Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
19336 When useEmailForAuthorization is false, cannot update Web Login password

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
19460 Avectra.netForum.Components.AC.Payment contains code which can cause a site to lock up

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
19476 Typo prevents Change Request from being added to 2015 Enterprise NF
19515 Order fulfillment page controls are misaligned
19466 Unable to send customer correspondence
19495 Fee Overlapp on Event Registration Wizard
19376 Error on running the Gift Acknowledgement Data Report
19622 eWeb address validate step has incorrect "Business Address" title
19629 Downloadable products do not download in eWEB
19516 Add Keyword form misalignment
19517 Check notes notification is not displaying in the correct place on the individual profile
19509 Event Closed text shows on Event registration wizard
19510 eWEB: Member Directory sorts by first name instead of last
19594 eWeb My Email Addresses icon
19604 State field is required for China address when there are no states in China
19606   iWeb CRM Address Detail Space in between States

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
19786 EnableWEBSavedShoppingCart causes eWEB to NOT function
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Product Defect
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netFORUM Enterprise
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