Below are the instructions to login to the AWS Active Directory environment.  It is broken down into two steps. The first step would be to reset/establish your password.  The login id will be your first name.last name.  This will be your Windows user account and will allow you to login to the AWS server.

Step 1: How to reset my mip-cloud domain passwords 

  1. Navigate to the URL listed below: 

  2. Click the ‘Forgot Password’ link. 

  3. Enter username and captcha.  Example:

  4. Email should be sent to your Inbox folder, remember to check your Junk Email folder if you do not see it.  Email is from

  5. Move email to Inbox folder.

  6. Open email and click on ‘reset password’ link.

  7. Password policy: Minimum 14 characters; at least one of each:  Upper case, Lower case, Special character, Number.

Step 2: Instructions for connecting to MIP servers in mip-cloud

  1. Access your RDP – Remote Desktop Connection - with the AWS IP address and make these RDP setting changes. 

  2. Windows Search > type ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ > Select

  3. NOTE: If you have previously saved credentials for Remote Desktop you will need to click the delete link on the General Tab and start fresh.

  4. With RDP open, click on arrow button next to the “Show Options” in the bottom.

  5. Click on Advanced tab.

    • Under Connect from anywhere, click on ‘Settings’.

    • Under Connection settings, check the ‘Use these RDGateway server settings

    • Server name =

    • Under logon setting, check ‘Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer’ then click OK.

    • Add local Drives: Under the Local Resources Tab > Local devices & resources tick printers & clipboard > More button > tick Drives, expand to confirm that other 2 options are ticked too

  6. Click on General tab

    • Enter the IP address of your MIP server = <insert new AWS IP >

  7. Click connect and logon with your mip-cloud credentials.  That is the username listed above and the password you just created.  Username format will be: mip-cloud\<username>.  Example:  mip-cloud\John.Doe

  8. Click OK

  9. Click Yes on the next window

  10. Double click the MIP Accounting icon on the desktop to open MIP Fund Accounting

  11. Enter in your MIP credentials you normally use to log in

  12. Note:  To log off server - Close MIP by going to File > Exit.  Then on server go to the click Start Menu button > Power button > Disconnect.

Note: After the initial setup, the IP address and user credentials will be cached and saved so you will only need to type in the password. 

Additional Information: 

If you do not see your printers or local drives, you may need to uninstall Net2Printer on  your computer.  Open Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall Net2printer RDP Client.

After the initial setup is complete, you can save the RDP – Remote Desktop Connection icon on your taskbar by right clicking it when it is open > click Pin to Taskbar. 


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