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NF 2013.1.1

Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.1.2

Issue Number Module Description
6418 Accounting ivd_close_flag gets unset for national mbr when mbr inv is voided
8073 Accounting 'Invoice Detail - Return/cancel 1 Item' form does not update ivd_credit_dollar_amount when cancel quantity is updated.
8669 eWeb Invoice total to apply doesn?t update when you login as a member
10083 Accounting Tax Item Being Re-added to Subsequent Invoices of Partial Fulfillments
10221 Inventory Component of an existing bundle and multicurrency
10408 Fundraising Recognition Level Bugs
10806 Framework ReverseLoadRelatedData should use SelectByCode
10918 Fundraising Fundraising events/sessions can be discounted but a gift does not get discounted
10944 Fundraising Peer to Peer donations are available for eWeb's recurring gifts, but that gift is not tied to a reg
10945 Fundraising Able to void and cancel a Peer to Peer registration with donations linked to it
11314 eWeb change password workflow changes site
11325 CRM User-defined Demographics ignore read-only flag for RLS
11338 Events Invoice billing name and address is incorrect for registrant who has been transferred within an event.
11341 eWeb Gift Confirmation E-mail is sent while transaction is incomplete
11357 E-Marketing Decommission Mailing Lists
11371 eWeb Session Listing Time Order
11373 CRM Parent company doesn?t display on the organization profile page
11393 CRM SQL on the Organization Constituent Child form
11416 CRM Phone Formatting (NF 2013)
11417 Fundraising Cannot add Organization Relationship from Constituent Profile
11419 Exhibits Issue adding Exhibitor with Complementary Personnel
11423 Case Management Edit - case form is blank
11424 Fundraising Code text field in Find - Fundraising Donor Category is too small
11432 Subscriptions Cannot reschedule a Subscription Fulfillment
11433 Centralized Order Entry Issue with Adding substitute/prerequisite products in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
11434 Abstract When editing an abstract submission, deleted authors are still displayed.
11437 Certification Add email in Certification wizard is broken
11438 Fundraising Add - Fundraising Gift Look up Buttons reset Recurring Flag
11440 CRM Unable to edit scoring weight decay rate
11443 Accounting netFORUM Intacct leger posting must include 3 dimension fields for all transaction types
11447 Committees End date value doesn?t calculate based on term length, if the start date value has changed.
11450 Awards Award sponsor child form is missing from individual profile page
11454 Sales Wrong redirection from the Assignment Profile -> customer in Sales module
11457 Events Empty Time Zone Field on Event Profile Causes Error
11462 Events Not able to register the registrant for the session from event registrant profile page
11478 CRM Unable to export a query result to a text file
11479 eWeb Login link on eWeb's Add - Discount Program form logs an error in
11480 Time and Billing Duplicate Line Items in Time Billing child forms and Time Summary Child form
11482 Events Events Registrant Group Profile: text overlapping
11483 Time and Billing Cannot press the Decline or Generate buttons if the Generate Invoice form window has more than 13 line items
11520 Framework BeforeDelete/AfterDelete are not called in RunMethod
11523 Membership Need to adjust the screen every time i purchase Membership in iWeb
11527 CRM Non-functional GoTo arrow for notes
11537 CMS Parsed Value for eWeb Site Code
11541 Sales Outdated or not needed Add Payment form on Contact/Account Profile in Sales
11545 Mobile iPad Error with Safari Browser
11571 Framework when using a mobile device, iweb is always redirecting to an unfinished mobile page
11584 Events Event Registrant queries break with new alias on ev_registrant
11596 CMS eWeb pop-up menus don't work in Firefox
11599 Sales Unable to add a Sales Cycle Schedule for a particular year once there?s at least one schedule created
11616 CRM iWeb allows email addresses flagged as invalid by DataUtils->ValidateInput to be inserted in netFORUM.
11617 CRM iWeb edit address update doesn?t hit DataUtils.cs->ValidateInput for email addresses being updated.
11643 Admin Set Group Security when unchecking module from one Group, removes it for ALL Groups
11653 Accounting Cancel an unpaid deferred taxed membership invoice that has been partially recognized, leaves a balance on the invoice which appears to be associated with the tax
11670 Admin Set Group Security, Enable All button does not check the checkboxes
11679 eWeb Saved Shopping Cart on eWeb
11687 Admin Remove unused system options EWebSSOTokenDomainCookieDomainName and eWebWriteSSOTokenDomainCookie
11691 Certification In the Exam Participation profile, the invoice is not appearing when the batch is closed
11693 Accounting Wrong balance in ac_multi_currency table when payment is voided
11696 Centralized Order Entry Error message recorded in error-log when changing quantity in COE before item is selected
11718 CRM Designations Display in Designations & Full Name
11742 xWeb xweb webweblogin uses getdataset to insert/update ws_security
11749 Development Toolkit Old designer icon presents error message
11754 Admin Distribution database seems to have several "junk" security groups
11797 Inventory Auto-Apply Discounts Are Not Automatically Applied to an Order
11798 Inventory Cannot Consistently Apply a Discount Product with a Price Attribute
11805 Framework Extender table info missing for ev_event_credit object
11828 Events Event Registrant List Report -No Results
11836 E-Marketing Error when sending emails from Communicate icon
11850 CRM Add Firm Paid Dues field to query
11852 Baseline Reports/Queries A/R Aging Report Yields Blank Report
11876 E-Marketing Error Adding Survey Response
11882 Framework Data Objects with foreign keys that are extender columns compose incorrect SELECT command that uses main table instead of extender table.
11890 Events Events Breakdown by Source Code - Events Dashboard
11899 Committees SelectFacadeDataSet method alias error
11903 CRM Parent companies are not showing up in the look up field on the Edit name and address form
11905 Framework Restore DataGridRowLimit system option
11914 CRM Combine/merge dup organizations with "delete" results in error
11932 eWeb Grammar error on eWeb shopping cart view
11951 Framework RLS SP contains incorrect line break for user defined data types
11995 Framework bring back support for clear all cache tablename: **all**
12016 Committees Add participant via Manage Participants not working
12018 Fundraising Recurring Gift with Premium Has Incorrect Gift Amounts
12042 CRM Add Language column to Individual query
12050 eWeb Forgot your password page glitch
12058 xWeb ac_batch -> BeforeSave() logic is different in 2011 and 2013; 2013 is missing logic.
12093 Baseline Reports/Queries render to file reports login_name parameter
12150 xWeb move REST endpoint to the Secure folder
12245 Membership Membership Drop Process error handling is incorrect - breaks out of loop and leaves connection and transaction dangling
12271 eWeb eweb Login button lacks focus
12294 xWeb xWeb UpdateFacadeObject on 2013s1 - Critical/Urgent.5 not updating database
12345 Membership Can?t add an association
12401 CRM Cannot Create New Action Type
12458 Committees Not able to add a committee
12483 Baseline Reports/Queries membership renewal process report returns blank screen
12507 eWeb need to alter shipping addresses??" link in eWeb doesn't work
12704 CMS Enable sub menu on nav links

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