Below are all resolved issues in version 2015.1.1

17401 Unsecure items sent by netFORUM even if site is HTTPS
19048 Accounting_BU_GL: No new GL account can be created when 'GLEnableClassBasedAccounting' system option is False
18712 When you terminate a prorated membership that has a prorated subscription and try to rejoin that membership the subscription is not being prorated during the rejoin but the subscription is.
11395 When you create a Call To Action with Recurring messages (do not select 12:00 AM as the time), and edit one, and change the date, adding a time, then save, the time defaults to 12:00 AM
12602 When booth fees are by square footage, eWeb Add Booth fees page does not return fees/prices to select
12882 eWeb remembers discount code after all items have been deleted
12910 When you run the GL Transactions By Account and Date Range Report and export into a PDF there is a blank page after each page of data. This was tested in 2011.01.08 and 2013.01.02..
13296 Original main invoice displaying when paying a sub-invoice..
13336 In the 2014 QA site when adding & linking an individual to an organization with a Canada address, it throws an error when phone and fax linking countries are set to Canada
14300 When invoicing a customer using installment payments and the first installment is paid immediately, then the Invoice With Format and Invoice Without Format reports on the invoice profile display an Amount Due of $0..
14325 COI: Incorrect values are able to be used while submitting a questionnaire for the following fields: - Decimal. - Date. - Currency. - Number.
14552 When creating an installment pledge, the Purpose, Campaign, Appeal and Package code are maintained on the pledge record but not on the constituent Gift record. The gift record fields default to whatever defaults are selected under fund configuration
15669 After saving a refund with multiple refund items, the user is re-directed back to a refund profile that is not associated with the refund just saved..
15831 Soft deleted designation records are not removed from the full name cp field
15944 Auto-apply discounts are not applied in the data import utility..
15960 In SSO environment, once users logout eWeb should invalidate the SSO token (this is valid until it expire out due to web.config value).
16015 When adding additional addresses to an individual with a primary address, the city, state, and zip are not required for the additional addresses. This creates a data integrity issue.
16050 COI: Participation codes should be able to select source code context details while editing.
16053 COI: Mailing list shold be removed from request header
16062 COI: Incorrect Column name while querying a review.
16063 COI: Incorrect value key when selecting a reviewer in the column to query
16082 COI: Dead end page displayed when clicking on goto in the response in COI tab customer profile
16083 COI: incorrect message while viewing the already responded questionnaires on eweb.
16085 COI: "COI Dashboard" should be available only for those users set as reviewers
16088 COI: COI questionnaires able to be responded from Marketing module add survey response. this should not be available.
16197 COI: Duplicated information stored in database in columns: qhh_purpose and act_description, they store the same data.
16198 COI: Request Profile "request sent to individuals" Child form should show when an individual has responded to the questionnaire.
16199 COI: "co_survey_response_header.sre_sss_key" column not used.
16201 COI: Missing "Completed reviews" Child form in the reviewers child form in request profile. This grandchild form should display reviews completed by the reviewer.
16204 COI: Missing child forms in reviewer profile stating completed and missing responses.
16431 COI: email and Preferred Comm. information not displayed on request profile under 'Request sent to individuals' child form.
16433 COI: requests not displayed on participation code profile page.
16465 COI: Order by column and search using the letters at the top does not work for: participation code and questionnaire
16466 COI: Participation Code with event as type do not display the type in its profile
16467 COI: Participation code's Object context not saved for: Course, Event, Publication and Session types
16468 Household dropdowns have hard coded the names of the member and head of household relationships into the functionality. The functionality should be using the relationship types and categories
16487 G/L Transactions By Account & Date Range report the credit transaction types are being excluded from the report..
16519 If you create a package with taxable items, the tax is miscalculated on the COE - Packages Add Packages form of COE.
