Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.8

Issue Number Description
19121 Sending a communication from the certification module, freezes the certificant profile
19811 LowestPriceOnly - SystemOption confusing as the functionality not completed for Event Fee in eWeb
20216 The system option EnableMembRenewalBillToPrvInvoice is not functioning the way it is supposed to. When set to true it is supposed to set the bill to on the renewal invoice from the renewal process so it is the same as it was previously.
20181 AR Aging Report and report "Invoices with Balance Due" Export to CSV fails to export correct invoice total
20131 Apply Payment form missing stored payment dropdown functionality
16489 When a non paid deferral record that has started recognizing is returned cancelled and writeoff unpaid recognized deferral amount checkbox is checked that invoice remains on Available for Recognition & Revenue Recognized report
20653 Voiding an advertising invoice that contains a base rate and discount, system only sets the aod_delete_flag on the product and NULL the aod_ivd_key. Check Insertion order profile/order info tab/details child form, discount remains listed.
20855 On Add Purchase Order, warehouse drop down doesn't populate for first product selected
20662 The Upgrade/Downgrade Pledge functionality is not working properly for Recurring Gifts

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