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Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.10

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Service Pack 10

Issue # Module Description Previous Release
22147 Membership When a calendar-based membership that is not set up to "prorate" is transferred , netFORUM is automatically prorating the "Credit Amount" and the "Balance Due" 2015.1.9.1
22152 Inventory "Canceled" Orders are picked up by "Fulfill Processed Orders" (STEP # 2) process 2015.1.9.2
22180 CRM "Create SQL": Unable to save query if there are "commented out sections" in a query 2015.1.9.4
22194 Membership Membership on Auto-Pay does not receive Payment Confirmation Email during Mass "Membership Renewal" Task 2015.1.9.3
22257 Grants Grant "distribution amount" not the same as "awarded amount" for additional applicants fund distribution 2015.1.9.1
22291 Accounting 1 (one) cent off issue when returning/cancelling last installment on order (cancelled invoice has "invoice total" = $ 0.01) 2015.1.9.3
22368 Inventory "Add - Purchase Order" shows 2 row lines instead of one 2015.1.9.4
22461 eWeb Event fees cannot have both "member"/"non-member" type and "customer attribute 1" as price attributes 2015.1.9.2
22625 xWeb GetQuery logs "Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ' and isnull(lsc_order,0)..." error 2015.1.9.1
22646 Fundraising New unpaid "Recurring Gift"- creates a "Gift" Record even if proforma/unpaid when the "First invoice date" is "today's date" 2015.1.9.3
22728 Baseline Reports/Queries Exhibit Booth Summary Report" does not show "Status" column when exported to .CSV 2015.1.9.3
22740 eWeb "My Contact Information" page text says "checkmark" when it should say "flag" 2015.1.9.4
22774 Subscriptions Issue based Subscription fulfillment when renewing membership that includes subscription 2015.1.9.4
22833 xWeb netFORUM does not properly handle "pending" "Auth Only" 411411 transaction in Sage 2015.1.9.2
22853 E-Marketing "Communication Preferences" form: Email optout question / potential problem [There is no record in EMO table and the mailing list is unchecked in iWeb] 2015.1.9.3
22940 Membership "Membership > Overview > Change Status": "validation error" on "fw_error_log" once a membership is detected to "change the status" ("An input value... of "36" characters exceeds the max length of "30" characters..on the field "mbs_code") 2015.1.9.2
22991 E-Marketing "Invoice" "list type" template does not include "Individual" object "fields" 2015.1.9.3
23007 eWeb New user registration allows sign up using an e-mail that is already in the system, email search only searches on "primary" email (SO: DuplicateEmail=Deny) 2015.1.9.2
23025 eWeb "Shipping method" price being removed from Cart when re-selecting the "Shipping method" 2015.1.9.1
23060 Admin Multicurrency: The "Exchange Rate Updater" task: completes with COMPWITHERROR and the system doesn’t insert any "ac_exchange_rate_record"/ calls a WebService that no longer works 2015.1.9.1
23071 xWeb WEBCentralizedShoppingCartMembershipGetPackageComponentListFromObject is throwing exception: "Column 'prc_price' does not belong to table Table." 2015.1.9.3
23098 Accounting Project Code issues in GP export 2015.1.9.4
23133 CRM Baseline update statements causing great amount of database blocking 2015.1.9.2
23192 CRM When an exception is made during the "payment processing" and payment information was not created to the invoice the confirmation email is still sent 2015.1.9.2
23295 CRM "Combine/Merge Dups" error "Multiple controls with the same ID" 2015.1.9.3
23338 Accounting Intacct Integration: "Department" and "Class" dimensions incorrect in "ledger" record when a product uses "price override account" for dimensions 2015.1.8.4 & 2015.1.9 & 2015.1.9.1
23358 Accounting "Collective Dues": "PaymentsReturnsGenerationTask" not inserting into "ac_return_x_customer" table 2015.1.9.1
23363 Baseline Reports/Queries Views should allow nullable av_flag columns 2015.1.9.2
23366 Baseline Reports/Queries "Revenue Available for Recognition" report: "Write off" payment stays ON and doesn't get removed 2015.1.9.1
23367 Membership Deferral record "start date" ("ac_deferral.def_start_date") does not match "mb_membership_x_ac_invoice.mxi_term_start_date" 2015.1.9.2
23381 Accounting The "inv_trx_date" is being set with "timestamp" when invoice is paid from eWeb 2015.1.9.3
23409 xWeb the baseline is setting the list column on the object for the table definition that is on the request and after that the system is adding the alias to the list column 2015.1.9.2
