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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.2.3

Issue Number Description
20521 Error message on "aso_number_of_days" field validation
20366 Call To Actions are adding extra URL info to the links of embedded images and as a result images are not being displayed in emails.
19383 Performance problems loading pledge profile - 2013 MERGE
20701 On eWeb, clicking apply discount redirects to baseline webcode instead of custom webcode
20642 When EnableMultiCurrency is set to true, Event Group Registration throws error because _currency is null. Error is "Object reference not set to an object"
20670 In NF2013, xWeb Authenticate Method Open to SQL Injection Attacks
20673 You can insert an Xweb user into FW_user through Xweb Authenticate
20696 Run Query mass replace returns to incorrect query results
19362 Port to 20130202 : eWeb - Available Credit is not being applied on eWeb

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