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Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.19


2014.1.19 Resolved Issues

The following list contains customer-reported issues that were fixed in netFORUM 2014.1.18 service pack.

The NetSuite issue number is included for your reference.


NetSuite ID Product Area Description
25284 Accounting When running the Delete Proforma Invoices process for the first proforma invoice for a membership, the task gets completed but it was not updating the mxi_ivd_key_previous field correctly for the second proforma invoice in the database. This issue has been fixed and now the mxi_ivd_key_previous field gets updated correctly for both individual and organization.
17752 CRM An organization having primary contact with an individual, and if the relationship reaches the set end date, then the primary relationship information will be removed from the profile information panel of both profiles automatically.
22392 eWeb On eWeb, if you are registered for an event and try to register again for the same event then the system now displays a duplicate warning message stating ‘Warning! You have already registered for this event. Are you sure you want to continue?’.
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