23421 eWeb Error "Discount Code 'DiscountCode' already applied" when trying to apply a "Discount" to "existing" Invoice 2015.1.9.3 & 2015.1.9.4
23439 Membership Proration not calculating correctly when "Dues Period" not matching "Fiscal Period" (SO: CalculateProrationBasedOnDuesPeriod = "false") 2015.1.9.1
23443 Accounting Accounting_Sage : Sage "Void" function tries to add blank account info into the vault. Causes pointless "empty" vault requests for Credit Card. Accounting_Sage : Voiding a netForum Credit fails with "Object Reference" error for ACH; Causes pointless "empty" vault requests for Credit Card. 2015.1.9.3
23450 eWeb mobile: StartPage.aspx is not responsive on tablet/mobile devices 2015.1.9.4
23506 eWeb "Shopping Cart-Open Invoices" page only shows the membership line item when you click "Next/ Add To Cart"; "additional" components line items from the invoice are not shown 2015.1.9.3
23510 eWeb eWeb not loading "all line items" from an Invoice into Shopping Cart 2015.1.9.3
23518 CRM "Combine/Merge Dups": Relationship records "hard-deleted" / Address "removed" from "Individual Profile" - upon merging Organizations that are related to an Individual/Organization 2015.1.9.3
23522 xWeb Price control is selecting incorrect shipping prices in the method GetShippingSql 2015.1.9.1
23611 Accounting COE: Adding Order for a "shippable" product generates the error "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" after "deleting"/"re-adding" a line item(SO: RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment = "true") 2015.1.9.4
23621 E-Marketing eMarketing template: Template built on "Invoice" List type confirmation templates do not parse "ind_first_name" / Template page "field list" dropdowns misbehaving 2015.1.9.4
23634 Membership "Transfer Membership" Wizard: the "transaction date" is not auto populating 2015.1.9.3
23647 Accounting "Cost of Goods Sold" report: re-allocating inventory creates an "adjustment" that is showing on the "Cost of Goods Sold" report 2015.1.9.3
23685 Membership "Transfer membership": transferring a membership triggers CHECK constraint because SP "mb_membership_transfer_new_dates" that is returning "wrong dates" when getting new dates/ "Failed to Create Membership Renewal" 2015.1.9.2
23699 CRM GDPR Failing on outstanding "credit", but credit has been "refunded" and "batches have been closed" (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has outstanding Credit.) 2015.1.9.1
23700 CRM GDPR fails on outstanding order, but order has been shipped (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has outstanding Credit. / Customer has fulfillments that have not been shipped.) 2015.1.9.1
23717 Exhibits The "pc_ex_exhibit_match_booth_prices" SProc has deployment script at end 2015.1.9.4
23731 CRM GDPR fails on "End dated" Chapter relationship (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has non-househould relationship to another customer or organization) 2015.1.9.1
23733 Subscriptions "Subscription Fulfillment" task: Is not possible to fulfill a Subscription (multiple prices) when subscribe again to same subscription using a "second price" 2015.1.9.2
23739 CRM Using foreign key constraints on "co_relationship_type.rlt_code" when "rlt_key" is faster 2015.1.9.1
23742 Fundraising eWeb: "Quick Donation" form fails when NOT LOGGED IN using "Vantiv" with Gateway "Level 2" enabled ("Error validating xml data against the schema on line 31 Content of element "customerReference" is incomplete") 2015.1.9.3
23754 Accounting Batch Profile: Invoice discounted 100% shows in batch with "batch total" 0.00 (zero) instead of "original invoice amount" 2015.1.9.1
23759 Accounting "Batch Profile"/ "Batch Report": some "Project Code" ("led_pjt_code") are not getting populated when the Batch is "closed" and the "ledger are created" 2015.1.9.4
23780 Membership "Transfer Membership" wizard is creating an invoice with a "balance" when "transfering" National Membership (with associated Chapter membership) and editing "credit amount" and "new price" amount to 0.00 (zero) 2015.1.9.1
23782 Membership "Membership Renewal Task" Profile: "Renewal Invoice Batch" clears out once the "Step 1: Get Records Completed" is completed [visual issue only] 2015.1.9.3
23808 Fundraising "Edit Fundraising Pledge" form: a pledge’s "solicitor" does not appear/ blank 2015.1.9.1
23815 Membership "Membership Renewal Task": "Membership dates" not updated/"payment" not created when the "CHAPTER Membership" is set to be "auto paid" and associated with the "National Membership" which is $0.00 (zero) 2015.1.9.1
