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NF 2015.1 SP4 and Hotfixes - also see What's New in netFORUM 2015.1.4 for an overview of enhancements in this service pack, and 2015.1.4 Performance Enhancements.
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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.16

Resolved Issues
The following list contains customer-reported issues that were fixed in netFORUM 2015.1.16 service pack. The Netsuite issue number is included for your reference.
Netsuite ID Product Area Description
25346 Accounting Performance update for loading the Add Payment form in the Installment Payment Order Profile.
25684 Accounting When using split accounts on a product and Multicurrency configured, the system now allows the Batch close process to complete without a batch balancing error and the amount gets rounded off correctly.
25835 Accounting For Membership Renewal, when purchasing a membership using a Credit Card with autopay membership applied, and later renewing the membership with an ACH payment, the Invoice and the Payment profile will now display the ACH transaction details and not the stored payment details.
25519 Accounting For Intacct Integration, the Ledger entries in the Ledger child form of the Batch profile will reflect correct Location/Department/Class dimensions, when a product is purchased and is not paid and then written off for a product that uses price override account for dimensions.
25824 Admin The co_ascore_scale_task (Scale Score Generation) scheduled task will not create duplicate child tasks for a given scale/month.
24281 Baseline Reports/Queries The Email Invoices Report task now gets scheduled and an invoice will be sent to all Individuals with invoices in the specified batch.
21737 Baseline Reports/Queries For Organization profile, if Invoices child form has multiple line items with Bill To organization name being same or different, then while generating customer statement report, all invoices will now appear on the same customer statement.
25940 Centralized Order Entry While purchasing a product, now you will be able to add more than one discount program coupons at a time.
25626 CRM For Organization profile, the parent relationship functionality for Related Organizations under the Relations tab is working as expected.
25908 E-Marketing For List Results > Communications > Email To This ListCommunicationPage.aspx file in SSMS now sets the cca_cct_key (Correspondence Template Key) when Emails are sent.
24994 Events When adding a location to an event, the Add - Events Location form will now display the same event title for which you are adding location.
25376 Events When an event is added to the Outlook calendar, the Outlook appointment calendar now displays the correct time. This also accounts for Daylight Savings Time.
25946 eWeb In the My Email Addresses section of eWeb, the primary Email flag in the Edit - Email form is set as read only and this email cannot be deleted from eWeb. If User wishes to change this Email to a non-primary email, they must add or edit another Email address and select the Primary check box to set it as a primary.
25909 Fundraising When the user makes a payment for a Fundraising Pledge Installment from eWeb, the Constituent total now gets updated accordingly on the Constituent Profile.
22559 Fundraising When you create a signed pledge using installment schedule payment option, and later write off the remaining scheduled payment, then the system will update the payment amounts correctly on the Constituent and Pledge profile with no balance remaining.
25678 Membership On the Transfer Membership form, when a calendar-based membership which is set up to prorate, is transferred, then netFORUM will automatically prorate the credit amount and new membership package amount. And, on the membership Invoices child form, the term start date will be set based on membership transferred month.
25491 Payment Processing While EnableMulticurrency system option turned ON, the stored payment drop-down on the COE form will only show stored payment methods whose currency matches the invoice currency. The Payment drop-down will filter the payment options based on the invoice currency.
25919 Payment Processing On the Mass Apply Organization Payments form available in Organization profile, you will now be able to add mass payment using PayPal or Litle Payment Processor and the related Payment will be processed successfully.

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