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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.2.1

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Issue Number Description
9009 If you use RichTextBox when you click Full Screen customer wants the display to be bigger or function like the CuteEditor.
9648 Moves are created for customers even when that customer has an existing not-closed move in another stage in that same series.
11982 Abstract review box in eWeb is cut off, even after resizing. If you go to review an abstract in eWeb, after selecting "submit a review", the "comments" box appears to be cut off. Resizing the window does not appear to correct this.
12192 The eWEB Events Register - Create an Account functionality does not identify an email as existing in netFORUM and allows a duplicate Individual record to be created.
12386 eWeb shows Avectra Copyright on most pages
12402 Lockbox action field displays 'No Action' instead of 'Import Payment' for a lockbox line item if you edit the line item and click OK without making any changes and then continue the import process.
12628 When hard deleting data then navigating to any other child form tab, the error message "Error deleting row. No rows were deleted" displays. It looks like the data is still removed.
12853 Outlook integration results in SOAP Exception when using sliding token.
12933 Changing the time in the now popup for scheduled tasks do no populate on the "run task datetime" box
12979 Exhibitor booth selection highlighting does not show.
13053 When selling multiple copies of the same subscription, in the same order, then fulfilling them, the fulfillment report shows that all were fulfilled but the customer's record shows only 1 fulfilled.
13058 When you copy event, the registration required and free event fields are being flipped.
13085 phone numbers are saved without formatting mask when saved in eweb.
13099 eWeb popup windows don?t size correctly / FormFunctions.js changes
13134 "on behalf of" field doesn't do anything.
13273 Billing address Flag on Add Address doesn't get updated
13308 Error adding abstract file via eweb
13313 Communicate functionality Mailing list type does not update when the mailing list type is end dated in the Marketing set up
13326 In 2013.01.03, when using Chrome, dashboard menu is unusable.
13327 You have to click the X button twice to close the pop up window the first click centers the window.
13332 The 'Auto Apply Payment' checkbox does not default as checked (even though it is setup to default) in wizards when a user has a default batch setup that has a default payment-method selected.
13353 RLS Site: insert statements cannot include the _read_only column. See ad_advertiser_dedup sp. Cannot do insert * into statements.
13354 It looks like when the page refreshes it is attempting to delete the same record again. When I traced the code it follows the same stack trace. I have Attach the stack trace in the attached file.
13385 When adding a payment and selecting Auto-Pay Installments, the credit card info is stored on the ?stored payment information? childform. However, it is being duplicated and shows twice when Auto-Pay Membership & Auto-Pay Installments is selected.
13425 The event profile on eWeb for a free event doesn't have the Free Event message.
13434 Validation occurs in Avectra.netForum.Common.UtilityFunctions.IsValidEmail
13436 The error ?ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified.? will be thrown when calling GetDynamicQuery for an applicable query, but it does not get thrown when running the query in iWeb.
13458 When selecting check as payment method, if check info is entered, then Soft Credit is added, check info is erased
13499 Custom demographics in events do not always appear in the query builder even though their iweb flag is set to 1
13506 When selecting the line item check box next to the registration line item on an event cancellation, the cancel date does not populate.
13517 When Adding Constituent with individual, if you use the organization lookup, what is selected is not saved upon save.
13580 workflow is marked to run for insert only but firing for update also.
13605 The invoice is created with no billing address when a donation is added from the Fundraising Gift ? Quick ? eWeb (TL) form. This occurs even when entering an address.
13982 When a membership package is renewed to a membership package that has a subscription the subscription dates are not matched to the renewal membership dates even though the system option SyncChapterAndSubscriptionDatesWithNational is set to be true
15871 When you purchase an item via eWeb with an open invoice, and the applicable customer notification template includes a reference to {inv_code}, the invoice code shown is incorrect.
16066 Unable to overwrite Zero dollar credit when cancelling a recognized event registration.
16073 Customer cannot set a payment amount against a line item in xweb as you can in iweb. Xweb will pay off invoice details in order until payment amount is used up. Customer is seeking way to evenly distribute a partial payment across invoice details via xweb.
16118 Delete icon is missing for records in ‘telephone numbers’ and ‘fax numbers’ child forms, it should be available similar to Individual profile, however there is ‘Delete’ button in ‘Edit - Phone’ and ‘Edit – Fax’ forms to delete record.
