With the change to the consolidated interface and Ereq no longer being a separate module with a separate login, security has changed. Additional changes and clarification to the way it works will happen in future versions but as of 15.2/16.1 this is the way it works.
Users who are not flagged as Ereq have normal rights and some rights to Ereq entry and reporting but they will not be able to complete all functions in the Ereq process. If someone needs enter and approve requisitions they should be flagged as an Ereq user. They should also complete the setup of the user via Security>Requisitions menus.
Flagging a user as an Ereq user does not remove any permissions or restrict activity like executive view does. The user still has all their previous rights plus Ereq abilities. You can have as many users flagged as you have regular + additional Ereq users.
The biggest change comes in logging in. You have regular plus additional ereq users. The total number of people that can be in the system at once is the number of regular users plus the total requisition users (which is to say 2x Regular users + Ereq users). However every ereq user that logs in before a regular user takes up a regular users seat. When the number of regular + ereq flagged users logged in is equal to the number of concurrent users no more regular users can log in. Only users flagged as an Ereq user can continue to log in.
Example: An organization 5 regular users and 10 additional Ereq users. They have 30+ total users set up in the system, 15 of them are flagged as Ereq (5 regular + 10 additional).
Scenario 1
The 5 regular (not flagged as Ereq) users could log in first, then the 15 additional Ereq users log in afterward for a total of 20 users in at once.
Scenario 2
If 5 Ereq users logged in first NO regular users (those not flagged as ereq) could log in. The additional  10 users flagged as Ereq COULD log in for a total of 15 users logged in at once.
Scenario 3
If 3 regular users and then 2 Ereq users log in NO regular users (those not flagged as ereq) could log in. The additional 13 users flagged as Ereq COULD log in for a total of 18 users logged in at once.
Additional Information
It is confusing and future updates should simplify this process and make it more consistent. But currently the number of people not flagged as Ereq that can log in depends on the order in which they log on. If the non-Ereq users log in first they can get in. But if Ereq users have already logged in they take up seats that would have been used by the non users. Ereq users can always log in up to the maximum number of Ereq users.
Doesn’t this mean that if I purchase and Ereq user I actually have more rights and it’s cheaper?
Currently yes, however future security upgrades are likely to change that.
When I purchased my additional Ereq users didn’t want them to do anything in accounting, they don’t have any rights but now they are taking away seats from my regular users. How can I get around that?
Contact customer support or our sales department. Sales may be able to give you a temporary activation code that will grant you as many additional Ereq seats as your regular concurrent users. Therefore all users can be flagged as Ereq and log into the system at once.
What effect does executive view have on this?
Executive view is intended to give users the ability to only run reports. If you flag a user as Executive View it will restrict the permissions that user has regardless of what rights you grant them. They will not be able to do requisitions.
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