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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.4

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Issue Number Description
4379 Linked fax numbers are not deleted when deleting owner's fax number
16584 unselect checkbox in Delete Proforma task is not unselecting line items
16789 Invoices still remain on the Revenue Available for Recognition and Revenue Recognized report even after they have been cancelled.
18061 Change spelling of sub category/sub categories to subcategory/subcategories on areas of expertise forms in iweb and eweb
19006 Bug: Gift thank you email not sent out when an invoice with a fundraising product is paid on eWeb.
19104 Pledge Installment Gift Date Should Not Default to System Date
19624 Unable to copy misc product
19826 When adding a cancellation fee that is a percentage of the event fee and a discount is applied to the event the system does not calculate the correct credit amount
19844 Closing a batch does not gray out effective date for Membership
20029 Printing Pop up windows are transparent against parent window
20208 LowestPriceOnly Set to True causes issues with purchasing non member price
20297 Sage Payment processor where an invalid credit card is always returned as “Valid”
20700 Cannot cancel a single registration line item
20855 On Add Purchase Order, warehouse drop down doesn’t populate for first product selected
12667 Dropdown list does not refresh after updating favorites
18447 Xweb (Shopping Cart Processing) Response Validation Errors
19121 sending a communicate from the certification module, freezes the certificant profile
19360 Edit Misc Product Line Item in COE Doesn't Default Debit/Credit Field
20181 AR Aging Report and report “Invoices with Balance Due” Export to CSV fails to export correct invoice total
20216 The system option EnableMembRenewalBillToPrvInvoice is not functioning the way it is supposed to.
20246 The fundraising package dropdown is not properly handled when choosing a fund on the add gift screen
20288 When changes are made to an eweb form this is not reflected right away. The app pool has to be recycled first
20377 Soft Credits don't retain originating gift's source code
20459 Cannot add batch when multiple business units exist - getting error message
20488 Password Reset in iWeb not working correctly
20595 Event registration/capacity counts are incorrectly calculated for golf/dinner event registrations
20623 Goto Arrow Redirects to Fundraising Module from invoice on Chapter Profile
20626 Editing address from addresses child form by highlighting address then typing over it and then tabbing causes progress circle to keep spinning and record can’t be saved
20653 voiding an advertising invoice that contains a base rate and a discount, the system only sets the aod_delete_flag on the product
20662 Upgrade/Downgrade Recurring Gift Issues
20701 On eWeb, clicking apply discount redirects to baseline webcode instead of custom webcode
20756 When a track fee has 2 or more prices the fee will not load when edited from the track fees child form.
20830 some Foreign Key constraints missing from baseline schema tables
20982 Installment payment schedule is not calculated after adjustment
21182 Committee Communicate funtion does not send email body if manaully typed in
19706 Cannot Close Products Popup
20142 Baseline Bug Related to Checkboxes & the Read Only Condition
19393 Edit Registration Fees form is blank
See also 2015.1.4 Performance Enhancements and netFORUM Enterprise SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
21204 Credit misapplied when applying credit to invoice with tax
20264 In the Fundraising module (Constituent Profile), any secondary phone numbers will default to Primary when added. This does not happen in CRM.
20932 Event registrant cannot be added to the shopping cart in xWeb
20919 WEBCentralizedShoppingCartAddEventRegistrantGroup is not working for 18 registrations or more
21070 When trying to add an installment to an existing proforma invoice using InsertFacadeObject in xWeb an error is thrown “Object reference not set to an instance of an object
21197 Exception thrown when generating next installment with $0 tax and discount line items
21236 Pledge Upgrade/Downgrade- Adjusted Pledge has incorrect balance
21242 Creating installments with a discount leaves a negative amount due after last installment is generated
N/A Membership_MemberProfile: edit membership form does not execute first postback, second trigger for the postback is needed
N/A The error "divide by zero encountered" is being logged when trying to create an order with Installment Payment with a Tax of 0%

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
19458 [19458 HF 2015] Membership Mass Replace function error in 2015
20935 [20935 HF 2015] Cannot process installment payments with a custom ivd-ext-field that does not exist in odd-ext-table (which is not required)
20919 [20919 HF 2014] WEBCentralizedShoppingCartAddEventRegistrantGroup is not working for 18 registrations or more
20578 [20578 HF 2015] When an item on a discounted order is backordered, the discount is not applied to the backordered part of the order during fulfillment.
21246 [21246 HF 2015] Framework doesn’t consider the latest state of control when we submit form. This behavior is observed across all the forms.
21252 [21252 HF 2015] Merge Fails for Constituent records when not all fields are merged

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
21026 vw_oe_order_detail_schedule view causing performance problems
21067 Mass renewal for installment order fails "invalid customer key"
20739 The formatting for Invoice with Format no longer has the correct spacing in the middle. The lower "detach here" portion should be able to fit in an envelope but now is over 1/3 of the page. Occurs in both PDF & Word. Fine in 2013.
20971 Eweb has open connection issue
20410 WealthEngine integration failing for some DOB.
18692 AR/Aging report displays paid items from previous years
N/A Gift Card and Certificate Sale and Redemption

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
20761 Fundraising confirmation templates no longer parse ind_first_name
20987 Invisible conditions do not work on ind_deceased_flag control on individual profile form

Hotfix 5

Issue Number Description
21395 Recurring Gifts is defaulting Gift date to original Pledge date
N/A option to Enable/Disable querystring/cookie validation

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Description
20739 The formatting for Invoice with Format no longer has the correct spacing in the middle (several line items)
20444 Send credit card CVV to Sage SPS

Hotfix 7

Issue Number Description
21021 CC Donation - Order Detail issue- Bill to customer missing
N/A Deferral records are not created for the renewal membership
21284 Deferral start date missing on member renewal

Hotfix 8

Issue Number Description
21622 Calling wrong method for CVVResponseCodes
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