16166 When multiple contacts share the same address virtual earth list the first contact over and over instead of each individual contact. The json for the list of contacts is not serialized correctly.
16408 The drop down control is not high enough to display selected option
16414 When an Audience is run the query results show the correct count, however, when a Mailing List is created from that list it only shows the results from the first query in the Audience.
16556 When uploading a file in the Marketing Templates, the full path is not created resulting in a blank image. (Note: it also happens in the Event Edit/Web Info html Description field).
16561 warehouse drop down populates when the product code text box is blank but does not populate when it is not blank.
16606 Committee Roster with Contact Information (Export) report includes deceased individuals
16631 In Add-Call to Action, the list type selected drives the available data source queries, but not the audience. User selects audience and list type is updated. This creates a confusing user experience and may be prohibitive if they have a lot of audiences.
16679 If you change the value of the action drop-down menu on any Lockbox Import page other than the first, the change will not be saved.
16691 Filling out survey throws error in casting object type.
16712 When a child form has the "same window for add?" setting checked the add button does not work.
16757 Avectra.netForum.Data.PageCombineClass.ChangeCustomerKeys(PickedCustomerClass, ModuleClass, string, string) leaks connections. That method is used by the xWeb method MergeCustomers, causing failed xWeb requests.
16758 In individual web login form, check boxes are only active when clicked on the right edge in Chrome, FF, and IE9.
16822 When sending emails using VerifyEmailAccountTemplateGuid having a value and EWebValidateAccountEmails is set to true then and a valid email address is used a validation link should appear in the email sent to the email address
16824 Cancel button does not work from Object and Form Deploy. All browsers affected.
16827 Error Generated when attempting to sort by any column from an Extended Table on a list page. Reflected In any module.
16909 Cannot copy event if the sponsorship type on a sponsor fee is blank - error: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_ev_event_sponsor_fee_ext_ev_event_sponsor_fee"....column 'esf_prd_key'. The statement has been terminated.
17066 Individual: There are some labels overlapping in individual profile (Additional information) and also from 'Add Individual' form
17085 RichTextBox does not load IN iE11/Firefox CuteEditor does not load in ie
17108 Batches that contain payments from credit used to pay for transactions that result in a Realized Gain/Loss will generate a Batch is Unbalance error when attempting to close.
17256 This bug is urgent to customer. Once a document has been loaded into the download information setup of an inventory item, we are not able to delete it. The red X that appears next to the file is not functioning in any way that removes the file.
17261 IE 11 does not render report due to a .net bug
17304 Ability to edit prc_recognize_after_date on a Deferred Discount price causes bad data when recognizing revenue. prc_recognize_after_date needs to stay null for deferred discounts - the system will otherwise process it as a deferred price (not a discount)
17355 Workflow Designer does not allow items to be selected in IE10 or IE11
17370 Individual users are able to change linked organizational addresses through eWeb and should not be allowed to.
17372 When Adding a second individual, after checking "Insert after Save" and "keep Values" fields, an error message is given saying "Home Address is marked as Primary, Please Enter a Home Address" even though the Home Address is not marked as primary.
17385 Once the company link is removed from the add individual form, it is not possible to unlink the address.
17413 In 2013, changing Bill customer after selecting a product in COE clears product.
17501 Within the Organization Profile Report, individuals related to the organization are not sorted by their last name.
17512 From Organization profile and Individual profile, the “Additional Information” section the field items are not lined up correctly on SP4.
17529 When an event has split revenue, the "Revenue Available for Recognition" and the "Revenue Recognized" reports do not calculate properly
17596 Setting the Aggregate System option to true does not roll up the line items.
17625 In Chrome the list of dashboard reports box is small and you are not able to select a report
17632 Organization address billing flag is nulled out when adding a new address. See attachment
17697 When CachingProvider is set to Memory and Disk The cache root folder is not cleared on the webserver when clearing cache from the admin module
17705 Body of Outlook emails not captured in netFORUM.
17706 Assignments created in netFORUM are not displayed as tasks in Outlook.
17730 If you use the "enter button" on your keyboard when inputting the session description, it breaks on eWeb and doesn't' show the information for the session description.
