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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.5

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Issue Number Description
21297 Household not created if saved with blank relationship rows
20966 Performance Issues w/ PaymentsReturnsGenerationTask
21312 Add Individual Screen - ‘Set as Primary’ check boxes for Business and Home Address need auto postback turned on.
18945 Clicking List does not retain user's Find or Query results
20933 Individual Add with invalid email does not throw error or warning message to user
20981 When adding product to membership package, fundraising products don’t appear in search results

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
21513 Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
21525 Advertising>Create Invoices error: "Cannot create an invoice w/o line items"
21019 The stored procedure ‘ac_deferral_insert_dues_first_year_proration_paid_full’ includes other batches besides the batch you are trying to process/close
21314 Transferring membership with future start and end dates fail due to transfer setting expire date to current year.
20657 Available for Recognition Report and Recognized Revenue Report are incorrectly including cancelled invoices
21575 When generating the "next installment" for a recurring Gift/Pledge through "Task Scheduler>Recurring Gift Task" it is defaulting the "Gift Date" to original Gift/Pledge Date rather than the order "schedule date"
21622 Calling wrong method for CVVResponseCodes (when purchase an event on eWeb, a user will get an error "Credit Card Verification Value does not match.")
N/A Force 'P' response code setting for Sage in Payment Processing code

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Module Description
21305 Accounting Values that use Decimal4 datatype are rounding to 2 decimal points within the application unexpectedly
21235 Fundraising Upgrade/Downgrade Recurring Gifts- can't select batch or first payment date, invoice is not proforma
21665 Fundraising Modify Recurring Gift Task to handle failed commit/rollback without cancelling the entire process
21602 Accounting Sage payment processor timeout error ocurrs when processing recurring gifts using multi-threaded
21666 Fundraising Resolve Performance Issue introduced in Recurring Gift Task by bug fix 80632: SelectByDataRow on the pledge object takes long time

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Module Description
21265 Fundraising New Unpaid Recurring Gift- Creates a "Gift" Record even if proforma/unpaid
21256 Fundraising Recurring Gift Upgrade Downgrade- installment schedule incorrect
21740 Accounting MasterCard new BIN Range support 222100-272099

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Module Description
20653 Advertising Voiding an advertising invoice that contains a base rate and discount, system only sets the aod_delete_flag on the product and NULL the aod_ivd_key. Check Insertion order profile/order Info tab/details child form, discount remains listed.
21084 COE Unable to Apply Credit in COE if Ship To customer has no credit available (line item grid not updating)
21685 Payment Processing The selected "Payment Method" is overwritten when renewing the membership that has "auto-pay membership" with a stored Credit Card

Hotfix 7

Issue Number Module Description
21337 E-Marketing Going to a product reference under templates takes you to a blank form
21482 Development Toolkit When a workflow is setup to send an email upon update email is never sent.
21601 Membership Adding membership fails when "System Option" > "SyncChapterAndSubscriptionDatesWithNational" is set to "True" and subscription is purchased with membership
21632 Fundraising The system hides the Individual record (in CRM) but NOT the Constituent record (in Fundraising) after merge

Hotfix 8

Issue Number Module Description
18542 E-Marketing Using the CuteEditor to Insert a Hyperlink With Corresponding Title Into a Template Containing a Parsed Value Causes the Curly Braces of That Parsed Value to Be HTML Encoded When the Template is Sent
20194 CRM Gifts are not merging during merge individual process
21749 Admin Processing schedule task cannot be stopped when clicking "Stop Task" link

Hotfix 9

Issue Number Module Description
20829 Fundraising Signed and Installment Pledges- Personalize Schedule Requires Payment Method
21745 Fundraising Error adding "signed" Pledge (Fundraising module) or donation (eWeb) (with Multi-currency)-"Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.; Input string was not in a correct format."
21829 Accounting Unable to Pre-Process Batch With Write-off on Multicurrency Site (the process stops at 93%)
21782 Inventory Batch Profile>Miscellaneous tab: the "Transaction Date" is incorrect after the "Inventory Transaction" step ("transaction date" = "1/1/1900")
21210 Accounting Auto Pay system options not working if you have multiple saved payments
21787 Accounting Project Codes" not getting inserted into ledger table when batch is closed
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts

Hotfix 10

Issue Number Module Description
20177 Reports Having Purchasing customer on Statement Report instead of Bill-To is problematic.
21056 CRM Cannot add Complementary Products when adding a Chapter Membership on iweb.
21379 Inventory Partial Order Fullfillment Broke (error "Item has already been added")

Hotfix 11

Issue Number Module Description
17808 Accounting Deferred Discount 100% applied to invoice doesn't create a deferral record.
21814 Events Product Specific Confirmation/"Event Registration Confirmation" emails are not being sent for products/events with templates
21862 xWeb xWeb performance issue with "getquery"
N/A Accounting Accounting_Payment Batch Litle: The (list payment batches) is not displaying any new Batch Headers after running the installment payment and recurring gift tasks

Hotfix 12

Issue Number Module Description
21218 Accounting Payment Method dropdown does not populate when manually adding customer payment info from child form if using Single Provider
21661 Payment Processing SAGE: System not validating we get a token before preauth transaction
21897 Accounting Cannot pre-process batch with MultiCurrency enabled if you "return/cancel" an unpaid discounted invoice. Batch freezes at about 89% and records error in error log
21930 E-Marketing Re-Scheduling an Existing "Call to Action", sends email to Everyone in database
21931 E-Marketing Call to Action floods "fw_error_log" table with unnecessary message logging (error "BP07 - read")

Hotfix 13

Issue Number Module Description
21477 Accounting When a fully recognized, partially paid, and taxed item is returned, the tax line-item is not fully returned.
21932 Accounting NSF record for a "Check" payment causes the original "closed" payment batch to be unbalanced and assigns NSF transaction to a batch in default BU
21942 Fundraising Recurring gift upgrade/downgrade- an invoice is created and the installment is generated even if it is not yet due. If it is due, the saved payment method is not charged when installment is processed

Hotfix 14

Issue Number Module Description
21793 Accounting "Create Next Installment" process generates the error "The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint..."
21898 CRM Changing "Head of Household" removes Household Primary Address-New Address not Linked
21987 Accounting Cannot pre-process/close batch with a payment type of "Return". "Progress" freezes at about 25% and records error in error log

Hotfix 15

Issue Number Module Description
21785 Accounting Multicurrency: When MultiCurrency is enabled, Taxable Deferred membership purchases are not calculating credits appropriately when voided.
22059 Accounting Multicurrency: Batch gets stuck/freezes at about 84% in "pre-process" when batch has an adjustment made against an invoice that has had some revenue recognized
22063 Accounting Multicurrency: Batch gets stuck in "pre-process" when batch has invoice and payment that has been voided and returned into same batch

Hotfix 16

Issue Number Module Description
21485 Accounting Credit card payment to Vantiv generating Object reference error
21852 Events Credit is created for only one line item when an invoice with more than one deferred product
21960 Membership Membership Not Cancelled After Returning/Canceling Invoice
21984 Accounting Cancelled invoices are still being erroneously included on the “Available for Recognition Report” and the “Revenue Recognized Report”
N/A Admin In Task scheduler "Now" button defaults the "Run task daytime" date to next day.

Hotfix 17

Issue Number Module Description
22116 Accounting Exception error is thrown after we preprocess a batch with a "return/cancelled" deferred invoice that has been written off ("Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types")

Hotfix 18

Issue Number Module Description
21796 Fundraising Recurring Installment Generation Task
22058 eWeb Multicurrency: Checkout error “Item currencies must match invoice currency” when adding donation through the "Shopping Cart Wizard" if first product added is of a different Currency
N/A eWeb Upgrade - eWeb Performance

Hotfix 19

Issue Number Module Description
21728 Events Events>Registrants>List Registrants/ "List Registrants" icon on "Event Profile" page returns no results
21734 Accounting netFORUM not checking case of letter for CVV check from Sage.
21901 Fundraising After adding Pledge Payment, adding a donation pulls "Bill to Information" of previous Pledge Payment record
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