16677 COI: The COI dashboard is displaying and error instead of the completed questionnaires. The following error has occurred: Invalid object name 'co_questionnaire_reviewer_x_response_header'
16769 Tab order is almost any where but on the Properties form. From field after the form key the tab goes to the form beginning designed instead of staying on the properties form
16844 In the Toolkit, Organization object, alias name on the List Table for co_customer_x_address has an extra space at the end.
17015 COE renew membership-Clicking delete icon by chapter membership renewal grid does not delete the chapter membership
17113 List Registration returns blank page
17245 When you have a membership in order and you search for a product, it does not show the member-prices
17249 Closed batches appear in batch drop down list on Payment screen on event cancellation Wizard when cancelling a registrant. SQL needs to filter out closed batches
17278 communications are setting the date to 1/1/1900..
17285 If you select 'empty' on Dashboard Reports Menu in NF2014, error is thrown and you can no longer click on icon to re-select a report
17314 When adding payment for multiple invoices for customer, you have to select each invoice individually instead of using the check boxes as previously in 2013
17332 Membership Drop Process status and history child form do not update in 2014
17337 Force User To Change Password automatically checks unexpectedly
17373 Even though the client-side validation on required controls on a form fails, the form still gets posted back to the server. This can result in a "flash" within the browser that breaks the user experience
17375 Error logging of SQL error in child form..
17376 Save For Later not loading textbox changes when resuming..
17378 Encryption tool cannot encrypt/decrypt
17381 eweb section defaults are being hidden due to a coding error.
17382 When auto assign request is unchecked, you cannot manually add an Assignment to Customer Request-click add (+) and nothing happens.
17388 Mailing List Recent Records do not display correct name
17402 Multiple URLs found in form control hyperlinks
17407 Design Profile is broken and destroys data
17426 tab order is almost any where but on the Properties form. From field after the form key the tab goes to the form beginning designed instead of staying on the properties form
17431 We need to be able to input any valid URL into the website field in contact info form.
17447 Sales Tax Amount is Zero for Taxable Items with Quantities Greater Than 1..
17455 When in Edit Mode for Personalize. You are not able to drag and re-organize a child form.
17469 Cannot add booths booth if Exhibit has booth fee type of ''Square Footage'
17498 Recognize Revenue Function has invalid step causing performance issue
17515 Registered total does not tally for track fee only event registration.
17535 Period Profile icons are not click-able when they are not greyed out
17535 Period Profile icons are not click-able when they are not greyed out
17556 My Profile > My Assignments calendar display is too large and causes scrolling.
17579 Order Fulfillment search can cause form overflow..
17582 Bunched Labels on Individual Profile
17608 copy event start end dates not saved
17610 Can't add a section Link to a site in CMS because the Section drop-down control is empty.
17613 non-linked mailing label not updated
17626 Delete Inbox/outbox Messages throws FK constraint error if recipient/sender is a single user
17631 Membership Package does not allow Misc Product in 2014
17633 Unable to add membership package components for multiple business Units
17641 Create Invoice button is overlapped by search results if there are more than 4 records found..
17655 When adding housing to an event registration the Date field (required) is blank with no options to select a date.
17665 When using "Email to List" after running a query the cca_date in the correspondence child form for that email sent defaults to 1/1/1990..
17667 Cannot Send Test Emails for Calls to Action on NF2014
17680 Validate Email does not work because of quotes around parameter
17682 Confirmation invoice code does not match a renewed membership that uses 'bill me later' on eWeb
17714 Union Dues not creating distributed returns
17728 In 2014 when registering for an event a customer is already registered, there isn't a warning displayed as done in prior versions.
