22774 Subscriptions Issue based Subscription fulfillment when renewing membership that includes subscription I did a basic fulfillment issues
23098 Accounting Project Code issues in GP export N/A
23421 eWeb eWeb: Error "Discount Code 'DiscountCode' already applied" when trying to apply a "Discount" to "existing" Invoice Verify if inv_proforma field was setting with some value("0" or "1") in order to apply the discount if this field is null or empty (it means is a new invoice)
23450 eWeb eWeb/mobile: StartPage.aspx is not responsive on tablet/mobile devices I tested the starPage.aspx with the mobile browser
23611 Accounting COE: Adding Order for a "shippable" product generates the error "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" after "deleting"/"re-adding" a line item(SO: RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment = "true") Added a shippable product in COE deleting and re adding a line item.
23621 E-Marketing eMarketing template: Template built on "Invoice" List type confirmation templates do not parse "ind first name" / Template page "field list" dropdowns misbehaving eMarketing templates built on the "Invoice" List Type now have a "CustomerIndividual" and "BillTocustomerIndividual" entry in the "field list" drop down. The associated fields now show the correct values in when the templates is used.
23717 Exhibits The "pc ex exhibit match booth prices" SProc has deployment script at end Bug 18816: Remove deployment script and move the changes to 'dynamic form control' in order to save the old fix for Bug 64682
23759 Accounting "Batch Profile"/ "Batch Report": some "Project Code" ("led pjt code") are not getting populated when the Batch is "closed" and the "ledger are created" N/A
23816 Events "Event Session" tied to "Fundraising Product" does not set "np gift.gft ivd key" field N/A
23916 Accounting "vw ac invoice detail amount due" update made for "Bug 117766[23352]" introduced performance issues Rollback changes for 117766 since the change was causing performance issues and was not a correct change
24002 Committees "Committee Search > List Committee Participants" form: QuickReport.aspx launched by "Report" button on EMSWizardPage.aspx throws error "HTTP status 404: Not Found" The url being created to call the report was building each segment incorrectly causing it not to pass the correct details.
24014 Membership "Transfer Membership": Subscription "dates" go to NEXT YEAR when "transferring Memberships" with the "same Subscription" Change membership transfer to cancel the existing membership invoice and create the credits first before creating the invoice for the transfer membership.
24014 Accounting "Invoice Profile": "Invoice number" displays an "asterisk"/"required field" when in "Classic Mode" CSS class removed
24049 Centralized Order Entry Unable to purchase "shippable" Merchandise when "Shipping is 'taxed' and using 'invoice totals' " (constraint "FK oe order detail additional oe order detail oda odd key") Fixed how order details and order detail additionals are inserted for shipping tax details. Fixed system so we don't lose applied payment information for shipping tax when the shipping tax is recalculated.
24059 Accounting "No deferral" record created in specific scenario (price is "prorate", dues based in "calendar" and "update dates when : Invoice Created") Update 'ac deferral insert dues no proration invoice created to include if a prorated price (prc prorate flag =1) and does not have 'ivd pro key' value.
24073 CRM Address validation: [Melissa Data AVS] Auto address validation for "Canadian" addresses will remove "Province" and default "Country" to "United States" PageUtils changes to PopulateStateDropdownList and RenderAddressControls
24092 Membership When transferring members from "out-of-state", to "in-state", the "member type" on the record is being changed (downgraded) I tested the transfer membership using proforma.
24101 CRM The "Add Sub-committee" form will not pre-populate the "parent committee" and any further "Add Sub-committee" forms will also not pre-populate the "parent committee" We have created extension to handle parent child relationship because it's not working from Related Object.
24110 Fundraising Editing a gift clears appeal, package, campaign, purpose fields IF corresponding FUND product fields are NULL Avoid to load the information of the fund if we are on edit mode
24139 Membership "Transfer Membership": Transferring a National Membership with a "cancelled" Chapter Membership shows the Chapter Membership Modifying the Membership Transfer Extension to check if the chapter has been cancelled.
24158 CRM Member Transfer invoice amounts calculating incorrectly Additional details added in History field. When system option CreditTransferMebersipBasedOnMonthsUsed is true only membership dues and subscriptions must be re-calculated based in the month used.
24187 Fundraising Apostrophe in "user name" ("usr code") not escaped in stored procedure called after donation checkout (SP 'np rfm summary') Escape out single quote before calling 'np rfm summary'.
24200 Payment Processing Multithreaded Scheduled Task payment performance is throttled for Sage and BluePay by HttpWebRequest concurrent connection limit Previously communications with Sage (Paya) payments (and possibly BluePay) could hit connection bottlenecks when multiple concurrent payments were processed at the same time. Most noticeable in multi-threaded scheduled tasks like Recurring Gifts.
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