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NF 2015.1 SP4 and Hotfixes - also see What's New in netFORUM 2015.1.4 for an overview of enhancements in this service pack, and 2015.1.4 Performance Enhancements.
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Below are all resolved issues and enhancements in version 2015.1.19

The following list contains customer-reported issues that were fixed in netFORUM 2015.1.19 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.
Netsuite ID Product Area Description
26145 Accounting When you purchase any product through eWeb using a credit card, and later if you edit the credit card payment details on the Edit Payment form in iWeb, the Batch field on the Edit Payment form now auto-populates the batch ("WEB" batch) which was selected during purchase.
25809 Accounting Voiding the Finance Charge for an installment order now only voids the invoice related to the finance charge and not the whole order.
26382 Accounting While the EnableMulticurrency system option is turned ON, if a proforma invoice is converted to installment payment and the payment for the installments are made, then the Line Items and Payments child forms will not duplicate line items on the Invoice profile in their respective tabs.
26274 Accounting When the Revenue Recognition Process is triggered on the Accounting Period profile, the Misc Transaction processing now populates an error, if any occurred during processing in the database.
26609 Accounting While EnableMulticurrency system option turned ON, if you convert a proforma invoice into installment payments, the line items and payments are not duplicated now. Also, the related batch now gets balanced and closed successfully with required ledger entries inserted in the system.
26512 Accounting On the Accounting > Payment > Add Payment wizard, if you clear the Auto Default check box and update the Payment Amount with value greater than or equal to 1000, the system now retains the updated values in the Payment Amount field.
26481 Centralized Order Entry On the COE form, when adding a bundle product containing certification and exam with discount applied, the system now handles and displays the bundle components with discount properly as per the setup done initially.
26589 CRM The Addresses child form on the profile now reflects the latest change when updating an existing address record with the billing address check box as checked.
26467 Events The Event Statistics Report now displays the correct data for the report.
22392 eWeb On eWeb, if you are registered for an event and try to register again for the same event then the system now displays a duplicate warning message stating ‘Warning! You have already registered for this event. Are you sure you want to continue?’.
26515 eWeb On eWeb, when a user attempts to purchase a product with auto-apply discount, the system now displays the Cardholder's name and Expiration date on the Shopping Cart | Confirm your order page and the order gets submitted successfully.
26427 eWeb eWeb Security Update: The eWeb logout.aspx page will not redirect to any website when the eWeb user is logged out.
26452 Inventory When purchasing a Bundle product containing Certification Program and Exam (Exam is not associated to any course) being the bundle components, the system now adds the bundle product to the line items field without error.
26043 Membership A membership record is now being fetched by the Membership Mass Renewal Task for renewal even after the initially renewed installment order(s) and related invoice(s) were voided.
25956 Membership If you update a previously prepaid membership to select the auto-pay membership option with a payment method attached also update it to renew by installment, and later when you run the Membership Renewal task, the system now updates the Order-Installment Profile with the auto-pay installments flag and displays the payment method attached to the membership.
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