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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.12

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Service Pack 12

Issue # Module Description Previous Release
15834 CRM Changing an Individual's Address Type changes the address type for all past Address Change Logs for the Individual  
17867 eWeb Deleting an "optional component" from the "Add Payment (iWeb)" screen or from the "eWeb Shopping Cart" removes then "entire package" 2015.1.11.1
17889 Inventory Inconsistent icons on the Complementary Products child form  
18418 CRM "Adr_country" is case sensitive  
18633 Membership Terminating a National Membership Before a Chapter Membership Causes The Link Between Them to Break, Meaning They Can't Be Rejoined on the Same Invoice 2015.1.11.1
19642 Subscriptions "Subscriber Profile": Subscription not showing as "cancelled" even though the invoice shows it as being "voided"  
20531 Baseline Reports/Queries Accounting Period Summary Reports period drop down in random order  
20657 Accounting “Revenue available for recognition”/ “Revenue Recognized” reports are incorrectly including "cancelled invoices" 2015.1.5.2
20961 E-Marketing Time is showing in date field on Prospect List Profile  
21045 CRM Foreign Address Label displays Province Code vs Province Name  
21047 Baseline Reports/Queries Query event registrants - cannot query event code when using "is equal to" and "ask at run time" is checked  
21109 Admin User management group item link shows 'Record is Deleted'  
21173 Case Management There isn’t a way to select a case decision in the case profile  
21556 Fundraising When gift is created it is showing the wrong fund code in the gift child form in the constituent record 2015.1.11.1
21596 Accounting When adding a payment to an open invoice that has a product line item with a sales tax, the ‘payment to apply’ field does not include the tax amount when ‘auto distribute payment’ is checked. Payment to apply appears less than amount due. 2015.1.11.1
22012 Inventory When adding a publication downloadable file on the publication profile, the 'file to download' URL is adding a path of '/IISWebSiteName/iweb/abc/' before the filename  
22164 Accounting "Delete Proforma" process fails if proforma has generated installment: “The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_ac_invoice_detail_oe_order_detail_schedule" " 2015.1.11.1
22294 Fundraising "List Constituents": The “Email To This List” option is missing 2015.1.11.1
22300 Admin "LogAllxWebActivity" system option displays an incorrect table name "ws_activity_fw_change_log" versus "ws_activity_log"  
22355 Baseline Reports/Queries The "Gift Detail Report by Date Range" shows cancelled gifts  
22607 Events [Alignment] "Event Profile": the "Event URL" and "registered main count" are overlapped and unreadable  
22761 Inventory "DECLINED" Credit Card errors are not logged into "Fulfillment Exception" table [oe_fulfillment_exception] 2015.1.11.1
22812 eWeb When Toolkit changes are made to an "eWeb form" this is not reflected right away. The app pool has to be recycled first  
22812 Framework [Cache] Table.GetFields() uses its own dedicated Config.CachedTablePermissions data which is not auto-updated  
23121 Fundraising [NFR] Fundraising>Gift: when using a previously created "Gift Batch" is used for "Gift Batch Entry", certain values must pre-populate for gifts that are added to batch ONLY IF those values are selected the first time you set up gift batch 2015.1.11.1
23186 Accounting Accouting>Delete Proforma Invoices Task : Error is displayed by "Delete Proforma Invoices" when you try to delete proforma invoices that has taxes/discount/shipping (ac_invoice_detail_additional records)  
23297 Accounting Pre-Processing batch pointing to GL account within WRONG Business Unit ("Error: The GL Account used is in-active.")  
23303 E-Marketing "Prospect Import Wizard" allows you to import "duplicate" emails when SO "DuplicateEmail" is set to "Deny"  
23326 Accounting Multicurrency: "Batch total" will have different rounding and wont be balanced (batch "pre-processing" error: "The Batch is not balanced") 2015.1.11.1
23357 Membership Multicurrency: creates rounding error between "different currencies" and then Batches are not able to close ("Error: The Batch is not balanced") 2015.1.11.1
23502 CRM "Edit contact info": saving a Customer who has a "blank phone number" causes "BlankUpdate Delete" logic to run prior to the UPDATE. The DELETE statement conflicted with REFERENCE constraint "FK_co_customer_co_customer_x_phone" 2015.1.11.1
23568 CRM "Audience": "Run Query" does not return same results as the "Final Audience Count"  
23696 eWeb eWeb: Error message when Registering for an Event with multiple FEEs selected [same FEE included in the Event Package]("Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation...") 2015.1.11.1
23714 Membership "Query Builder": "Use Column" doesn't allow to compare data fields for "ac_customer_payment_info" table 2015.1.11.1
