Set Up Budget Versions
Access this form with Administrative User rights using Administration> Organization Settings> Module Set Up> Budget.

Click on Add Budget Version to open the form below:

Use this form to set up multiple Budget Versions. A Budget Version groups selected budget worksheets together using their unique Version IDs. The system provides two budget versions: Original and Revised. 

Type in the Version ID, Status, Description, Display Name and hit Save.

Version ID: Enter a new budget version ID or select an existing one from the drop-down list. We recommend limiting your version ID to strictly alphabetic (A through Z) or numeric characters (0 through 9), and avoiding the use of symbols.

Status: Specify the status of the Budget Version. When creating a new Budget Version, accept the default status, A (Active), or select I (Inactive) D (Discontinued), or L (Locked) from the drop-down list. The status can be changed at any time. Below are valid status entries and their descriptions:

·(A) Active - Set a budget version to active to create worksheets and transaction entries in the budget version. When entering budget worksheets, the Primary Budget Version requires an Active status.

·(I) Inactive - Set a budget version to inactive when it is no longer used for normal transactions and worksheets, but has a need to be used later. A warning message appears when attempting to use an inactive status in a transaction. It is for notification only.

·(D) Discontinued - Set a budget version to discontinued when it is no longer used. The system does not allow you to create a new worksheet or transaction, nor can you post any entries with a discontinued status. Use this status to remove excess Available Column choices when reporting.

·(L) Locked - Set a budget version to locked when it is complete and no changes are required. The system does not allow you to create a new worksheet or transaction, nor can you post any entries with a locked status.

Description: Enter a description for the budget version.

Display Name: Enter a display name for the budget version or accept the default. This name displays in reports.

Primary Budget Version: The system displays a check mark if the primary budget is selected in the Version ID drop-down list.

Set As Primary: Click this button to make this the primary version used for budget checking or system verifications during posting. The system automatically selects the Primary Budget Version check box. The system provides two budget versions, Original and Revised. Revised is the default Primary Budget Version. To change the Primary Budget Version, select the current primary version from the Version ID drop-down list, and then click this button. Set up the controls for the Primary Version using Organization>Set Up Modules>Budget>Primary Budget Controls.

The Delete button will delete the Version ID if nothing has been created, entered, or posted to that version.

Click SAVE.

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