17800 In iWeb or eWeb when I edit the cst_bio field to include carriage returns (for multiple paragraphs), it saves correctly in the edit window, but does not display correctly in eWeb (all carriage returns are stripped out for some reason).
17843 NF always inserts token with FAIL status while doing LDAP Authentication. This issue doesn't exists in sp3 of 2013. Check Authentication.cs line 1084 of 2013sp3 for more details.
17871 Prevent selling to countries options does not apply to non-shippable products (it is enforced for shippable products only)
17920 Was not able to recreate in 2014.01
17923 Subscription Renewal notification emails from baseline_subscription_renewal_task_notification template contain no status data the fields are not being parsed. All that is in the email is "Scheduled Task executed at and now has a status of . "
17931 Fix for issue #10990 is not included in the updated Message Tracker implementation. This issue is resolved in the old scheduled task implementation, but not in the 'iWeb' implementation of message tracker.
17956 When a proforma membership invoice has a voided line item and then is selected in the delete proforma process once it is that invoices turn to get deleted that invoice and all others after get the below error and are not deleted "Invoice detail has been vo
17985 When a document is attached when sending out a call to action that document is not sent or received by the individual.
17992 Header labels do not display for Edit Website in CMS module when theme set to Mulberry, Onyx, Flora
18019 Bug: Links to uploaded files can be broken when the record is edited.
18056 Add Payment from Individual profile is broken in NF2013. After selecting invoices to pay and click Next the payment amount switches to $0.00. Same thing happens when you add payment from org profile. Clicking the "add payment" Icon on the organization prof
18068 Phone number and email address set to unlisted is appearing within the member directory on the customer's eweb site.
18099 Marking an addresses as primary unmarks other address as billing.
18146 When attempting to register for an Event with Sessions while selecting both the Event fee and session OR when trying to add sessions to an event registrant who already registered for an event, it gives an error.
18219 Cannot edit credit amount field on Event Cancellation Wizard Event/ Cancellation screen. When you try to make the credit amount zero it reverts back to the original credit amount and won't keep the credit amount zero.
18231 When trying to update an organization using xWeb calls, the system cannot update the organization record because it is trying insert a new duplicate address record.
18249 Changing Paid By changes invoice to 0
18304 Deploy Form - deploys all related objects even when not selected: All child forms, profile tabs, profile details, etc. are created to the new form even though they are not selected!!!!!
18310 When renewing a membership with member type flagged as set dates based on payment date, and not renewing within grace period, the start and end dates are not based on payment date
18312 xweb WEBCentralizedShoppingCartAddLineItem issue.
18315 Can not create a mailing list to generate certificates and letters. When the page comes up and you click on the plus sign under mailing list to add the mailing list. Error: Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier.
18324 When a CTA is sent the co_customer_activity_ext (CCA_KEY_EXT) columns are not being populated
18395 Error when editing member type status from Association Profile>Membership Tab>member types child form: Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier.
18417 When you go to a membership invoice from the membership profile you are placed in the fundraising module instead of the accounting module
18449 Renewing using "renew this list" link after running a query returns object reference error when invoices are being created. This is fixed in 2014 but broken in 2013.2
18595 When auto refunding a card during a return cancel a conversion error is returned. I believe this is related to bug 18184. It is not grabbing the rfd_gla_cr_key "Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier."
18603 Quick group registration wizard should not throw a "discount cannot be applied to this product" error if there is no discount associated with the event fee
18648 Discount Price Attribute Doesn't Work in Xweb
18711 "Conversion failed" on the Invoice Return Process
18747 ConstituentProfile: The ‘latest gift amount’ value is not correctly gotten for this field See TFS # 25276
18749 Deferred memberships that have 100% discounts applied that is not deferred are appearing on revenue recognized report when they should not be
19125 when editing mailing list you get conversion error "Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier."
19107 Scheduled query file omits primary key.

Hotfix 1

19089 Gifts child form does not display all bookable installments
19032 When paying an open invoice using eWeb, the inv_key in the URL is not linked to the open invoice
18967 netFORUM is not correctly calculating the correct Shipping Fee to add to the cart
19189 Query security does not work in Query Individual
19202 When registering for an event and session with a fundraising product associated to the session an error is returned
19112 When Recurring Gifts Task is run, invoices pull the incorrect date
19280 Changing Bill To causes iWeb line items to remove product and price

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