Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
19904 InstallmentBilling class cannot be used to create an extension

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
19438 Transfer gift process is not creating a credit for the amount of the original gift

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
19954 Credit created but not charged in vantiv for invalid card

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
17557 Existing Divs not Selectable in Form Designer
20048 Revenue Available for Recognition Report does not render from Period Profile or Reports Module - blank popup received after clicking Go. This needs to be included in the 'urgent hotfix bucket.

Hotfix 5

Issue Number Description
20000 Duplicate ac_customer_payment_info records created

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Description
19855 Call to Action is adding extra URL info before all links in templates       
20043 Framework doesn’t consider the latest state of control when we submit form  
20061 Bug in CalculateProration in mb_membership   
20076 Auto-Pay system options not working for installment payment task
20282 Issue with cancelling invoice line item    
20343 Need the OrderDetail class unsealed
20345 Need extender table added for baseline table

Hotfix 7

Issue Number Description
20447 OE.price class is not Public
20345 Need extender table added for baseline table
20128 Add Subscription form product code lookup not filtering results as expected
20282 Issue with cancelling invoice line item
20095 Have an invoice with pending financial obligations
20146 Bug related to transferring Ivd_ext fields to the invoice created via an order
19817 COE: discount disappears when source code is added

Hotfix 8

Issue Number Description
18692 AR/Aging report displays paid items from previous years
18406 Remove debugging lines from error log

Hotfix 9

Issue Number Description
16584 unselect checkbox in Delete Proforma task is not unselecting line items
20583 On a membership package, 4 payments, quarterly; after the last invoice is paid on the Order profile, order detail childform shows an Amount Left
18823 md_report_request table no longer receives data
19782 When you enter an unpaid one-time pledge (signed or verbal), you can select the # of installments = 1. When you go to the Order profile, the "generate next installment" icon is not greyed out, so possible to generate another installment.
20143 If a report that prompts the user for input parameters and if any parameters are have the control class of 'DateTextBox', the report cannot be run in eWeb. A 'general error' is displayed and an error is recorded in the error-log.

Hotfix 10

Issue Number Description
20669 Credit Card Issue For PaymentBatchTask
20280 Vantiv Automatic Account Updater AAU failure - Length cannot be less than zero for Substring
20068 All pages within a section that has default content will not load when the "exclude site defaults" option is checked.

Hotfix 11

Issue Number Description
20190 Membership is not renewed correctly when it is related to a gift membership
20577 subscriber ivd_cst_key is overwritten by organization cst_key in COE.
20365 GetChangedOrganizationKeys unexpectedly changed schema, causing MF org sync to fail - 2015
20776 The "Update CPI Payment Task" is not capturing or updating all data from prior installment task for payment failures

Hotfix 12

Issue Number Description
20760 Recalculating Installment Payment Amounts For Orders With Two or More Line Items After First Payment Has Been Made Results In Incorrect Balances On Summary Child Form
19820 Custom Gift object not instantiated in Installment Billing
20704 Auto-Renew not picking up vaulted payments for auto renew
20755 Number of Installments displays as one less than actual number, disrupts ability to change payment dates
20812 Fundraising Tax Letter- from Constituent Profile- no customer key

Hotfix 13

Issue Number Description
19821 Gifts created from Installment Billing don't carry all the values setup in the pledge. Extender fields are not copied.
20660 Unable to make payments or generate next installment when the user upgrades/downgrades the verbal pledge amount after the first installment is generated
20662 The Upgrade/Downgrade Pledge functionality is not working properly for Recurring Gifts.
20904 No Mailing Label/Unable to edit Address/Contact Info- Household Constituent Profile
20912 vw_np_constituent_summary- recurring gift flag remains if order is closed
20890 Installment that has mutliple discounted items, last installment invoice is incorrect and still shows amount left.
20518 Error is thrown in the error logs when adding merchandise in COE

Hotfix 14

Issue Number Description
20755 Number of Installments displays as one less than the actual number, disrupts ability to change payment dates
12703 Discount products restricted to products and prices that are end-dated do not get checked, allowing the discount to be applied to any product

Hotfix 15

Issue Number Description
19999 Can't edit funds with multiple premium picks or campaigns
20618 Funds are going to Default BU and not assigned BU, which means that the money are going to the wrong merchant account as well
20928 Framework doesn’t get the country selected when there was a previous page validation failed

Hotfix 16

Issue Number Description
New Feature Gift Card and Certificate Sale and Redemption

Hotfix 17

Issue Number Description
21246 Framework doesn’t consider the latest state of control when we submit form. This behavior is observed across all the forms.
21070 When trying to add an installment to an existing proforma invoice using InsertFacadeObject in xWeb an error is thrown “Object reference not set to an instance of an object
20578 When an item on a discounted order is backordered, the discount is not applied to the backordered part of the order during fulfillment
20935 Cannot process installment payments with a custom ivd-ext-field that does not exist in odd-ext-table (which is not required)
21197 Exception thrown when generating next installment with $0 tax and discount line items

Hotfix 18

Issue Number Description
N/A Membership_MemberProfile: edit membership form does not execute first postback, second trigger for the postback is needed
20932 Event registrant cannot be added to the shopping cart in xWeb.
20919 WEBCentralizedShoppingCartAddEventRegistrantGroup is not working for 18 registrations or more
N/A Typo in GetValue method

Hotfix 19

Issue Number Description
19104 Pledge Installment Gift Date Should Not Default to System Date
20262 Quick event registration throws an error when trying to add fee. "Number of registrants cannot exceed the number of available registrations"

Hotfix 20

Issue Number Description
18692 AR/Aging report displays paid items from previous years
21067 Mass renewal for installment order fails "invalid customer key"
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