Question: I have a user ID in EWS that is different from the user ID in HR. How can I find out what record was used in HR to create the EWS user ID?
Please Note: Configuring SQL is outside of the scope of your Abila M&S agreement. The following solution has been provided as a courtesy to our Fund Accounting/EWS customers. Please contact your local IT consultant for assistance.
Answer: To get this information you will need to open SSMS (Microsoft SQL Service Management Studio)

  1. Expand Database and find your Live Database

  2. Expand your Live database and expand Tables

  3. Locate dbo.SIP_WebLog _RMBS table

  4. Right click on dbo.SIP_WebLog _RMBS and select the option Select 1000 Rows

  5. Once your result is displayed, add the where command equal to the EWS user ID as indicated below. Your result will display the HR ID next to the EWS ID after you execute the script.

        WHERE sLoginID = 'enter the EWS user ID here'

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