17734 Membership terminated when still valid (Union Dues)
17743 Error message when adding an individual and linking to an Organization with a non-US address
17750 Load parameters fails when null
17766 Xweb: Web user logins not rehashing
17774 Async Save on Creating overpayment
17775 Renewal package does not Populate when adding Organization membership
17776 Fundraising Gift From Stock Option Controls Missing
17784 Issue with Add Individual icon disappearing/appearing on Individual List Results
17789 When discount and tax are added to an invoice and the invoice is later returned cancelled it still leaves balance on invoice
17807 Phone and fax linking method is broken
17892 Manual Credits missing from Customer Statement
17909 Related objects code is ignoring ObjectKeyFrom parameter.
17937 Recent Records is displayed empty in Reports module..
18004 CDYNE Integration Updates
18052 Selected booth is not hilighted
18057 Process can not recover from invalid cc information
18072 Cannot add Complementary Products or Additional Items when adding a Membership in COE
18078 All lookup list pop-ups do not post back to calling page, calling page is loaded within the pop-up instead
18085 Customer is receiving an error when trying to link to a foreign organization's address during the add individual process*
18118 QB Detailed Batch Report Missing Class/Project Code
18133 When Adding an Individual, the 2nd address block (billing) is a required field, even if a 2nd address is not provided. This prevents Individual records from being added, as it is not obvious what the problem is..
18151 Ambiguous column name in Event Queries
18166 International Payments Failing
18175 Unable to add Insertion Orders – Site runs slow and after sometime Server Error is displayed.
18178 Membership Audit Log Shows Duplicates
18190 On subscription fulfillment profile, fulfillment date is displaying sqldatetime. It should be date only..
18211 Phone/Fax Types Drop-Downs Interchanged on Add Individual
18224 CMS deploy tool only deploys to source database
18227 Post batch process created duplicate and erroneous bax records
18271 Orders coming through eweb without shipping attached (Customers can delete the shipping)..
18294 Edit causes duplicate assignment, assignment customer
18356 Individual with a relationship but not the primary contact has access to change the Organizations address on eWeb
18411 SourceCode Lookup for Organization not working correctly
18422 When language preference is set to other international preference for the internet browser the system throws error globalization localization culture
18562 Not able to add New On Hand quantity to the inventory in warehouse
18672 Cache Clearing causing session loss
18675 eWEB Print Confirmation Page - leads with 5 blank pages
18705 Union Dues/CTA: Return task failing
31874 Accounting_Bussines Unit: [gl account code] is not being generated
31877 CRM_Organization: [add organization] is not setting the [type] for a billing address correctly
37024 [PaymentSageAndPayPal] New value entered in the "Customer Information> Use this email" from eWeb is not recovered from Sage and PayPal gateway.
41878 [PaymentProcess] An error is displayed when try to void a credit created with a payment method.
49317 Fundraising_Constituent_Constituent Profile: various child forms do not display constituent values
49966 Certification_Certificant_ RequirementsTool: Error is displayed in the Requirements Tool after to edit an Individual Certification Profile
50206 Membership_Chapter_Mass Payment: Server error is thrown when user tries to make a massive payment
50270 Admin_UserManagement_SQL: Some child forms are not retrieving correct data because md_dynamic_form_child.dyc_sql  has problems on SQL 2008 or higher
50431 COE: An error message is displaying when trying to clear the look-up for Merchandise
50515 Accounting_MiscTransaction:  Cannot add “Miscellaneous Transactions” using “ACH” payment method configured with Sage gateway
50867 Org_eWeb: set of links in profile are not available comparing with NFE2013TEST
50973 Membership_Renew: Invoice created from Renewal Process is not adding the Taxes applied to the products
51079 eweb_MyAccount_MyGiving_MyPledges: pledge created from eweb is not listed under 'constituent pledges' on iweb and 'My Gifts and Donations' on eweb
51136 CRM>PayPal : Add a payment from Individual/Organization profile when "async save override" is set "allow", generates an error and no payment is created
51268 eWeb_Online Store: it is possible to delete non-optional bundle components in the [review-add] and [confirm] forms