23816 Events "Event Session" tied to "Fundraising Product" does not set "np_gift.gft_ivd_key" field 2015.1.9.4
23832 Baseline Reports/Queries "Customer Statement" displays "Balance Due" for the "cancelled" Event Registration and the "Event Cancellation Fee" as a separate section 2015.1.9.2
23848 Fundraising "Edit Salutations" form: Is not possible update the salutation fields in 2017v in classic and 2017UI 2015.1.9.2
23854 Fundraising "Add Gift"/"Add a Donation" forms: modifying "gift amount" clears/resets "gift amount" on postback when using "Fund Code" autofill from "Source Code" 2015.1.9.2
23868 Accounting "Generate Next Installment" process updates "Stored Credit Card" "Expiration Date" to incorrect format (YY/MM) when using "Account Updater" 2015.1.9.2
23877 eWeb eWeb: "Invoice Listing" and "Invoice Summary/ Details" does not accurately account for ALL transactions attached (duplicate invoices, missing "-1" invoice suffix) 2015.1.9.2
23891 COI COI "Request Profile": the "Refresh List" button "deletes" or doesn't update individuals 2015.1.9.3
23916 Accounting "vw_ac_invoice_detail_amount_due" update made for "Bug 117766[23352]" introduced performance issues 2015.1.9.4
23927 eWeb "security" module not preventing changing another customer's password 2015.1.9.2
23935 Subscriptions Subscription "prorate" pricing only works on "first" price 2015.1.9.3
23939 Accounting An Exception prevents "saving the payment" in NFE and "Payment Processor" but the "invoice is created" 2015.1.9.2
23942 eWeb DataUtils.ParseValues() can go into an infinite loop 2015.1.9.2
23953 CRM "FileUpload" extension does not work on any object except "Abstract Submission" 2015.1.9.3
23968 COI "Request Profile ": COI Scheduled message not created after rescheduling a job for a Request 2015.1.9.2
23986 Baseline Reports/Queries Accounting Period: "Deferral Revenue Available for Recognition" report calculating "Beginning Balance"/"Cancels" amounts incorrectly 2015.1.9.3
23993 CMS eWeb: Security vulnerability with parsing values in eWeb 2015.1.9.2
24002 Committees "Committee Search > List Committee Participants" form: QuickReport.aspx launched by "Report" button on EMSWizardPage.aspx throws error "HTTP status 404: Not Found" 2015.1.9.4
24014 Membership "Transfer Membership": Subscription "dates" go to NEXT YEAR when "transferring Memberships" with the "same Subscription" 2015.1.9.4
24030 General iWeb: Path Traversal Vulnerability on the login process 2015.1.9.3
24049 Centralized Order Entry Unable to purchase "shippable" Merchandise when "Shipping is 'taxed' and using 'invoice totals' " (constraint "FK_oe_order_detail_additional_oe_order_detail_oda_odd_key") 2015.1.9.4
24059 Accounting "No deferral" record created in specific scenario (price is "prorate", dues based in "calendar" and "update dates when : Invoice Created") 2015.1.9.4
24073 CRM Address validation: [Melissa Data AVS] Auto address validation for "Canadian" addresses will remove "Province" and default "Country" to "United States" 2015.1.9.4
24091 Membership When transferring members from "in-state", to "out-of-state", the "district(chapter) expire date" is being advanced 1 year forward (not matching the state(national) expire date). 2015.1.9.3
24092 Membership When transferring members from "out-of-state", to "in-state", the "member type" on the record is being changed (downgraded) 2015.1.9.4
24101 CRM The "Add Sub-committee" form will not pre-populate the "parent committee" and any further "Add Sub-committee" forms will also not pre-populate the "parent committee" 2015.1.9.4
24110 Fundraising Editing a gift clears appeal, package, campaign, purpose fields IF corresponding FUND product fields are NULL 2015.1.9.3
24115 CRM Need to override "GetRltKey" method 2015.1.9.3
24127 CRM "Customer Payment Info" form requires the "state" and the "zip code" populated for outside the USA/international/foreign addressesa 2015.1.9.4
24139 Membership "Transfer Membership": Transferring a National Membership with a "cancelled" Chapter Membership shows the Chapter Membership 2015.1.9.4
24144 Accounting "Invoice Profile": "Invoice number" displays an "asterisk"/"required field" when in "Classic Mode"  
24158 CRM Member Transfer invoice amounts calculating incorrectly 2015.1.9.4
24187 Fundraising Apostrophe in "user name" ("usr_code") not escaped in stored procedure called after donation checkout (SP 'np_rfm_summary') 2015.1.9.4
24200 Payment Processing Multithreaded Scheduled Task payment performance is throttled for Sage and BluePay by HttpWebRequest concurrent connection limit 2015.1.9.4

