Remote Desktop Connection.RDP Could Harm Your Device. Do You Want To Keep It Anyway?

Submitted by David_Curry on

After selecting either the MIP, Human Resources, Microix, Fundraising 50, or Forced Sign Out icon, the message: ‘<Org ID>.rdp could harm your device.  Do you want to keep it anyway?’ appears when using Microsoft Edge.


Hosted RDP connects and then the App closes immediately

Submitted by Rachel_Ryan on

After successfully logging into the Customer Portal (, the user clicks on an icon to launch an application.  The application opens – but then immediately closes.  The application is running on the remote server, but it is inaccessible on the local computer.

This can affect MIP Classic, WorkFlow Modules, and DrillPoint.

DF-FA-030371-Someone Else Is Working On \\tsclient\C\FolderName\filename.xls Right Now Please Try Again Later

Submitted by David_Curry on

Applies to MIP Private Cloud Users

When running subsequent reports and using the Excel button, the message ‘Someone else is working in ‘\\tsclient\C\YourFolderName\YourFileName.xls’ right now.  Please try again later.’ is returned. 



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