51269 Org_eWeb_MyChapters: chapters related to organization are not listed under My Chapters
51529 eWeb_Events_Fundraising: Users cannot purchased a fundraising event from eweb
51538 iWeb_Individual Profile: An individual's profile picture does not match between iWeb and eWeb
51587 iWeb_Individual Profile: The column [account type] is missing in the [stored payment information] child-form
52137 CRM>OrganizationProfile : A billing address is created automaticaly, after enter an email or web for organization duplicating the primary
52294 [PaymentSage] Accounting_MiscTransaction:  Cannot add “Miscellaneous Transactions” using “Credit Card” payment method configured with “Sage” gateway
54261 Exhibit_QueryExhibitShows: The Baseline queries are not displaying the query conditions from Query form and also from central query they runs with errors
54509 Fundraising_GroupItems: “Campaign”, “Appeal”, “Package Code” or “Purpose Code” do not have the corresponding Group Items to the bottom of the sidebar menu
47381 App pool recycling and session expiration should not delete disk cache
18785 Refund CC/ACH/PAYPAL Button for Check/Cash Credits Becomes Checkable After Changing Refund Type or Batch
55780 Turn off Litle logging in Enterprise 2011 and higher
18784 LitlePaymentVaultProcessor causes valid credit card number to be rejected
18819 Open invoices with a tax line item are loading into the shopping cart blank and then with a separate line item for each tax product
18537 There is problem with address sub forms and tab orders.
18894 BatchMultiExportDiv overlays Export Button
18859 Customer Statement - balance due incorrect
18739 Duplicate Email not warning
18661 Null to decimal run time conversion throwing an exception
18727 Not all event-specific demographics fields are available in the columns to query on the event registrant.
18899 Subscription Price with End Date is renewal (individual or mass renewal)
18044 Error Adding Defaulted Linked Address
18782 When you attempt to stop a task stuck in Processing, you get the message "task start date must be a point in the future."
18794 Certificant Dates data type issue in certificant log
18733 Xweb user passwords not updating with new salt fields.
18758 Union Dues return process fails when returning invoices with multiple line items          
18964 If you enter an invalid credit card number in eWeb changes made using the “Edit Payment” button aren’t accepted            
57877 “Subscription Renewal Task” always gets the status: “COMPWITHERROR”     
18728 Deleted Organizations show up under "Bill To" when adding an insertion order 
18948 DLL is not being loaded into the domain after scheduled recycling of the app pool     
18502 Calendar Control issue on Edit - Moves Stage Customer History page               
18637 Payment Method field description should not be bold for pledges. Payment Method is not required            
18767 The object serialization process is currently synchronous. It should happen in a separate thread (preferable the same thread that does the actual "save".
19092 Cannot pre-process batch with payment when multicurrency is enabled. The pre-process batch freezes and records error in the error-log. No error is displayed to the user, just the progress window freezes at 94% when writing to the ledger.
60863 Accounting_MisTransaction : Error messsage displayed when try to create a Misc Transaction with Sage credit card
19034 When adding a Fundraising Gift, codes are not auto-populating when the Fund is selected.
18853 Checking the 'select/unselect all' on the Eevent Cancellation Wizard Selects All Cancellation Fees As Well
17088 Order installment no longer populating ac_installment_billing_exception
19036 Union Dues: Returns breaking void screen when there are multiple returns.
18649 When using project for a business unit (ac_project) the batch-close process does not save the ledger record correctly. This prevents the batch from being closed
61139 Accounting>PaymentGateways : "Invalid cardholder name" message is displayed when try to purchase with a cardholder name with only 1 name
18510 Tab Order on Address pages
18502 Calendar Control issue on Edit - Moves Stage Customer History page
18775 Member Directory search results browser page title is misspelled and possibly has an extra word not needed
19126 Renewal Process is inadvertently creating invoice and payment for installments that are scheduled to be processed in future
19112 Recurring Gift Task - Invoice Transaction Date is pulling order date instead of batch date
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