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NF 2015.1 SP4 and Hotfixes - also see What's New in netFORUM 2015.1.4 for an overview of enhancements in this service pack, and 2015.1.4 Performance Enhancements.
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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.14

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Service Pack 14

Issue # Module Description
20702 Accounting Default batch is not selected on collective payment form nor batch write off process aspx
21741 Membership Membership Renewal process-cannot see memberships that completed/processed (in child forms: Error Details/History)
21976 Accounting Delete proforma process fails When membership has old unpaid proforma invoices and there are invoices created on top due to FK constraint (FK_mb_member_dues_history_ac_invoice_mdh_inv_key)
22308 Accounting When using "Batch Payment" process "payment confirmation emails" are not being sent
24186 Payment Processing ACH payment "void" is not being done when an error is encountered and the NF transaction is rolled back
24397 Baseline Reports/Queries "Event Revenue Summary Report" is counting the "cancellation fee" twice when there is a GUEST registration
25055 CRM COE: Duplicate confirmation emails send when purchasing something in iWeb
25325 CRM "Edit Name & Address" form: allows removing "Relationship Type" from existing "relationship" / "IXO" record
25387 Accounting Batch Profile: Batch fails to "close" if a "100% discount" is applied towards "prorated" membership sold for "next year" (Error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'def_num_periods')
25496 Accounting Payment Batch Header Profile: There isn’t a way to "release records" that are not processed running the "payment batch" process for the creating of "payment" when the "generate installment payment" is run
25553 Payment Processing Not sending "CUSTIP" to PayPal with "Customer IP"
25559 Outlook Integration Outlook integration: "Committee Members" with no "end date" cannot be "selected" when sending an email
25569 Accounting "Process payment batch" process is putting payments in the SAME batch as the INVOICE / does not put payments in current "iWeb" batch
25582 Accounting Deferral records for "prorated"/ "paid in full" memberships set incorrect start date ("ac_deferral.def_start_date")
25719 Framework [REGRESSION]"Find Invoice" advanced view: Operator "greater than or equal to" causes SQL error "Conversion failed when converting character string to smalldatetime data type."

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