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NF 2015.1 SP2 Hotfix
NF 2015.1 SP4 and Hotfixes - also see What's New in netFORUM 2015.1.4 for an overview of enhancements in this service pack, and 2015.1.4 Performance Enhancements.
NF 2015.1 SP5 and Hotfixes
NF 2015.1 SP6 and Hotfixes
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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.13

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Service Pack 13

Issue # Module Description
19197 Framework "Add - Individual" form pre-populates Designation field with USER's login [Chrome only, autofill enabled]
19957 Admin Find Error Log date filter not working in the Admin Module
20383 CRM Organization "Address Change Log" reflects "individual address" change, if they were once "linked"
20781 CRM When merging two or more individuals and one of the individuals has a language record a constraint error is thrown.
22308 Accounting When using "Batch Payment" process "payment confirmation emails" are not being sent
23285 Centralized Order Entry "Void Invoice": Foreign key constraint errors when "voiding" a Membership with a "synced" Subscription (constraint "FK_ac_invoice_detail_term_mb_membership_x_ac_invoice_trm_mxi_key")
23584 Centralized Order Entry "Source Codes" do not work as a "Price Attribute"
23798 Sales [Performance] Loading the "Installment Billing - Detail" form very slow
24131 Accounting COE form: ALL "business unit" related "Stored Payment Infos" can be chosen, regardless of "Batch Business Unit"
24258 Accounting Batch closing error (constraint "CK_ac_deferral_1") for "deferred/ prorated/ prorated in first year" membership invoices
24307 Admin "co_individual_x_organization" table missing Foreign Key constraint - "ixo_rlt_key"
24724 Admin [Security] User GROUP Profile: "Content Link Security" does not respect "gsc_delete_flag" or "uxg_delete_flag"
25059 Fundraising Pledge (ProcessGifts method on "fn_pledge") checkout process does not account for "np_gift_ext" extender columns ( Error "Incorrect syntax near ','." )
25096 Events External code call from "workflow rule" for "Event Registrant" Object causing duplicate RXI record
25158 Framework Scheduled tasks remain in "Processing" and history records are not updated when "Update.History" task fails
25195 Subscriptions Customer sells membership packages that have subscriptions attached to them. When trying to purchase the products there is missing mxi_keys
25246 Accounting Intacct: Changes to "name"/"description" does not get updated in NetForum when there's a "re-import" from the Intacct Accounting System
25267 Accounting "Stored Payment Method" is not being created for "PayFlowPro" credit cards (PayPal) when creating "recurring gifts"/ "Installment Payments" orders
25275 Centralized Order Entry "Crowd Wisdom" Integration has incorrect "End Date" when NFE sends orders
25290 Inventory "Unpaid" line items/invoices not being fulfilled / add "System Option" to allow customers to fulfill/ not fulfill "unpaid" line items/invoices
25360 Baseline Reports/Queries "Invoice with Format" report: "Installment payment" invoices displaying only "amount due" for one month and not for past months
25433 Payment Processing BluePay SDK – Successful VISA/MC Transactions with 6 or more invoice line items may be erroneously treated as failed because the response data is truncated

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