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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.15

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Service Pack 15

Issue # Module Description
25057 Accounting Ledger entries on Batch profile for Invoice transaction type line items for chosen GL account type displays the project key which has been set for Price of the product.
25688 Accounting When a payment is made using Authorize Net Vault payment method, the payment gets complete, and in SSMS, AuthorizeNetVaultProcessor creates cpi (ac_customer_payment_info) record and store the vault account "ac_payment_info.pin_vault_account".
25428 Accounting When you pay off an installment payment Order in full, the Order Closed flag will set to Yes in the Order profile page.
24649 Accounting Once a discounted membership is paid and its deferral is generated, a deferral for the remaining portion of the discount that was consumed should be generated as well.
25585 Accounting The Credit Card/ACH transactions processed in batch mode by a Scheduled task will be voided if netForum encounters an error while recording the payment.
24686 Accounting Performance update for executing period revenue recognition process.
18978 CMS Blank favicon url and unselected enable ajax? check box on the Edit-Web Site page will not do an additional get request in Fiddler. One Get Request and one Get Response record will be displayed in Fiddler.
25518 CRM If you use Create SQL/Modify SQL to customize a query for Address Correction of individuals, it will only pick results applicable to the user defined query and not all individuals for address correction.
23906 CRM Virtual Earth map/icon is updated to latest version.
25758 CRM A-Score Customer Action Type task gets successfully completed when {CurrentDate} is set in the Workflow Rule.
25181 CRM The E-mail optout child form will not display previously opted out records, if Mailing List is set to Undecided option in the Mailing Type from Opt-out option.
20624 CRM Phone and Fax numbers will be masked while saving the record with parentheses and hyphens.
25156 Development Toolkit In Workflow Designer, you will be able to create Web Service workflow tasks with all the required options available.
25457 E-Marketing Even if the Windows Service is not privileged to access event logs, Call To Action gets proceeded and sends templates to customer returned in query.
20300 E-Marketing If a Scheduled Call To Action is deleted, then no emails will be sent after the scheduled time passes.
25664 E-Marketing When an eMarketing template with an image is exported to Individuals in the Word file, the image will be displayed in the downloaded word file.
25807 Events For Event Registrant Profile, Cancellation, Refund or additional transfers are working as expected for an event registration if the registrant was already transferred within the event. The Registration invoice line items will be displayed to allow for cancellation.
24369 eWeb The system unsets the ReadOnly property after a read only address is saved and the system will not affect other sessions ability to edit or add addresses. That is, if an individual does not have address linked with organization, then Address fields on Edit page (billing address) will be in editable mode.
25262 eWeb If the user clicks edit for an address in the eWeb checkout, the address fields will be available for editing.
25672 Fundraising When adding a FAX number in the Contact Info of Constituent Organization profile, the FAX number will be saved without SQL error.
25619 Fundraising While editing a Soft Credit record in Gift profile, if you Delete or select the hide/disable record? checkbox for the Soft Credit record then the record will not be included in the Soft Credits child form.
25575 Fundraising Add Payment button is visible on the Pledge profile for ALL pledge types (Verbal, Signed and Recurring). When you click the Add Payment button from the Pledge profile, the system will check for the existing future dated installment. It will use that installment record to generate the invoice and then allow the you to apply payment.
23493 General Import File Task with Object - CentralizedOrderEntry will import the data successfully to the respective individuals.
24331 Inventory When a shippable/tracked merchandise, product is purchased and processed for Order Fulfillment, the order will be listed under the search results of Fulfill Orders page on the Order Fulfillment Process.
24837 Inventory Valued Inventory report now displays the accurate data for Qty Received, Qty Available and SUM (Qty Available) considering all quantity adjustment.
25699 Membership When re-joining a prorated membership, the price will be calculated based on today's date that is, on re-joining date and not on original joining date.
25805 Membership If a membership was edited to allow installment payments, then the membership renewal will be processed with installment payments.
21600 Payment Processing On the Add – Refund form, when changing the Refund Type or Batch options from their fields, the Refund CC/ACH/PAYPAL checkbox for the Credits can now be selected or unselected as required.
25754 xWeb When loading xWeb, no silent error will be logged in the SQL fw_error_log table.
25825 xWeb If the system option TradeOrganizationFlag is set to True, and an individual (which has an organization as primary contact) logs into eWeb to pay for an existing proforma invoice for themselves, then the invoice will be generated under the individual and all payment records will be under the individual.
19773 CRM When you have DeleteMode set to soft and you add an object to recent activity and then delete when you want to re-add it it does not allow you too
21738 Development Toolkit "Recent Records" tab does not display invoice number
22829 Accounting "Void with Adjustment" creates duplicate ledger entries when the invoice includes a "discount" applied to multiple line items
24388 eWeb eWeb: When product is in a "non-default Business Unit", the SHIPPING and PAYMENT METHOD goes to the incorrect Business Unit (SO SetWebBatchBusinessUnitByProduct: true)
24418 E-Marketing "Order Fulfillment Confirmation" email: the same item/product shows twice (duplicate)
24572 CRM "File Import": imports "User defined demographics" fields as blank/empty
24961 CRM If you upload a document to iWeb that has "special character" (#, number/ pound sign), then you cannot open the document (error "404 - File or directory not found.")
25085 Centralized Order Entry eWeb/iWeb: "Billing Contact" ("inv_ind_cst_billing_key") dropdown list populated with "Organization" (constraint "FK_ac_invoice_co_individual_billing")
25463 Fundraising "Upgrade/Downgrade Pledge": When upgrading/downgrading a pledge if a "credit" is used as "payment" for the "pledge installment invoice" it will not be shown as "payment" in the "number of paid payments"
25607 Fundraising "Gift Profile > Soft Credits" child form: Unable to "hard delete" Soft Credit record - "Error converting data type varchar to uniqueidentifier." (SO "DeleteMethod" = hard)
25689 CRM Subscription "start date" and "end date" change after "mass payment" applied from the Organization Profile
25677 CRM Issue with "Export to CSV" for records with "special characters"

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