Note: This article addresses sales orders which are intended to be “on account,” that is, the Cash Sale box is not checked and you intend to have the system print an AR invoice.

Editing the sales order:
  • When creating sales orders “Save” is not the same thing as “Commit.”
  • “Save” merely saves the document so you can edit or delete it later, but it cannot yet be turned into an invoice.
  • As long as the Commit button has not been clicked on the sales order you can make changes to it or Delete it.
  • “Commit” sends the sales order to the next processing step.
  • Once you have clicked the Commit button on a sales order you can no longer edit or delete the order.
  • If a sales order has been committed and you want to edit the order or make it to go away, the only option is to cancel it at Accounting>Activities>Sales Order Writing>Cancel Orders.
  • After a sales order has been deleted you can then create a new sales order to enter correct information in it.

Editing the related A/R invoice:

  • For each line of a sales order you must decide whether to (1) have the item go through fulfillment by checking the Send To Fulfillment box on that line or (2) skip fulfillment by leaving the Send to Fulfillment box unchecked.
  • Once a sales order has been committed (and fulfilled if Send To Fulfillment was checked) it is immediately added to today’s AR invoice calculation with a calculation ID in the format of <SOUSD20130717>: SO for Sales Order, USD or whatever the functional currency is in your database, YYYYMMMDD for the date.
  • There is no provision in the system see or modify the calculated invoice at Accounting>Activities>Manage A/R Billing>Review/Modify Calculations as you might see or modify invoices that were created at Accounting>Activities>Manage A/R Billing>Calculate Invoices/Finance Charge.
  • After you have printed the AR invoices in the calculation, Activities>Manage A/R Billing>Print/Email Calculated Invoices, AND you have created the ARS session with debits and credit, Activities>Manage A/R Billing>Create Transactions, you can edit the account coding at Accounting>Transactions>Edit System Generated Documents>A/R Invoice or you can Delete document here. If you delete a document, it will not appear in the general ledger or the AR subledger.
  • After you have posted an ARS session, you can create an AR credit memo to reduce the amount of an already-posted AR invoice at Accounting>Transactions>Enter A/R Credits.
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