Hotfix 1

Issue # Module Description
18743 Accounting  "Batch Reports": Preview for baseline "Batches Not Yet Closed" report displays the incorrect report
18957 Committees Super search should not return deleted committees
19885 eWeb Keyword and Tags do not work on eWeb
21483 Inventory Inventory Sub-Category error when adding a new list column
22726 Fundraising The "highest gift date" if more than one gift for same amount should display the "latest" date
23037 xWeb SQL ReadOnly AlwaysOn Availability Groups - "ExecuteMethod" not working
23047 CRM Custom "Event Specific Demographics" information not saved when using "Group Registration"
23457 Accounting Delete Proforma process does not clear error after processing each record/proforma. This causes ALL Proformas to fail after an error is encountered.
23514 eWeb Incorrect error for INVALID Credit Card - "Payment method is required"
23702 Fundraising The "Major Giving>WealthEngine" child form does not "auto-postback" after connecting to WE to pull data
23806 Events "Event Copy Wizard" is copying "deleted/hidden/disabled" "price attributes" and "un-deleting" them
23873 Accounting  Batch Profile: "Divide by zero" when closing a "deferral" batch with modified "expire date"/ the "deferral" records are not generated
24017 eWeb "Organization Information" > "Upload Image" not working/ uploading and replacing "Individual Profile" PHOTO
24094 Framework "Availability Groups" causing unexpected reads during simultaneous updates
24124 Accounting "Batch close" process does not check for "soft-deleted" GL account on a "Credit" transaction
24156 Fundraising Membership or "other products" are being calculated in the "YTD Amount"/"Lifetime Amount"  if invoiced together
24160 Centralized Order Entry When adding "Donations Complimentary Products" during "Membership Renewal" or "Add Payment" on "PROFORMA renewal membership invoice", line items are not consistently getting added
24218 Membership "Project Code" not populated to "Membership Dues Product"
24229 Accounting "Intacct Import" from Intacct is populating incorrect info for "Project code" and "Project name"
24245 General Successful Task fails due to unhandled exception
24252 CRM Add Customer Request": Email attachment not "sent via email"
24259 Accounting "Discount Product" GL account ledger entry does not export with "Project Code"/ "DEBIT/CREDIT" transactions missing "Project Code"
24260 Inventory "Discount Product" and "Price" missing fields for "Adding/Editing" "project" code
24261 Accounting Manual "add Credit" form does not have a "Project" code field
24355 Accounting Mitigate chance of Double Payments by improving handling of exceptions / timeouts / failed responses in Sage Payment Processor. Fix handling of failed PostAuth in Payment.Capture() method to reduce chance of duplicate payments.

