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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.1.4

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Issue Number Module Description
5460 Accounting When customer statement report is run with either include or not include closed invoice, the report shows closed invoices that have cancelled or returned items which created credit and that same credit used to issue a refund or pay off another invoice.
10985 Accounting Member Renewing at 50% Pro-Ration not calculating correctly
12942 Accounting Can't click on anything in the accounting module overview screen when dashboard report runs in firefox.
13093 Accounting No ledger entry created in the adjustment batch for a discount when the invoice is voided with adjustment.
13174 Accounting Report: When using split revenue prices the individual credits to the GL accounts are rounded and then added together leading to batch imbalances.
13445 Accounting When the copy price is used to copy a deferred event price the prc_revenue_recog_frequency is set to be null for the copied price.
13593 Accounting Report: When deferred discount is voided with adjustments the amount recognized is being debited from revenue instead of credited to revenue
13606 Accounting Report: The AR Aging Report on multi-currency sites incorrectly calculates invoice line item balances after taking discounts into account, causing some line items to have a negative balance which means they don?t show on the final report.
13614 Accounting User preferences dialog giving error when trying to save due to bat_lock_flag.
13615 Accounting Lockbox transactions will not import if there are over five transactions listed in the import file
13627 Accounting When trying to edit the user security on a batch, the pop-up window does not display. The pop-up window allows the user to change the security group settings.
13674 Accounting When deferred anniversary term based product has a mid-month start date, the partially deferred amount for the first month is not properly calculated by the formula behind the field def_recognition_amount_cp
15627 Accounting oig_code can exceed column definition (80) preventing the scheduled task from running
16489 Accounting Report: When a non paid deferral record that has started recognizing is returned cancelled and the writeoff unpaid recognized deferral amount checkbox is checked that invoice remains on the Available for Recognition and Revenue Recognized report indefinit
17147 Accounting When you click on "Post Multiple Batches" Link in a period profile, the check/uncheckbox does not select the available batches in the list. This happens with Chrome only. Works fine in IE.
15975 Advertising unable to check the create proforma invoices check-box in Create invoices of the Advertising module in Firefox
12814 Baseline Reports/Queries Using the delete icon to remove a group by condition in the query tool causes the AJAX to spin and doesn't delete the control
12887 Baseline Reports/Queries Deferred Revenue Report displaying A/R account for Deferred Discounts
13070 Baseline Reports/Queries Event Registrant Queries will not run from Query Central when cst_sort_name_dn list column is used and Show horizontal/vertical scrollers on lists = NO
13113 Baseline Reports/Queries When a discount is applied to an invoice for an Organization, it is not taken into consideration when customer statements are run and the discount amount still shows as a balance due.
13512 Baseline Reports/Queries Baseline Invoice Reports (Invoices with format by batch; with format by date range; without format by batch; without format by date range
16141 Baseline Reports/Queries Report: Report has two parameters. If the second (state) is All an error message is received. See Issue Details
10590 Centralized Order Entry When purchasing a Bundle with an event, the lowest price is checked when customer qualifies for more than one price. If you uncheck the the default price and select another price an error is thrown 'No line items Selected' error
13115 Centralized Order Entry Shipping product still remains in the shopping cart after the shippable product associated to it is removed.
13915 Centralized Order Entry seems that renew invoice from have static position on a form with out table layout and this is causing overlapping form one over another, maybe this should be in a div with css property postition :relative to handle the components with static positions
14366 Centralized Order Entry If tax product is set with no additional parameters (no country, no zip code, etc) it is not added to invoice items if the customer has no zip code in the address used. If the customer has a zip code, tax is applied as expected.
16335 Centralized Order Entry "When you load the Event Fees / COE - Event Reg Wizard (Fees) / 57de8605-94ee-41d8-af0d-1e1363b292eb form, some of the buttons are cut off due to the window size. The problem appears to only happen in 2013. I have been unable to reproduce in any 2011."
11991 Certification ce_exam is missing cex_passing_percentile column which the GenerateCEUCredits -->CEUCreditsFromProducts sql statement references and causes process to fail.
