This article has information connecting to and disconnecting from the REST API in the Multitenant Cloud environment.
The examples and test were done with an application called Postman. This application can be useful for making and troubleshooting API calls. If you are having API issues it is recommended that you install and use it to help troubleshoot the problems.

One of the requirements for connecting to Cloud API is that the user account that will be used must be a member of the Admin group in the Cloud.
To determine if they are a member of the admin group you can log into the Customer portal, pull up the user and check to see what groups they are a member of.

Logging In-
After confirming your MIP UserID is a member of the Admin group it can be used in a connection to the API server.
The first thing you must do is get an access token.
An example of this in Postman is as follows:
In Postman start a POST statement.
Click on Params

  1. In the top put the gateway URL

  2. Click on the Body Tab

  3. Make sure the RAW option is checked

  4. Make sure the Last Tab has JSON selected.

  5. In the text area of the Body put the login info as follows: 


    "username": "Userid",

    "password": "Password",
    "org": "Database"

  6. Click SEND up top.

  7. The access token will be displayed in the bottom.

This access token can be copied and used in the headers tab to authorize additional statements.
Use the Key Word
Authorization-Token and the token itself in the Headers Tab of the statement.

Logging Out –
If you fail to log out the API login will remain active for some time and continue to take up a seat.
To log out you would create a new POST Statement.

  1. Use the command

  2. In the Headers Tab put the Authorization token statement and the token.

  3.  Push Send

  4. Confirm you get a Code 200 OK response.

The API login will be disconnected.

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