Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.2

Issue Number Description
12466 [12466] - Doesn't update the linked chapter record's status upon the mass drop.
12952 [12952] Getting an error when running Abandoned Shopping Cart Report "An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
18092 [18092] - CRM Committee Quick Report Error
18189 [18189] For scheduling tasks, the Now button by run task datetime points to computer time, not server time.
19037 [19037] Installment Billing baseline code is sealed so we cannot use it
19038 [19038] Order entry code cannot be overridden to create customization
19166 [19166 HF 2015] Order Entry leaving open connections
19383 [19383 HF 2014] Performance problems loading pledge profile
19468 [19468] - not all social links saving from eWeb form
19539 [19539] Missing Window Header on custom form
19540 19540 Overlapping text and indentation issues
19542 ovelapping field - edit chapter memb. windows
19543 19543 Overlapping Text when Editing Membership
19544 19544 Text not aligned when editing Individual Address
19545 19545 Text not aligned on Invoice Profile
19546 [19546 HF 2015] eWeb Contact Request - Request Org Change form does not send customer email.
19582 [19582] $1 vantiv Pre-Authorization not reversing with installment payment feature
19593 [19593 HF 2015] column qhh_purpose doesn’t exist in the table co_questionnaire_request_header
19617 [19617] Cannot edit price record when price has account splits
19732 [19732] Clicking on constituent name hyperlink in Gift Profile takes you to web user profile
19753 [19753] Membership update baseline bug
19836 [19836] the batch total field is not visible
19406 [19406] Wrong items loaded into the shopping cart after login
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