13979 Certification CEU generation is not working properly
12973 Committees Document code, summary, and description gets wiped out when you upload new committee document
2217 CRM Ability to clear the customer's title from the Edit Name and Address form
11975 CRM In previous versions, super search return events. In 2013.01.01 events are being omitted.
12209 CRM Once a source code has been saved to a customer record, it does not allow you to delete it.
12544 CRM When adding a new address and checking the "billing" check box, the billing flag is not being updated.
12632 CRM cannot save an individual's communication preferences.
12831 CRM ce_indivdiual_designation object component code that it does not call WorkflowUtils.CheckRules code on record insert
12834 CRM set soft delete application configuration then when soft delete individual designation object it is supposed to update the column ixd_delete_flag but instead the line in code is _oData.SetValue("xsf_delete_flag", "1");
12867 CRM V2011 didn't require any system option or my preference settings to allow you to add the list to a mailing list. Where 2013 requires the "DataGridPageSize" system option and the "Max number of row per page for lists" my preference setting.
12932 CRM Blank screen pops up in export to excel for search results.
12999 CRM The system should save any valid URL link even if it is longer than usual and has "?" and not written is ?.com? format
13037 CRM Workflow tasks not logging to md_workflow_task_log in 2013 build.
13040 CRM When Adding an Organization, the 2nd address block (billing) is a required field, even if a 2nd address is not provided. This prevents Org records from being added, as it is not obvious what the problem is. See case 140863.
13167 CRM Editing linked address does not reflect on child profile
13233 CRM HotFix: regardless whether the lowerprice system option is true or false multiple prices are available
13238 CRM If you add an assignment via Customer Request Profile>Assignments child form, the customer record does not get added to the customers child form on the Assignment profile.
13264 CRM While linking organization?s address to an individual record it is possible to overwrite organization?s state
13265 CRM After editing an individual?s ACH bank account number , the account number is not encrypted and the ?number display? field will still display the old account number.
13336 CRM "Error when adding&linking individual to org with Canadian address:The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint ?FK_co_address_co_state_territory"".The conflict occurred in database?NFEP20130103?,TABLE"" _state_territory?"
13394 CRM When adding an ACH account that is a mix of numbers and letter, the encryption fails and the display and the cc/ach account columns are set to NULL
13447 CRM Customer profile > invoices (voided) child form only displays voided invoices in open batches. This should display any voided invoices for the customer.
13485 CRM IE11: Unable to check check-boxes in IE11
13587 CRM When doing a mass replace on the individual object the fields are not being updated after the process runs. Also when you check ?Clear Value?? checkbox it is not clearing the specific columns and setting it to be null.
13621 CRM No start date on ixo relationship when added from the "Add Individual" Screen
14004 CRM Saving Customer Setup -> Scoring-> Customer Action Type record causes an error.
14434 CRM Extender column used in list table search results causes error to be logged when iWeb user uses it to sort the result set.
14474 CRM CDYNE Postal Address Verification API - case letters are updated on address after verification
14580 CRM The Score Scaling Task is failing with the error message, "Task: Starting date of scheduled task must be in the future ", I wanted to know if this is a bug or is this simply a set up issue? What needs to be done to get this working if indeed it is a setup?
15972 CRM Assignment and Responses link does not fit in the text box when preferences set to display one tab on profile pages.
16045 CRM "Abstract: When adding an new address, the Validate Address button is very sensitive when using IE 11, Chrome or Firefox. You have to click it on the bottom line of the button to get it to work. (works in IE 9 and IE 10)"
16111 CRM Country label missing next to country drop down in add individual form under home information.
16269 CRM When you add an individual & include a Canadian home address the correct city/province/postal code fields do not appear
16296 CRM When adding customer request, Smart Search overtakes screen when selecting different page.
16380 CRM Add membership form doesn’t automatically expand enough to show the add chapter and review/edit buttons. User can expand it but it’s a bad user experience.
16383 CRM Add Survey Response form with multiple questions doesn’t fully display the save and cancel buttons. The user can expand the form, but it’s a bad user experience.
16426 CRM SUBFORM_1 does not load correct form for country in the add organization form like SUBFORM_0
16439 CRM Misalignment and font size of the word Preference on Org Profile
16440 CRM Add Org Form misalignment and missing labels
12893 Development Toolkit Workflow does not fire on Invoice object when task type is condition but fires on Invoice detail object
13107 E-Marketing When creating an Event Registrant template, Event Location and URL are only available as a key (Event Location Field List)
13137 E-Marketing Transfer records button doesn't work on first click - must click 2 times to initiate transfer
13239 E-Marketing Report: When trying to send an email blast images inserted into message via cute editor are being lost due to what appears to be a relative source url.
