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NF 2015.1 SP4 and Hotfixes - also see What's New in netFORUM 2015.1.4 for an overview of enhancements in this service pack, and 2015.1.4 Performance Enhancements.
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Below are all resolved issues and enhancements in version 2015.1.18

Integration Security Enhancement:
 To enhance the security of Integrations in NetForum, a new Integration Setting field PasswordRules has being introduced in the Integration Settings child form of the Integration profile. This PasswordRules field applies to every integration type having Password or ClientSecret fields in their Integration Settings child form. The PasswordRules field allows the admin to set minimum password requirements for setting a strong password for the Integration type. When a staff user enters a new password (not following the required password criteria set) in the password field, a validation error gets generated asking the user to follow the required password criteria for setting a password for the Integration type. Refer IntegrationSettings: PasswordRules topic for details.

Resolved Issues
The following list contains customer-reported issues that were fixed in netFORUM 2015.1.18 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.
Netsuite ID Product Area Description
24940 Accounting Partially returning an order with a quantity of two or more will now return the sales tax proportionally to quantity returned rather than a full refund of all sales tax.
25914 Accounting Intacct Integration: when you return an unpaid invoice, the Ledger Entries For Batch child form on the Ledger tab of the Batch profile now reflects proper Location/Department/Class codes for both credit and debit accounts.
22414 Baseline Reports/Queries If you use available credits for making a payment towards an invoice, then the system will now display Paid by Credit on MM/DD/YYYY (the date of the transaction) on the Invoice Report as a payment method used.
25991 Centralized Order Entry netFORUM now allows you to add multiple group registrations to an invoice without removing the existing group registration line item from the cart.
26337 CRM Group1 address validation URL has been updated in netFORUM code and the same now reflects in Group1Endpoint System Option.
25710 CRM In the Query - Individual form, when creating SQL query, using the Query - Ask At Run-Time Values section if you use two date fields and input two separate dates, then the query will return the results for those two specified dates.
25345 CRM When the non-primary email address of an individual is added to a mailing list and later a correspondence is sent to the mailing list through the Marketing Wizard, the individual now receives the correspondence to its non-primary email address ( as per mailing list) and a communication record gets added in the Correspondence tab > Communications child form.
26469 CRM While resetting the Web login password for the primary contact of an organization, now the org primary contact flag will not clear out on the Individuals child form of an organization profile.
26165 CRM In Query Builder Tool, when you edit a subquery in the Sub-Query Builder form with Use Column selected, the system will now allow you to go back through Sub-Query Builder to modify prior conditions and the updated changes will get saved properly.
25920 CRM When you add a new organization to a profile in eWeb, the organization name will now populate in the Mailing label field on the Individual profile in iWeb.
26296 E-Marketing With the system option DuplicateEmail set to Deny, the Prospect Import Wizard will not generate Conversion failed error when processing the duplicate email validation and terminates the import. All duplicate emails will get listed in the Attempted transfers - records duplicated child form in the Prospect List form once the processing of record in completed.
25863 Events Corrected a character limit issue. Event Sponsor fees now populate the Payment Amount correctly on the Add – Event Sponsor form.
26298 Fundraising On the WeathEngine child form under the Fundraising > Constituent > Constituent Profile > Major Giving tab, when you try to connect Wealth Engine to update Wealth Engine data in netFORUM, system now fetches Wealth Engine Data in netFORUM without generating the object reference error.
26396 Fundraising On a Constituent Profile > Major Giving > Wealthengine child form, the P2G SCORE column on the Wealthengine child form now populates the correct value that matches with the score on the WealthEngine site.
25789 General In the Chrome browser, NetForum causing browser warning because of cookie re-classification has been fixed by introducing the SameSite attribute in the web config file.
26315 Inventory If there are multiple discounts set to be auto-applied for events, and later an individual registers for a deferred event, the system now auto-applies the correct discount price related to the deferred event set initially.
23543 Inventory Tax amount now applies correctly for a downloadable taxable product in iWeb.
26252 Payment Processing The error handling ability in netFORUM has been improved, which now also captures more information relating to why payment processing error occurred during the transaction with BluePay in the gtl_response column in the database instead of only getting an Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.
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