Hotfix 2

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
24283 General "CEU Credit Generation" task: Baseline SQL scripts not consistently honoring the "soft deletes" in CEU generation CEU credit for sessions registrant are retrieved even parent event registration is soft deleted. ISSUE: When event registration is soft deleted only the registrant record is set to 1. Session registrant related to event are not soft deleted.
23768 Accounting "Value" of flag (e.g. "deferred" checkbox) is reset when a "lookup" (e.g. "Currency") on same form is used, even if the "flag-value" was previously saved There were 2 factors that I needed to take into account; if the control was a flag and if we were coming back from lookup. If we are coming back from lookup the controls are not in the request because the request is coming from a list page
24256 Accounting When "pre-processing batch" with "payment" and "original invoice" is in separate "open batch" it gets stuck at "25%" (errors: "Column 'inv trx date' does not belong to table Table"/"The Batch is not balanced") Update sql query to include invoice transaction date "inv trx date" needed for the pre-process.
24431 COI "Questionnaire Question Setup" form: When adding a QUESTION to a questionnaire you receive a syntax error when saving ("Error: Syntax error converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier") When adding a questionnaire question, get the header key from the parent question group if necessary
24430 COI "Questionnaire Question Setup" form: Unable to select a “Group” for a question in a questionnaire Changed sug srh key to get data into dropdownlist
22596 eWeb "eWeb > My Full Profile": displays duplicate "CHAPTER member status" Delete chapter member status duplicated and fix the problem about the status word not being shown
24024 eWeb eWeb: "Organization Information > Organization Roster": Clicking on Individuals names to "View Member Profile" / "Edit Individual" button brings you to the Primary Contact record "Home" page Changed individual key to redirect that individual on his respective Member profile
22866 CRM eWeb: Change of Affiliate email address on Edit Affiliate page (eWeb), makes changes to the email address of the logged in individual who is the primary contact for the chapter (in iWeb) Edit chapter email in eweb
23980 Baseline Reports/Queries Error generated when running “Gift Detail Report by Date Range” report with the "Excel" button (Error "An attempt was made to set a report parameter 'dnr cst key' that is not defined in this report") Update dnr_key reference by dnr cst key in Gifts reports ("Gift Detail Report by Date Range" and "Gift Summary Report by Fund & Date Range")
24018 eWeb eWeb: "Organization Information" - Organization profile image/photo "cropping" instead of "scaling" CSS only changes

Hotfix 3

Issue # Module Description
20716 Payment Processing When you process transactions through eWeb the batch name is going over as the default WEB batch name instead of the batch name that the actual payment was added
21859 Events Event Session Scheduler drag and drop not accurate
22311 eWeb AddressCorrection: "Group1" address validation fails for International Address
22785 Inventory When purchasing a Bundle in "iWeb" or "eWeb" that contains a Subscription, the system is "requiring" entry of "BPA" information("qualified date is Required")
22888 eWeb Multicurrency > eWeb: Shipping Charge not added to additional shippable product and calculation is incorrect
22947 Inventory Order Fulfillment Process can duplicate fulfillments for Orders when running in parallel sessions
23265 Accreditation Baseline "CEU Credit Generation" task "timing out" (Timeout location: method EstimatedRecordCount in Batch.cs)
23778 E-Marketing "Edit Prospect List Detail" form: “Transfer This Record to Permanent Database” does not complete the transfer
23961 CRM CEU Credit Generation task: when generating CEU credits, the system shows its been generated but when you check its not there (Event with FEEs and FREE Event)
24062 eWeb eWeb: Mixed/ Unsecure Content Error on HTTPS - Unable to see "Map"
24140 eWeb [Alignment] eWeb: "My Full Contact Info"/ "My Contact Information" page fields are not aligned properly
24172 Baseline Reports/Queries Report Accounting|Invoice| Customer Statement ("ac_invoice_detail_customerstatement") does not complete
24262 Accounting  Cannot add a "project code" to a "Refund Credit"
24432 COI COI > Request Profile: The “Refresh List” button adds the ALL the individuals to the "Call to Action"
24433 COI "COI > Request Profile": When you click the “Edit” button TWICE, it adds ALL the individuals to the "Request"/ "Call to Action"