13295 E-Marketing When a customer resends the COE confirmation template through the communication child form the HTML code is being sent to the customer instead of the normal email.
13631 E-Marketing IE11: Only show HTML in text editor boxes when using cute editor
15773 E-Marketing 'Thank you for renewing' messages are not being sent when a member renews by paying an invoice.
16494 E-Marketing When adding recipients to Add-Cost form in Call to Action Profile with cost package selected, it fails to calculate the total because of the $ that was automatically added in cost set up.
12640 Events Cancel Reason Disappears when updating credit amount field
13260 Events IE11: Folders not opening in IE11
13463 Events When you navigate to an organization record that record is the one that will populate in the 'Bill To:' field when adding a track or session to an existing registrant.
15584 Events When adding event to outlook through eweb the time zone that is set in the event profile is not taken into consideration. When time zone is set to PST in the event profile when added to outlook the time zone switches to EST.
11933 eWeb No confirmation number for zero dollar publications purchased in eWeb
12056 eWeb Round to 2 last digits on recent invoices
12541 eWeb Cannot edit FAQ category in CMS
12921 eWeb When making a change to Eweb in the CMS module when in design toggle mode, the changes do not refresh in 2013 like they did in 2011.
12969 eWeb When attempting to design through eWeb, after entering your credentials when prompted, you are redirected to iWeb instead of eWeb.
13100 eWeb When adding an event to the Outlook calendar in eWeb, the pop-up window does not auto-close and remains open after adding the event to the calendar.
13230 eWeb After logout system tries to read shopping cart that doesn't exist from cookie.
13404 eWeb Report: eWeb-page doesn't refresh when record is deleted
13500 eWeb New baseline sites that are deployed for clients do not have eWeb Menu. This has been observed for many sites that were deployed using SP3 package and also some sites that were deployed using SP2 Hotfix 2.
14318 eWeb Package price is not being refreshed/updated in eWeb
15956 eWeb Baseline tries to load saved shopping cart even if the system option EnableEwebSavedShoppingCart is turned off
15959 eWeb eWeb Login button click code defaults to /memberpage.aspx it should be /memberpage.aspx?expires=yes
15962 eWeb After login on eWeb you get the red error "must specify at least one criteria before you can continue"
15997 eWeb discount on group registration added more than once on eWeb
16124 eWeb eWeb renew membership page is not displaying correctly
13088 Exhibits Unable to update the number of comp booth personnel on the Edit- Exhibitor Booth New Form
14029 Exhibits Clicking on Exhibitor -> Exhibitor Management -> Booth Personnel causes errors to be logged into the error log
12992 Fundraising If you add a soft credit from Fundraising>Gift group item link, the soft credit is not logged on the Soft Credit tab on the constituent record neither is it listed in 'List gifts' under the Gift group item link. Worked okay in 2010.
13656 Fundraising Is this working as designed (possibly due to recurring gifts create a pledge to handle the payment schedule) or is this a bug?
12894 General There are sort issues on 2 columns in the find individual results. City, State, Post Code column (also E-mail column) - all letters come up instead of just the ones related to info in column
13271 General Login window does not block access to Main site if the user is RLS user.
13609 General To get to the next record from a query result you have to click on the arrow twice as the system requires the side bar to be updated the first time
13646 General Find page does not put cursor in the first field. It used to work that way in 2011 but it looks like it no longer does in 2013. It doesn?t work in 2014 either. Something with the UI redesign in 2013 must have broken that feature.
14539 General missing overload for NfDbAdapter that needs to be resolved.
15621 General Row Level Security uses sql impersonation to switch between the nF service account and the users sql account. When database connections are not closed properly, when the connection is re-used, impersonation fails, causing critical and inconsistent errors.
16432 General Javascript pop-up form is confusing when displayed with white background and no border.
16828 General Large data sets of grandchild forms can exhaust open connection strings
12779 Inventory Shipping Carrier edit form not displaying values
12934 Inventory Can't edit product descriptions in full screen
13139 Inventory When a bundle is added to the shopping cart on eweb or iweb and the membership is added after it gives the product member rate rather than the bundle discount price. It works correctly if the membership is added first.
13620 Inventory "netFORUM displays the error message of ""Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier"". It looks like it is trying to insert '' (two single /empty string) into oe_product.prd_ptp_key."
