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Using ADE tool, error occurs when loading data into the correspondence_pending table.
0000085307  *****|Error writing record to correspondence_pending

Troubleshooting steps:
Reviewed system and SQL server errors:
SQLExecDirect Error: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00904: "CORRADESRC": invalid identifier--S0022 Statement DSN Web SQL

Found correspondence_pending table had a column coradesrc.
The customer had run create.exe on the corbio_pending and the correspondence_pending tables.
The date of the create.exe was not applicable to their current version of Millennium and had an older date.
Updated the correspondence_pending table using the following statment:

ALTER TABLE correspondence_pending ADD corradesrc char(30);
This resolved the error and records are written into the pending tables.

Dropped column coradesrc from correspondence_pending table

Alter table correspondence_pending drop column coradesrc;
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