Note: These instructions are now the same for Customers, Customers on multiple accounts, Tech Partners, and for our Consulting Alliance Member partners.

Our Support Center covers the following products: MIP Fund Accounting, MIP Cloud, (formerly Multi-Tenant Cloud), Gazelle, Fundraising 50, Fundraising 50 Cloud, Millennium, and Millennium Cloud.

If you need to change the new Support Center password you created or need to request a new password:

  • Browse to the Support Center

  • Click “Log In” in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Click the ‘Forgot your password link, and the instructions are sent to you in an email.

If you did not receive an initial welcome message to create your new password for the Support Center powered by Salesforce, click the MIP Support chat services button:

  • During normal Chat Business Hours, click ‘Chat Now’ to engage with a representative.

  • After-Hours you can leave your request for our next business day.

  • If the link above is not available, you have other questions about your account, or if you are missing any accounts in your list on the Support Center, please contact Support Triage

  •  If you need help accessing Community Brands U, contact Training

Our Support Resources are now single sign-on. To get started:

  • Browse to the Support Center

  • Click “Log In” in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Other Resources  -Additional resource quick links available for our Customers and Partners:

  • Under the Quick Links section:

    • You can chat with Support by selecting the ‘MIP Support – chat services’ button
    • You can create new cases online by selecting the ‘Create Case’ button
    • Send a message to sales by clicking “New Sales
  • Under the My Support Cases section:

    • You can search for a specific case, set parameters to locate a specific set of cases from history, or toggle between accounts if you are a contact with multiple account relationships.
    • The first 15 cases display in the view, and you can use the navigation options to move between pages or narrow your search to shorten the list.

Need your password reset for Multi-tenant Cloud?

To reset your password for Multi-tenant Cloud or MIP Cloud Modern, click here.**PLEASE NOTE: The password should be 8 characters, with 3 out of the 4 following criteria: upper case letters, lower case letters, a number, or a special character.

Need your password reset for the Dedicated Single-Tenant Cloud?

To reset your password for the Dedicated Single-Tenant Cloud, click here.  **PLEASE NOTE:  The password needs to be 14 characters, with 1 number, 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, one special character, and cannot have any spaces.  The screen will say 8 characters, but they need to be 14.

If you are not sure which cloud option to select, please contact  Support.

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