15674 Inventory Cannot add prices to Products from Misc Products. When clicked on (+) it populates wrong Product type and throws an error when saving. More details attached.
15937 Inventory IE11 & Firefox deleting discount amount records on cancel
16521 Inventory the product type should not default to the "Merchandise" when adding a price to membership dues product type or any other product type.
12943 Membership Various RLS issues, Hans has been informed of most: Transfer Membership; Renew Membership; Transfer Registrant; Substitute Registrant; Add tracks/sessions (Registrant profile); Add Guest. Also; Merge individuals and quick report/export error.
13039 Membership When there is only one membership type, membership statuses do not display when attempting to change membership status.
13045 Membership Customer expects that when purchasing a prorated dues product in for example Dec and back dating the transaction date to 7/31 the cost will be 1/2 the original price.
13225 Membership Upon completion of the drop process, the column mbh_task_status is not updated. The List Drop Process therefore always shows all processes as Scheduled.
13250 Membership Transfer membership to new package results in incorrect calculation of total due for new package invoice depending on transaction date
13488 Membership Need to adjust the screen every time i purchase Membership in iWeb
13977 Membership Logic Error in edit membership extension causes Error to be logged in error log.
15782 Membership Report: The REMIT TO and the customer/member addresses are wrapping incorrectly on the baseline Membership Renewal Invoice Report.
15876 Membership Batch NOT available during Membership Transfer.
13536 Outlook Integration Individual or organization records with logged Outlook Integration e-mail responses are showing no details when those communications are edited within netFORUM.
13448 Subscriptions Usage Discount Program doesn't work properly. Users can apply the usage program/discount towards products from wrong fiscal year.
13712 Subscriptions The Org Type field is missing on the Subs Issue edit form (the label is there).
15832 Subscriptions Subscriptions Renew to the lowest price even though the system option for “UsePricingControlforSubscriptionRenewal” is set to “False”.
15565 Time and Billing Time Module - Error generating multiple invoices
12751 xWeb when updating cst_web_password using the WEBIndividualUpdate method the password is not encrypted. I can see the field returned using WEBIndividualGet and it is clear text. If I go into iWeb and resave the password, it will then be returned in this method
13349 xWeb SSO Login via eWeb doesn't work correctly if the user clicks forgot password
16870 xWeb When you are merging customer records through xWeb and there are custom tables the xweb MergeCustomer is not merging custom table records

Hotfix 1

17250 Cannot add members for ‘list members’ and ‘exclude list’ child forms in Mailing List for IE10
16978 Add_Ind or Add Org: 'State' and 'territory' fields from 'Home Information - set a primary' section are included into validation of required field 'Business Information ' is selected as primary address information
13536 Customer Record Does Not Display Communication Details on Logged Outlook Responses
17312 Deleting a phone number, fax number or e-mail associated with an order or invoice throws an error message that isn’t helpful to the end user
13266 Tool tips are cut off for buttons on modal window
17487 Fiscal Periods Not Saving New Period Names
17485 Cannot view child forms in custom dashboard tab if cookies are turned on
13197 When modifying the audience on a call to action and you click on the edit or add on the query dropdown the page fails to load.
17627 During the batch-close process that writes transfer-ledger records between two companies is not saving a valid atc_key
17409 In certain data scenarios where netForum has to round when selecting the inventory transaction icon when closing a period, error message thrown
17121 Kit components can be deleted from a kit
17405 Execute Method Leaves open connections
17428 adr_attn was added to the database in nF2011 but does not display on any forms and cannot be updated by users.
17525 Entering large number in org membership demographics reverts to zero upon saving
17471 allow an edited PMI to still work with the membership renewals
12432 Rev Rec report overwrites cancel payment data
17702 AVS - Group1 "No Address Found" message is not popping up
17747 Method CEUCreditGenerationTask.GenerateCEUCredits() -> hardcoded insert into ce_credits_ext should be replaced with "szUpdateExtSql = DataUtils.GenerateExtenderTableInsertCommand(new dbN.ce_credits());"
17450 Balance Sheet report format is inconsistent when printing
36660 remove ord_orig_trans_type_ext
17998 add individual and add organization asking for additional information
17655 When adding housing to an event registration the Date field (required) is blank with no options to select a date.
17954 Unable to load a page after refresh for the invoice


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