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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.1.1

Issue Number Module Description
10579 Accounting Credit with CC cannot be added with SecureNetVaultProcessor
10984 Accounting Able to cancel a Discount Program purchase invoice once a DP has been applied
11033 Accounting Partial Refund can't be added in Add Refund form
11075 Accounting Invoice Detail Profile - Deferral Summary child form quick report does not display and generates an error in the DB
11079 Accounting Unable to add multiple payments via the Add Payment wizard
7428 Admin adding recurring scheduled task validation
10767 Admin Tribute Acknowledgement Task form
10948 Admin Password imported is not hashed
7167 Advertising Insertion Order detail price if changed, will not allow you to reenter the original price
10755 Advertising Add Agency - Cancel Button
10639 Baseline Reports/Queries Gift Acknowledgement Letter - Results are inconsistent and return column names
11081 Baseline Reports/Queries Events - Registrant Information - running the report generates an error
11087 Baseline Reports/Queries Accounting - G/L Chart of Accounts - report generates a blank window after parameters set
10919 Centralized Order Entry Credit Applied doesn't reset if Bill To Customer changes
8038 Certification Exam/Cert Crash Price Attribute
10905 Certification Course Provider - edit course provider profile does not populate any of the current values
11002 Certification Course Profile - edit a course fee from the course fees child form does not populate existing values
11076 Certification CEU - CEU Credit - Safari - pressing the Map View button does not open a new window
11263 Committees In ?Add ? Committee Participant? form, the end date value doesn?t calculate based on position term length
3976 CRM Users saving favorites at the same time can cause one user to receive an error and the other to get two favorites added.
5636 CRM Double Pop up Screens cuts off information
6692 CRM CPA - PRISM Integration
7234 CRM When an Audience is used to create a mailing list it only adds the results from the first query
8175 CRM "Create SQL" NFR
10886 CRM On eweb user can enter incorrect address when address validation is enabled
11021 CRM Link not redirecting to the correct group
11080 CRM Executive Dashboard - two reports on the dashboard are not loading and displaying errors
11091 CRM When adding more than one quantity of a product via COE form, it throws out error message on backend.
11099 CRM Scoring Scale Profile - Add Scoring Weight
11261 CRM missing mail stop field in address form
11231 Development Toolkit Form Designer crashes on certain Table Layout forms
3114 E-Marketing Baseline Renewal Template
10951 E-Marketing Modify Audience window has unnecessary tabs
10967 E-Marketing Lack of a link to a document for a CTA
11089 E-Marketing Source Code selected at the segment level logs some errors in
4930 Events CPA - Event and Product Budgeting
10934 Events Events: Registrant Profile: Saving the 'Edit - Event Registrant Session' form causes an error.
10996 Events Donations attributed to a fundraising sessions from COE and eWeb are not listed on the ?gifts due to fundraising events/sessions? child form
11043 Events Wrong Message is displayed
11045 Events Group Reg logs some errors in
11065 Events An error will be logged on the back end when guest is added for the Fundraising event via main registrant profile page
11100 Events When clicking ?transfer registrant? on ?Event Registrant Profile? page, errors are logged into log table
11247 Events Add LinkKey for Event Registrant, Group Transfer
4090 eWeb Payment applied to voided invoice via eWeb.
4769 eWeb Address post back issue with Group Reg - eWEB form for the group registration wizard
9643 eWeb Manage interest codes in eWeb - buttons covered
10568 eWeb E-mail does not default when adding a new customer
10812 eWeb Donation's tax deductible amount does not get updated
10814 eWeb Cannot make a pledge in eWeb when incorrect CC # is corrected
11001 eWeb Social Networks - Receipt - After making a purchase in eWeb share to Facebook link does not prepopulate the post block
11011 eWeb Events - If you change pages in the upcoming events all the events disappear from the calendar
11012 eWeb Home Page - top menus do not expand in firefox
11022 eWeb Shopping Cart - Firefox - in the Add Discount Program window the Login link does not take you anywhere
11024 eWeb Job Board - print page button on job postings just keep opening up new windows
11025 eWeb Unable to create a new account when e-mail verification is enabled
11061 eWeb My Events - when viewing event registration details the DB generates an error
11063 eWeb Event Registration - when registering for a fundraising event an error is being generated in the DB
10915 Exhibits Exhibits: iweb: An error occurs when attempting to advance from the first page of the Exhibitor Transfer Wizard.
10932 Exhibits Exhibits: Iweb: An error occurs when trying to save a booth fee with a value entered in to the "comp registrations".
10970 Framework Unable to upload a different document
11015 Framework Modules not accessible after clicking Events
11084 Framework Mailing Label (Avery 5132) report does not open in a new window when accessed from the Fundraising Constituent Profile
11321 Framework reports (rdls) should conditionally call "execute as" and "revert"
11350 Framework Super Search Sort Order does not reflect Object default sort order
10860 Fundraising Constituent's YTD Amount and Lifetime Amount are not calculated correctly
11067 Fundraising Personalized Schedule sets the payment amount for Verbal pledges
11078 Fundraising Pledge child form on the Planned Giving Profile does not list all pledges
11083 Fundraising Add Customer Request form accessed from the Action Items on the Fundraising Constituent Profile logs some errors in
11101 Fundraising Solicited Gifts and Pledges child forms list only records that had campaign, purpose, and appeal selected while making a donation or a pledge
11103 Fundraising Outlook and Word icons are returning blank pages for Organization and Chapter/Affiliate constituent types
11150 Fundraising Change Pledge Renewal to show all active funds
11165 Fundraising Unable to find Gift History records with search based on dates
10965 General Make SelectByDataRow ISelectableByDataRow methods in Component FacadeClasses be virtual
11259 General Drop column cst_household_salutation and oe_price.prc_good_service_price
8146 Inventory Second discount price does not get applied in group reg discounts if second rate does not have end range
10889 Inventory Inventory: Bundles: The left side panel disappears when clicking the 'Add Components' button when creating a bundle.
10976 Inventory Address should not be editable for the users on vendor?s profile page
6351 Outlook Integration Outlook Integration Response Size too big
10931 Outlook Integration xWeb for outlook is not working
10968 Sales Sales Cycle Schedule does not get generated
10969 Sales Edit - Sales Commission Schedule form has blank fields
10972 Sales Organization Profile report does not exist
11066 Sales When adding sales commission schedule, it throws out error message on backend: ?Invalid column name 'ssa_usr_key? ?
8089 Subscriptions Subscription that contain two prices one for individual and one for organization displays twice in eweb online store even if Org price is not set to sell online
11014 Subscriptions The add button and remove button are not adding and removing the issues
10765 Time and Billing Time Entry Profile - After voiding a generated invoice adding the line item to a new invoice does not replace the tim_txv_key

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