Submitted by 334 on Fri, 05/17/2019 - 16:02
When you delete a user in Millennium, if that user owns objects in SQL, the objects must be transferred to another user.  When you delete the user in Tools>System Upkeep>User Security>User Maintenance, if the user owns objects in SQL there will be a message that the owned objects must be transferred to another user.  There is a dropdown of users presented once Delete is clicked but not all of the users are listed in the dropdown.
The users who have Millennium System Administrator do not appear in the dropdown list of users to transfer owned objects to.  The user to be deleted can be a Millennium System Administrator however.
Remove the Millennium System Administrator flag from User Maintenance in Tools>System Upkeep>User Security>System Maintenance.
Then proceed to delete the intended user transferring the owned objects to the secondary non-admin user.
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