While attempting to import into MIP Fund Accounting you see slowness or MIP crashes producing an “NpsAC32” error.


Typical causes include-

1. Importing from a network drive

2. The .CSV may be corrupted

3. Temp files may be full

4. An old file path may be set in the .def file

5. May not have all Required Fields in the .def file for the type of import being done

6. Transaction Imports: Document number fields in the .def file may not match

7. Timesheet Imports (not journal vouchers): 

a. The current pay schedule may not have been entered

b. Pay Date in import may not match what is in MIP’s pay schedule


1. Take a copy of the .CSV and Definition file (.def) and place them on your desktop of the computer doing the import. Then try again, this eliminates the network from being a part of the equation.

2. Try exporting the file from where you originally created it, save it as a new .CSV, and try again. Sometimes the file can become corrupt.

3. Try clearing out your temp files by going to Start, typing in Run, press Enter, and type in %temp% and press Enter. In here, delete all the temp files. Try rebooting.

4. In the definition file, make sure there are no file paths at the top after where it says "FILE, SESSION, ". Save if there was and you had to remove it.

5. Verify all required fields are on the definition file by going to Help>Product Guides>Data Import/Export. Search for your type of import. Follow the column that says Req.

6.Transaction Imports: In the definition file, make sure what is next to the TEDOC_DOCNUM matches what is next to TETRANS_DOCNUM.

7. Timesheet Imports

a. Ensure you have entered your current year pay schedule by going to the processing group from the Maintain > Processing Groups, open your processing group and click on the Pay Schedule Tab. Add the Year, First Pay Date, review the pay schedule and SUTA weeks (make any modifications necessary). Once you save the processing group modifications, you will be able to process your regular payroll.

b. Make sure your pay date is correct in the .def or data files to match your pay date in MIP.

8. If these steps did not resolve the issues, please call our Support line at 800-945-3278.


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