Hotfix 4

Issue # Module Description
19710 Membership Cannot apply credit when renewing membership with discount and installment payments

Hotfix 5

Issue # Module Description
19710 Accounting Cannot apply credit when renewing membership with discount and installment payments
21455 Events "Copy Event" form in "Create Event" wizard throwing connection error "The transaction is either not associated with the current connection or has been completed."
22073 COI System option "COISurveyTypeCode" is set to "COI" but no "Marketing>Survey Type" of "COI" exist
22320 eWeb "Media Code" of Web is not automatically applied to invoices created on eWeb
22603 Events "Event statistics" not calculating properly after changing from “free event” to non-“free event”
22766 Accounting Deferred discounts with mid-month start date not recognizing correctly
22832 CRM "Quick Report" Server error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  when "table join" includes a "variable" value (e.g. "{CurrentUserName}" )
23356 Accounting Unable to "Add Miscellaneous Transactions" to a customer who has a "linked" address or "does not have an address" (Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation)
23427 Inventory Discount not applied because "DiscountUsed" ("number of uses") doesn't take into account "Cancelled/Returned" invoices
24116 Accounting Subscriptions that are "taxed" and "deferred", then "cancelled" after "revenue has been partially recognized" are not returning the proper amount of "tax"
24196 Reports Cannot "schedule reports" that are setup with "Output format" of "Excel"/"Word" (Error "The value 'Excel' is not valid for setting 'Render Format'.")
24204 Accounting Batch Close process logs an error regarding "ExecuteReader" transaction properties
24291 Admin Column set at "decimal2" allow "letters" and "special characters" input prior "saving" the record/ input mask doesn't work
24317 Accounting  Invoice created but "missing payments" in NF and "Payment Processor"
24349 Baseline Reports/Queries  "Export to ASCII Delimited/CSV": "New line"/ "carriage return" in column causes export to generate "blank rows"/"blank record" (view in excel)
24389 Accounting Accounting Period: "Deferral Revenue Available for Recognition" report showing up "Beginning Balance" for invoice that was "cancelled" in "previous period"
24423 Accounting "Add Payment" wizard: when you convert a "proforma" invoice to an "installment payments" invoice, it shows "payment amount" for the first TWO payments even though only the FIRST payment is due
24425 Membership Member Transfer invoice amounts still calculating incorrectly
24449 Exhibits "Exhibit Profile": Unable to "add sponsor" to "Exhibit" (Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation)
24536 Fundraising "Constituent Profile": "Lifetime amount"/ "YTD amount"/ "Count" / "First gift amount"/ "Highest gift amount" including "written off" gifts
24570 CRM "Individual Profile > Sales": "Individual - sales assignments" child form missing "delete" flag
24632 Admin SMTP SendMail Reports an exception when retrying SendMail