24096 CRM "Individual Profile > Misc tab": "Survey" child form triggers an error upon opening child form - "Incorrect syntax near 'co_survey_response_edit'." 2015.1.11.1
24128 CRM "Misc > Possible duplicate records" child form throws error "Incorrect syntax near 'co_individual_dup_check'." 2015.1.11.1
24244 Subscriptions "Subscription Package Renewal" error "Invalid column name 'inc_cur_key'." 2015.1.11.1
24295 Subscriptions "Subscription issue": "deferral" not recognizing correct "amount" for "Quarterly" by Issue 2015.1.11.1
24334 CRM [Performance] "Audience" performance issue when you have a lot of queries for an "object"  
24362 eWeb Deleting an "optional component" from the "Add Payment (iWeb)" screen or from the "eWeb Shopping Cart" removes then "entire package" 2015.1.11.1
24436 COI "COI > Request Profile": The "From" and "Reply To" added when entering a "scheduled message" does not save 2015.1.11.1
24460 eWeb [Security] eWeb: Open Redirection / Cross-site Scripting (XSS) (Reflected DOM-based)  
24480 CRM "Add Individual"/"Edit name & address" forms: "State is required" when selecting another country outside of USA/ international address 2015.1.11.1
24535 xWeb [Performance] Performance issue with "sc_open_invoice_list" stored procedure  
24546 Accounting "Voiding" or "Cancelling" an "installment payment" Invoice does not update the "installment payment" Order 2015.1.11.1
24559 Membership "Membership Renewal Task": Confirmation emails are not sent when mass "membership renewal" process is run  
24707 Fundraising "Delete Proforma Invoice" task deletes "paid gift" records from other "non-proforma invoices" 2015.1.11.1
24746 Centralized Order Entry COE: When adding the same item/price to the Shopping Cart... at certain times the pay amount ("net payment") will become $0.00 (zero) unexpectedly  
24793 Baseline Reports/Queries "Customer statement" shows a large "credit balance" for the "Total Balance Due" and the "#error" where it should list the Customers Name and Address 2015.1.11.1
24824 Fundraising Fundraising Constituent > "Add a Donation": adding "recurring gift" does not set the "auto-pay installments" flag / "customer payment Info" in "Order Profile"  
24828 Accounting Unable to close batch / Batch "pre-process" goes to 100% without anything else happening (Batch process error; Object reference not set to an instance of an object.) 2015.1.11.1
24849 General Windows 7 > Internet Explorer [Classic UI]: "NetFORUM" banner/bar at the top of the screen is "large" and the "top left menu" options are not available 2015.1.11.1
24855 eWeb eWeb: When "renewing" membership and "Add a Donation", a "different"/"random" donation amount is added instead of the "selected" donation amount (SO LowestPriceOnly: true) 2015.1.11.1
24901 General Sub-query deadlock when running "Order Installment Generation" task (ac_installment_billing.cs class GenerateNextInstallment method)  
24909 Accounting Incorrect "project key" added to ledger records / if one of the "deferral prices" does not have a "project key" the same "project key" is placed for all of the misc transactions ledgers  
24912 eWeb eWeb: Bundles show "end dated" subscriptions 2015.1.11.1
24927 Accounting "Process payment batch" process: There isn’t a way to "release records" that are not processed running the "payment batch process" for the "creating of payment" when the "generate installment payment" is run 2015.1.11.1
24942 Accounting iWeb: Cannot "apply payment" if "Batch > Default Transaction Type" is "proforma"  
24973 CRM COE: "Installment payments" in COE causes error "...Timeout expired..." when Shopping Cart has numerous entries (10+ items)  
24979 Accounting "Add Payment": Adding payment with "Stored Payment" credit card doesn't populate the "Card Number" and generates error "credit card number is Required" 2015.1.11.1
24985 General Field input masks issue: Column set at "decimal2" allow "letters" and "special characters" input prior "saving" the record/ input mask doesn't work 2015.1.11.1
25026 xWeb Xweb WEBWebUserGet and WEBWebUserLogin methods returns many empty child nodes 2015.1.11.1
25035 Events COE: Error generated when adding an "Event Sponsor" - "Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length"  
25123 Centralized Order Entry "COE > Edit Line Item" form: the "Apply Discounts" box is grayed out for Kits/Event Registration/Membership/other products  
25125 CRM "Edit contact info": saving a Customer who has a "blank FAX number" causes "BlankUpdate Delete" logic to run prior to the UPDATE  
25187 Events Test emails do not have the header and footer even though the selected template has them set up  
25240 CRM "Customer Request" emails going out without the "embedded sub-templates": Header/ Footer  
25241 CRM "Add Customer Request" form: Uploaded "document" is available to "other" individuals when you choose "Send Always"  
25314 General [LMS] [CrowdWisdom] Return/Cancel from Invoice Detail Profile does not sync with CrowdWisdom  

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