Hotfix 6

Issue # Module Description
18412 Development Toolkit The process to "add extender columns" to "meta data" has broken in "v. 2014 and UP" according to the steps to follow in the wiki.
21145 Events Event Registrant Transfer Wizard: "Error: Payment method is Required../ Credit Card number is Required" with an invoice balance of $0.00 (zero)
21371 CRM  Childform "Invoice (voided)" only shows "voided" invoices and not "voided with adjustments"
21815 Development Toolkit Cannot Copy sites using the CMS deploy content/Importing Website fails - FK_md_web_link_md_web_content_wbl_wbc_key added to md_web_link without ensuring data is compliant with FK.
21858 CRM COE When an individual has a lot memberships, mailing list, addresses associated to it and there are different shipping products adding shipping takes a long time
23710 Accounting The "oe_order_detail.odd_void_flag" is not flipped to "1" when entire installment schedule "voided"
23814 xWeb Not applying a "discount source code" running method WEBCentralizedShoppingCartApplySourceCode
24023 CRM "Reminder emails" for "Assignments" not sent
24322 CRM Vantiv "payment method"/ "credit card" is "not saving" if it was "previously saved" for a different payment method
24365 Centralized Order Entry COE form: In-cart "Member" pricing does not support "price attributes" with a "region"
24427 Membership "Transfer Membership" wizard: Membership Transfer inconsistent defaulting checkboxes logic ("invoice?" column)
24452 CRM Multiple issues sourced by the update from issue TFS 119396/ NS 23739
24484 CRM Accumail integration broken due to hardcoded endpoint
24497 Reports [NFR]"Check requisition" report "remit to" field not populating "country"
24498 Reports [NFR]"Check requisition" report not populating "country" for "Payable To" field
24505 eWeb [Security]: you can input characters to run "cross-site" references and scripts. eweb is vulnerable to css attacks because of this
24548 Fundraising [NFR] $0.00 (zero) "Recurring Gifts" ("future date")  should generate an "invoice" when created
24562 E-Marketing If the "EmailModeTestDomains" system option is "NULL" or "configured" with the client's email domain, emails do not get sent from NFE
24628 Accounting "Partially Recognized" deferred "full amount discount" Subscription results in an incorrect "negative invoice balance" when "Return/Cancelled"
24705 eWeb Shopping Cart | "View" / "Confirm your order" pages: "Balance Due" incorrect in "Package" purchase
24736 Inventory  Voiding a PROFORMA invoice that has a non-$0.00 product along with a $0.00 product that has the "inventory tracked" sets the "Qty Committed" of the 0 (zero) product to a "negative" value
24737 eWeb "Auto-apply" discounts not working
24795 Accounting  Batch "pre-process" gets stuck at 81% on "Writing Ledger Rows and/or Exceptions" when "GLEnableClassBasedAccounting" is enabled

Hotfix 7

Issue # Module Description
16753 Inventory In the Physical Inventory Count form the products are not listed Alphabetically
19869 CRM Childforms through netFORUM aren't ordered correctly by "md_dynamic_form_child.dyc_order"/ "md_dynamic_profile_detail.dpd_row"
22296 Development Toolkit Bad formatting for "oe_product_type.ptp_key" values causes Stored Procedure "sc_merchandise_list" to fail when passing more than 1 ptp_key
22819 Accounting SyncChapterAndSubscriptionDatesWithNational system causing subscription type DiscountProgram line item to be duplicated when renewing (2nd time) with a different membership package
22881 CRM adding Organization without validation causes Organization hyperlink to link/redirect to "empty" profile
23820 Events "Event Registration Wizard": the "co_individual" list table not respecting "DISTINCT" flag
24031 CRM "Invoice confirmation" email is not sent to "Contact" selected for Organization/ or BCC'd email address from COE form
24085 eWeb eWeb: Changing the "Billing contact" does not update the "Bill to" fields (SO "TradeOrganizationFlag" = TRUE)
24185 Accounting "Process payment batch" process does not put payments in current "iWeb" batch
24276 Centralized Order Entry iWeb: "LowestPriceOnly" system option causing "prices" to not display in COE form
24330 Framework [2017UI] Deleting a "grand child form" record results in error "Unfortunately, some features have failed to load."
24364 Events "prc_allow_unpaid_orders_flag" is defaulting to "0" when adding a "new price" to a "Event Fee" causing the system to error out when creating a "proforma" invoice ("Error: EVENT must be paid in full.
24393 Accounting If a "one time" "deferred product" is purchased and then "return/cancelled" the system does not "Debit" the "deferred account" for the "credit" which is credited when the invoice is created
24452 CRM Multiple issues sourced by the update from issue TFS 119396/ NS 23739
24477 xWeb add credit at checkout
24494 Accounting PayFlowProProcessorVault passes wrong username to PayPal (error "User authentication failed" for RESPMSG)
24495 eWeb "Welcome email" not being sent for "New Visitor Registration"
24526 Accounting Cannot "re-add" payment to "installment payments" Invoice in which payment(s) have been "Voided with Adjustments"
24758 Inventory "Unpaid" line items on an "invoice with multiple line items" can be fulfilled (SO RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment = FALSE)
24794 Accounting Two discounts on "installment payments" with Memberships causes custom "FlipMembershipDatesMethod" to fire twice
24875 Events "Individual registrant" not being created (in iWeb) when individual registers for an event online (via eWeb)

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